Episode #73 – Technique Exceptions

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yes, yes, yes, yes. We are here talking about technique exceptions. Rusty, we have for, this is our 73rd podcast. We have heard, uh, heard nothing from us but technique, technique, technique, why would we have exceptions?

There are those random occasions. Some kids whose bodies do not allow them to do the basic technique, whether they’re one leg is shorter than the other one arm is shorter than the other. Um, shoulder issues, injuries, issues. Tulsa tumbling lessons, there are those rare exceptions, um, that we ran into this week that it’s kind of important to go over it

cause I mean everybody is different. Well, here’s the thing is that we, we’ve talked, we brought up the legless gymnast before. Um, and rusty and I had talked about if we had worked with her are our regular technique would not work with her or for her. Tulsa tumbling lessons, you know, if you’re born without arms, I’m sure that you can sit, we can still teach you a backflip back. Um, but guess what, you won’t be setting with your arms. Like we teach every single athlete.

We have an athlete that um, or a friend of ours that we used to cheer with back in the day. His name is Alex. He was an amazing tumbler and could, could throw like five double fulls in one path. Yup. Um, but at a very young age, he like shattered his arm so he couldn’t even straighten his arm all the way. So he had to learn to backhand spring round off with then arms. Yeah. It looked crazy. And, but he had the, took him a long time to figure out as power. But once he did, he was still able to learn everything else that everybody could.

Yeah. And, and that comes down to the three things that we, that we had talked about and every great athlete, our podcast, how to be great fearlessness, coachability and determination. And I think that like we were talking about Alex, um, he, he chewed it Hawaii Pacific, right? No, don’t worry. I ended up going back to Hawaii Pacific back whenever cheerleaders could get scholarships. Uh, anyway, uh, yeah. And so it came down to determination on no matter what. Like he wasn’t going to let no doctor tell him that he had to do something. Uh, it, he couldn’t do something. So he made, made sure he made that adjustment. Um, we also work with an athlete at one of our schools. She literally has a two foot rod all the way down her spine. So to keep her back completely straight.

So yeah, during normal technique, Tulsa tumbling lessons, trying to get her to bridge it doesn’t happen, but she’s still figuring out tumbling. Um, she’ll have to be overly flexible and the other parts of her body to make up for that flexibility in her back. But it is doable. It’s something that’s going to be to have to be trained, conditioned, but in the long run it, it’ll happen.

Yup. And she was an athlete who thought that she was not ever going to tumble again. Um, we’ve talked about her on our podcast before, but it’s just a cool story because, uh, before we started working with her and like pushing her to try, she thought that, you know, a cartwheel was as much as she was going to get a, she’s working tux and, and backhand springs too. So, uh, he just like our Tux, you know, she, she’s not able to bend her back like we would normally tuck into her or pull our knees up to our chest and tuck into it. Um, so it’s, it is completely different technique and then sometimes there’s a, an injury that happens and uh, maybe not born that way, but that injury kind of dictates how you’re going to spend the rest of your tumbling career.

Yes. We have an athlete that, um, has really bad shoulders and it seems like everything in her body hurts. Like, she’s, she acts like she’s my, you can never tell on her face though. Golly, she is always about it. So positive. I love it. Um, but even just warming up the basics, like she grabs her shoulders or shoulders really give her issues. So trying to do certain skills, um, kind of had to tweak the way she’s learned. We’ve tried, you always go with the basic technique, always trying to teach kids technique, the basic technique we follow. Tulsa tumbling lessons, but if it’s not working, if nothing else, I’m trying different things, see what works for every athlete and if it isn’t an injury of some sorts, seeing if there is some sort of conditioning they can do that in the long run can better that injury to where they can do more technique or it’s not going to cause them issues if they try to do basic technique. Um, so there are those rare exceptions.

Whenever I was in the military, I actually had an injury myself and, uh, I found that, you know, scar tissue builds up and that kind of re create some resistance in, in my foot. Um, and so that could be the case as well. After the injury is healed and it’s over, like, you know, uh, no more stitches, no, no, nothing like that. But it’s just tissue that’s built around the injury that’s kind of formed around it. That kind of restricts a person. So maybe stretching and doing like a deep massage of some kind can help open up that, uh, that area. So it’s not so tight. Wait.

Most of the time when you are coming back from some sort of an injury, your doctor or physical therapist will give you some sort of physical therapy you can do. Tulsa tumbling lessons, don’t only do that for a certain period of time. I would maintain that whatever their conditioning or stretching they give you, I would continue that even after it does start to feel better that way. It’s just something that doesn’t pop up again. Download.

Absolutely overdo it at, you know, we, we bring it up in our tumbling technique. Uh, whenever we’re teaching tumbling, don’t just think that you’re going to go for a roundup at cancering tech. Try to almost over rotate a little bit and we’ll be there to catch you. But it’s the same thing with, you know, doing the training that the doctor tells you to do. Um, you’re a physical therapist or whatever. It might be. Overdo it, do it more than they’re even telling youtube because that’s going to bring you back faster and you’ll have less issues in the future. Now, another tumbling exception would be straight arms. Uh, if you, if your arms almost hyperextend. Uh, so we’ve seen it whenever we have back kids doing backhand springs and if they straighten out their arm, their arm actually goes further than like straight. So, uh, and what that does is that it almost causes the athlete to hyper extend their elbow.

So when you tell them to lock out their arms, it actually could create more injuries for them. So they have to have some type of natural been like we were talking about Alex earlier, um, that just a slight natural bend to their arms and that, uh, that will help reduce the risk of injury. It’s important to remember that whenever you’re working with a coach, the coach can’t read your mind. Uh, we have no idea what things, uh, what anomalies you might have a, so it is important to bring those up to us so we know and we can tell you, okay, we’re going to have to change things. We’re going to have to do go about it differently. And that’s okay. We, that’s not a problem we have to do that. Um, probably one out of 10 athletes has some type of anomaly that that is an exception.

Yes. We need to know what we’re working with. We had a new athlete come to our advanced class, Tulsa tumbling lessons, gymnastics backgrounds, sweetest kid in the world. Um, but her mom did tell it, let us know before tumbling that she, she was born with extra bones in her feet, like one extra bone in her feet. And it does cause discomfort. So when she is doing advanced skills, there will be a time to where it might be an hour into the class, 30 minutes into their cost. Right. I’ll really start bothering her and she’s the sweetest kid. She won’t ever bring it up. So I gotta keep asking her, how does it feel? How does it feel? Let me know if it does feel different. Like so we need to know what, what it’s feeling like if it is hurting or there’s a little bit of discomfort, um, that way we can put you on a different floor or something like that. Yup.

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