Episode #76 – Taking Corrections

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right. So lately we’ve been talking a lot about the three keys to success, uh, which is fearlessness, determination, and coachability. Now, most kids that we had I talked to about this, they know what determination is. They know what fearlessness is, but they’re a little confused on what coachability actually means.

Yes. And our topic today is going to fall under that coachability category. Um, and our topic is taking correction, taking corrections, work at tumbling. Coach should always be giving you corrections. They should also be telling you how good you’re doing, but if they’re not giving you any kind of correction, there’s something wrong cause nobody tumbles. Perfect.

Yeah. Well, and here’s the thing. What are you going to learn, Tulsa tumbling lessons, from a coach who is like, oh, that was great. That was great. Dude, I just like that. Do it just like that when in reality there’s, there is something wrong. Uh, you, I don’t know, I personally, I feel like I would want to know what I’m doing wrong so I can fix it so I can make it better and I can progress and I can keep going.

Yes. No matter how good you are, there’s always something you can be perfecting or strengthening and trying to

better. Right? Right. And the coach would be telling you that, but we’re not going to talk about the coach today. We’re talking about your ability to be coachable. So, um, coach, being coachable means that you can take a correction and you can apply it almost immediately. Maybe not the, maybe not the first time that it’s brought up, but at least the, like the, within three or four times that you’ve thrown it a, you’ve made that correction, you made that change and you’ve seen the results.

Even if it’s just a slight adjustment or a slight change like seeing as long as we’re not seeing the same thing over and over. If we give you a correction and we at least see, you try to make that correction, we had justice tumbling, we’ll be happy. Absolutely. At least you tried. You didn’t just continuously do the same thing over and over.

And you know, we talk about how excited we get when kids get new skills. I get excited when kids make new corrections. Whenever those corrections are made and they see it, they feel the difference. And um, you know, they always finish with a smile because they look at you and they’re like, oh, that worked. That worked. I know exactly what you’re talking about now. Um, it’s, that’s so rewarding. Rusty and I both worked for all star gyms in the past and, um, a couple of, more than a couple, I’ll start gyms and we’ve seen how, you know, the relationship between, uh, competing all start gyms is, it’s, it’s not a good one. It’s usually the relationships between the competing allstar gyms. It’s very catty and anal hostile. It is. It is. And so when we walk into a school with a, uh, for example, um, a good one, all star Jim’s shirt on, um, the kids who might go to other allstar gyms, they don’t want to take any corrections from him

or any correction we give. They feel like we’re just picking on them. Yeah. When that’s not the case at all, we’re just trying to make everyone a better tumbler.

And, and so being coachable one, you have to realize that it’s not so much, Tulsa tumbling lessons, doing what we say, but just understanding that we’re, we’re trying to mentor you to be a, a better tumbler, but also a better human being. Um, and that’s gonna make you resilient. That’s going to make you a very adaptable to your surroundings as an adult. Um, and you know, whenever it does come down to tumbling, it’s gonna make you safer.

So when we’re talking about taking corrections, what are some examples of athletes taking corrections the wrong way?

Okay. Well we have the, um, we have the athletes were like, ew, they tumble and then they land and you’re like talking to them and they just are like, they turn and walk away. Biggest pet peeves. Oh my God. I do not talk to the back of your head, Russ. So I have, I’ve never see rusty gets so angry as to win cause it’s blatant disrespect. Like, like we’re both trying to sit there and talk to you. Don’t just walk away. Even if you’re like, even if you’re like registering it, do not just walk away. That is that you’re just like your teachers at school. They want you to like look up. They don’t want you to be on your phones. They don’t want you to looking down. They want you to be eyes on them so that they know that you’re listening. And it’s the same way with us coaching. Um, make sure that you are being attentive and, and taking our corrections that way. Um, instead of walking, you wrote that one? Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I actually saw the look on your face that you, that you normally get whenever that happens. Um, what’s another example?

Um, athletes who maybe I’ve been coached by someone else who maybe gave him a different correction that almost like counteracts what you’re trying to tell them to where they almost don’t want to listen to you just because they’ve worked with that other coach for so long. Tulsa tumbling lessons, like I was talking to, if you’ve been trying to get something, a skill and you haven’t gotten it, maybe you should try it. Maybe you should try something new because obviously something’s not working

right. Here’s the thing, a

big announcement, rusty and I are working on a book that’s going to be more of like a self help, like uh, like workbook to help you get through tumbling, get you through mental blocks, get you through to the next skill, you know, and you’re going to make notes in it. Yeah, it’s going to be awesome. We’re super excited about it. But with that, I, I don’t, I want to say that there has, there are very few coaches in, in all of the United States that it puts so much work into studying tumbling technique. We do it every single day, but we also make podcasts. We, we do online research to figure out how to bring you the best information that we can give. Tulsa tumbling lessons, so we can guarantee you that nothing that we tell you technique-wise is controversial in any way. It is universal. It is able to be used in cheerleading, uh, on the sidelines, cheerleading at your school, competitions, cheerleading at your all star competitions, cheerleading at college and even gymnastics or kids who don’t cheer, who just want to tumble.

It’s universal. And, um, it is the best possible technique that we can bring. Um, because we want our product, what we offer our services to be top notch, the best there is period. Um, so when we tell you these things, these corrections, it’s we, what would we have to gain from giving you, you know, something controversial or something that doesn’t work? Nothing, nothing. Art. What we do is all we do. And that’s only tumbling. So when we, if we could give you bad information that just makes our word, our name, our brand, our company look bad. So we’ve, we’ve gone a little bit over the, the bad examples of taking corrections. Um, what are you looking for an athletes when we do give you the correction, what do you want that athlete to do or how do you want them to respond?

I want, I want to see some type of focus. Like once you go back to that, to that starting point, wherever it might be, the corner or their line or wherever, um, I want you to focus on that thing. Normally if we’re there spotting you, um, and I’m telling you, get your arms up, that’s where I want to see those arms by your ears or I want see more. I want to see more of a hip drive on your, uh, layout most of the time. If you’re not, if you’re not doing it by herself and I’m spotting you, um, I’m expecting you to only focus on that. Focus on that one. Correction. And then do whatever it takes to make that correction. Uh, no excuses, no options other than doing it that way. Try it that way. And I you, if it doesn’t work for you, um, then I’ll, I’ll, I’m one to admit it. Like if, if you’re one of those oddities where you’re, you’re an exception for that, where that a technique doesn’t work then, and I are the first to admit that, okay, well w we can do a different route. That’s not a problem. So always be open to trying the new things, trying to make the, to make that change. And if it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work and we’ll, we’ll try something else.

Yeah. It’s, my favorite athletes are the ones who even after I give them a correction will want more. They’re like, well, what else can I do? What can I do at home to try to fix that? Like what those are the athletes who obviously want to better their tumbling in any way they can. They want to put in any extra work, any conditioning to try to fix whatever they need.

I have parents ask me all the time, you know, what, what, what’s something that they can do at home? And I love that. But likewise, he said, I love what I love even more is when the athlete comes to me and he’s like, what more can I do? Um, it’s, it’s a great feeling to know that the work, the hard work that we have, you know, been doing, uh, diligently working. It’s paying off and it’s getting other kids excited about what they’re doing. So anyway, take the corrections, Tulsa tumbling lessons, and, and just up apply it. You know, if you, if you’re not comfortable with me or you’re not comfortable with rusty, we have no there. There’s no reason for us to tell you bad information. So it try it. And if it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work and we will, we’ll go past it. Tulsa tumbling lessons, but I promise you that if you try it, it will, it will expand your body control. It will make you a better tumbler even if it doesn’t work, just because we know that you can take those corrections, you can make those changes. And the next thing that comes, it’s easy. So anyway, if you’re interested in finding out more about us, justice tumbling company or Colton and rusty, you can check out our website. It’s justice tumbling co.com

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So we shall see you next time on Tulsa tumble clock with justice tumbling company.