Here are just a few testimonials from clients who have taken advantage of our private one on one coaching.


“Rusty has worked with my daughter for almost 4 years. The skills she’s been able to learn, refine and the confidence she’s gotten from him are hands down the best! Knowledgeable, professional and positive are a few things that come to mind when mentioning these coaches at Justice Tumbling Co. We wouldn’t go anywhere else for our tumbling needs!”
– Shelly Waters, Parent

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What are Private Lessons?

Private lessons are a more personal lesson for athletes with a coach of their choosing. Justice Tumbling Company offers half hour sessions or hour sessions for athletes of any age. These personalized lessons can be one on one, shared privates between two athletes, or group privates shared between a group of no more than three athletes, so it does not become more of a class setting that loses it’s personal training atmosphere. Though, there are exceptions for athletes who come from long distances for privates. Contact the coaches directly to see if you qualify.

What is the benefits of doing private lessons?

Private lessons are great for athletes who don’t learn well in a group or class setting. Some athletes might be a little more self conscious while learning their tumbling and want that one on one with a coach of their choosing. If athletes have a competition or tryouts coming up and they need to focus on a certain skill then privates may be an easier scheduling option than a class. This enables the coach to hone in on the specific skill or pass the athlete is needing to train more on.

Here at Justice Tumbling Company we want our athletes to tumble as much as possible. And due to the more expensive nature of privates, we never tell an athlete that they should only do privates. They should try classes and if they are needing that extra one on one help then they should then schedule a private.

We always tell our athletes the more time you spend in the gym the faster you can develop skills. Athletes who tumble once a week tend to stay around the same skill level or slowly gain new skills, where athletes who tumble multiple times a week will develop skills quicker and be happier with their progress.

At Justice Tumbling Company, we hold mandatory weekly coaches training for all of our coaches to make sure no matter what coach you have for private lessons, you as a parent can be confident that your athlete is being taught safely and correctly with a Justice Tumbling Company Certified Coach.

What is the price for private lessons?

Tumbling private lessons are forty dollars for a half hour session, and seventy dollars for a full hour session. Our bundle packages make an easier, cost efficient option where you’ll have eight half hour sessions for $250 or eight full hour sessions for $500. These costs can either be paid by the single athlete or the cost can be shared amongst two or three athletes.
Stunting private lessons are also available!

All privates will be paid to Justice Tumbling Company with a debit or credit card.

How do I set up a private lesson?

You can either set up a private lesson by calling the front desk, by contacting us on Facebook, or through our website at You can also get in direct contact with the coach that you are wanting to schedule the private with.

When do private lessons take place?

Classes run Monday through Thursday five to eight so privates during the week are generally three to five pm and eight to nine pm. Friday privates can run from three pm to nine pm. Saturdays are open for privates from nine am to one pm and four to nine pm. Sundays are open all day for privates. If kids are on any kind of break the gym will be open for privates per the coaches availability.

Here are a few more testimonials from clients who have used our private one on one coaching!

“Colton has been amazingly helpful and informative. Being able to know what to expect, and know that he has a plan/goal for her assures me that my money is not going to waste… Added bonus… MY DAUGHTER (6 years old) ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!!”
-Blake Davis, Parent


“I have known Rusty for five years now and his is one of the most influential people I have ever met in my life. Before I met him, I had over four coaches try to teach me how to correct my bad habits in my back handspring, when I finally met him he worked with me to help with proper technique in my tumbling. He was the only coach that was able to help correct my back handspring. I was also able to go from level tow tumbling skills to level four skills in a summer. Not only was i able to learn new tumbling skills and technique from Rusty (in privates), I was also able to form an unforgettable friendship with him.”
-Mackenzie Craig, Athlete/College Student