Episode #77 – Fearlessness

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We’re your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, so this podcast is going to be the first of the three part series that we’re going to be going over. Tulsa tumbling lessons, if you’ve been in our gym recently or if you’ve listened to our podcast, something that we really, really talk about are the three traits for success or the keys to be great, which is fearlessness, determination, and coachability. And so in the next three podcasts, we’re going to be going over and breaking down what exactly those mean and kind of how to see if you have that or if you don’t, if that’s something maybe you need to work on. So this topic for this podcast is fearlessness.

No fearlessness is, um, something you either have or you don’t have. If you don’t have it, there’s things we can do to try to train you or prepare you to try to get you to where you’re less afraid. But a lot of the times it just something you’re born with. Um, that fearlessness, willingness to try anything to make any correction, any drill, anything there is, um, a lot of the time out, a young age. Um, most kids are fearless. Like when they come into the gym involving tumbling and they really don’t have a lot of fear because the young kids haven’t had any kind of dramatic fall. Um, as soon as an athlete has a fall, that’s where the fear can kind of start getting built up. But those fearless athletes can take a fall, get right back up and act like nothing ever happened.

Well, and so often the fear that we see in athletes is unjustifiable. There’s so much fear and there’s not a lot of risk involved with the skill that they might be doing. So like backhand springs rusty, how rare is it for a kid to get dramatically injured on a backhand spring?

Pretty rare. It does happen. There are those crazy exceptions, the freak accidents, but it’s rare to see catastrophic call an ambulance. Like injuries

say rare. It’s important to remember that we work with over 200 athletes weekly. So, Tulsa tumbling lessons, we, we, it’s not something we are, we ever see. Uh, usually whenever an athlete gets hurt from working on a backhand spring or you know, even back tucks it whenever they fall, it’s more of like their feelings are hurt more than their body is hurt and or their pride. It’s embarrassing, right? And that we understand that, we understand that. But whenever it comes down to fearlessness, it comes down to, uh, being courageous, being, uh, having confidence. And, and if, if you are allowing your doubts of yourself to sink in, then your courage and your confidence is going to take a hit from that and the end. It’s going to be hard to get new skills. So Rusty, I know you’ve got a quote. Um, why don’t you give it to us?

Yes. This quote is from Nelson Mandela and he said, I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. And I think that goes perfect with tumbling. Absolutely. My favorite athletes are the athletes who are fearless. Um, they might need to be spotted a few times, but they’re usually the athletes are like, hey, can, can I try this by myself? Can I do, and that’s rare to have an athlete who wants to go for it by themselves rather than no matter what floor it’s on. Um, fearlessness is gonna take you a long way. When we were talking about the big three, like you can have one and not the other two. Um, having fearlessness is going to get you pretty far if even if you’re not coachable and you don’t have a drive, um, you’ll be shocked how quick you’ll learn just being fearless. Um, we had those out, the cupid’s clinic, we had those girls bring their boyfriends and those boys just came into it fearless. They didn’t care how they landed. They were willing to try and they got new skills. Boys always tend to get skills a little quicker and it always drives girl’s crazy. But it’s that mixture of just being, like having already having the physical conditioning and that fearlessness put those two together. Boys can usually pick things up pretty quick. And

with that, whenever it comes down to fear, I see it all the time where athletes will, um, get freaked out. And so since they’re, they’re, you know, they’re scared. They don’t rely on the technique. They don’t rely on the things that we’ve taught them and that puts them in a dangerous spot. Tulsa tumbling lessons, you’ve heard us say it before and I say it to my athletes, this is our sport. The sport of tumbling is different than any other sport or activity because there we don’t have any safety equipment. We don’t have helmets or goggles or gloves or you know, um, safety harnesses or pads. Um, all we have to keep us safe is our technique. And so with that, um, whenever we’re afraid we should clean to that technique, not let go of it. It’s, it’s to put it in an, and as an example, if you’re someone who is afraid of heights and, um, getting on a rollercoaster, you’re not going to say, oh my gosh, I’m so scared.

I’m terrified. I’m not going to put the seatbelt on. I’m, I’m just, I’m not even gonna. Hold on. I’m just going to hold my hands up because I’m so terrified. That’s doesn’t happen. You’re not going to do that. You hold on for dear life and you make sure that that seat belt is buckled as tight as it can go. Um, it’s the same thing with your technique. Whenever we step away and that fear sinks in, that’s when you should use a more technique. That’s when you should do everything you can to fight, to make sure that you’re going to land on your feet. Because the moment that you don’t use the technique that we teach you and you use your own kind of crazy technique is whenever it gets really, really, really scary.

Yes, we understand tumbling is difficult. It’s very difficult. It’s very scary. But if you, that’s why we’re here to train you. If you do our training and you commit and you do it any even close to what we’ve been training you, you’re going to be okay. Oh yeah, you’re going to get through just fine. Like Holden said, it’s only when kids instantly let fear dominate their body and their brain and then just completely just everything we’ve been working on and goes out the window. Yep. So those are what the athletes were trying to, we have to reinforce a little bit more technique and maybe if drills like even just I’ve had to stock Mattson, just have kids fall, fall from a high surface onto a squishy. Matt, just get over a little bit of fear of falling or being high, being a high in the air, falling from out of the air.

And what’s so funny about fear is that whenever, usually the, the, the athletes who are, who have the most fear, it has absolutely nothing to do with their ability. They have the ability to throw the skills that they’re working on. We were just working with an athlete last night who has a mental block. She could throw Tux, but she has a mental block on backhand springs. So those backhand springs were scaring her. But whenever she would do the backhand spring, they were beautiful. They were gorgeous. We had, I was the first time we worked with that athlete and she ended up throwing her back hand spring by herself for the first time in months. Tulsa tumbling lessons, just because we, we really focus on confidence and making, uh, the athletes feel like, you know, they are in control. They have the confidence, they got to believe in themselves.

Um, so that’s what we focus on. Tulsa tumbling lessons, but you never really see an athlete who is so terribly afraid, but doesn’t have the skill, which is, which is odd. It’s, it’s crazy that it happens that way anyway. The way you overcome fear is by telling yourself that you, that you believe in yourself and that the people around you believe in you and um, knowing that you have been taught the right way, um, to, to land the skill that you’re throwing. And so whether there’s someone there spotting you or there’s someone there spotting you, you have to stay positive in your head. You have to keep reinforcing your confidence because if you don’t, your op, you’re your pessimism, your, your negative thoughts will sink in and it’s, it’s going to control you

as much as conditioning is important. Techniques important. That confidence is just as important because you can have all the conditioning in the world and the best technique in the world. But if you have zero confidence, you’re not going to get very far. You’re not going to get through whatever skill you’re trying to do.

Um, some young athletes that I work with, they, they love this, uh, illustration where your confidence is like a squirrel like that, that we’ll get away from you if you don’t hold onto it. And so for my young athletes, I’m like, okay, grab your, grab your ear, your squirrel of confidence. Like they get it and they laugh and they think it’s funny. Tulsa tumbling lessons, but it, it makes sense to the moment that you let go and you start doubting yourself. If that confidence, uh, that score quote squirrel, it’s going to be hard to catch. It’s going to be hard to hold onto, but you’ve got to hold on like crazy. Uh, don’t let it go

in closing. Just remember, if we are telling you to do something mean, if we are telling you to try something by yourself, it’s because we have faith in you. It’s because we aren’t afraid that you’re going to get hurt. We wouldn’t let you try it if we thought there was a chance of you getting injured. So go into that pass with a little bit of fearlessness and a little bit of confidence knowing that there’s a reason we’re letting you do it by yourself. There’s athletes that want to do it by themselves that we won’t let do it by themselves until they’re ready. So if we are telling you it means you’re ready.

Yeah, I mean, being a coach, our job is to get you to do the stuff that we’re doing without us. Our job is to get us to where or get you to where you don’t need us anymore. So remember that it’s, it’s not in our best interest for you to do something and then get hurt. So we’re not going to tell you, uh, to do something if we didn’t 100% believe in you. So with that being said, if you’re interested in finding out more about us, Coleman, rusty, or justice tumbling company, please check out our website. It’s justice tumbling co.com

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please do. We’ll see you next time on Tulsa Campbelltown with justice tumbling company.