Episode #72 – Weekly Update 9

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hello, this is a colon rusty here and we’re going to be going over our weekly updates, number nine

weekly updates. What does that mean?

That means that we are going to be going over the things that have happened through our week and kind of keep you updated with what’s new in justice, tumbling company and what kind of happened things that stood out to us and hopefully it will kind of help you get through some things that you might be going through. So,

so first things first it was NCA we can for all stars. So we want to just give a big shout out to anybody that win. Congratulations for going and competing at one of the biggest companies show the world and congrats to those people who brought back jacket. Yeah,

we saw, we had a couple of people come into our gym, uh, yesterday with some jackets. Tulsa tumbling lessons, so we know they’re exhausted, but, uh, uh, as a way to come in there and went wait a way to work. So anyway, um, you know, it was NCA weekend and for teams who aren’t going on to summit or worlds, you know, they’re, they’re, uh, pretty much done. They’re able to get a little bit more time working on their skills rather than working technique. And so we’re excited to see new faces in the gym. Um, we’ve already, just yesterday we actually saw some brand new faces of kids who, um, are kind of done with the all star competitive season for the year until try outs happen again. Um, and so that’s a good time to get into the gym and a, and work on yourself, what you need for all star tryouts, what you need for school tryouts, um, and, uh, and we can’t wait to see you get in there. So

yes, no, it’s tryout time, everybody preparing for trial. So getting new skills, cleaning up the skills they already have. So it’s, it’s madness time in the gym. It is, it is kids trying to get in before tryouts and then these are athletes you might not see all year round doing privates. But everybody getting in those last minute privates before the before trial top and rusty, I am a little concerned about something I’m concerned.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I, we, I know we’ve talked about this, Tulsa tumbling lessons, but listen, this, we’re speaking to our athletes directly. We know because we dealt with it when we were in high school. Um, tryouts came around. There were, there were, there was a, I guess you’d say cheerleader underground talk about what you need to make the varsity squad. That isn’t always the case. And I know that even some coaches will tell you this is what you need to get on the squad. Now, by all means, I’m not telling you to not try to achieve that, but rusty, if you have a solid back Tuck, but your, uh, your layout is just not there yet. We’re not, where’d you’re still working on it? Should by our standards, by our progressions, should you expect to get a full for tryouts?

That’s not realistic. It’s not something, the rare occasion that can happen, not saying it doesn’t happen, some kids are freaks and they can just come in and pick it up and purple in a day. Yeah. People can pick it up. Some people can spend their entire tumbling careers and never make it to a full yep. Tulsa tumbling lessons, and still go on and be very, very successful cheerleaders. Uh, so putting so much pressure on yourself, um, isn’t the way to go because the second you start stressing, the harder it gets. That’s why we preach tumbling year round. Yup. That way you’re preparing yourself and your body year round for it and not just hoping it happens in a few weeks. I’m sort of making sure it’s important that you are pushing for those skills. Um, like Colin said, absolutely you shouldn’t, not work skills or whatever skills you’re needing for that, but not to put so much pressure that it’s that or you’re quitting cheer altogether. Right.

Right. I had a coach, um, one of our coaches that we work with, she said, you cannot win a football game with a team full of quarterbacks. Uh, and I liked that because, uh, you know, you cannot have just a full, a full team of like top top tumblers and expect for your stents, not to lack expect for your pyramid. It’s not the lack your motions. Tulsa tumbling lessons, most of the time if you’re a good tumbler, you have good jumps man on always. Not always. There’s, I’ve seen, uh, tumblers who aren’t the best tumblers, but they had beautiful jumps. So I ate a coach, needs to build their team, um, carefully, not just find a bunch of people who have really good tumbling, uh, because they’re not always the best all around cheerleaders.

And that’s where justice, we try to train our athletes to be well rounded. Absolutely. It’s well rounded cheerleaders to where they’re strong in every aspect of their cheer career. Um, like Colton said, tumbling is a big part of the sport now. It is definitely a big part of the sport, but there are other avenues of cheer that you can really be successful at. And if tumbling is just one of your weakest points, definitely keep training it, but don’t let it affect everything else you do in sheer, don’t let it affect your standing tumbling or gems. You’re all around the attitude and performance just because you can’t do the one skill that everybody is saying you absolutely need to make a team.

And obviously we’re putting this in the weekly update, um, just because it’s something that we’ve, we’ve dealt with the past week and actually past that you no longer than that. Tulsa tumbling lessons, we’ve been, uh, having to deal with, with kids who are almost willing to injure themselves just to work on this skill that they might need for tryouts. And of course we, we teach them the right technique, but if there’s so much pressure, if there’s so much stress of, I absolutely have to need this. Nine Times out of 10, we see that athlete like they’re tumbling go down within that time. They’re tumbling is not their tip top. Um, whenever, whenever they’re there under that stress. So it’s important to keep your mind, um, positive about your tumbling or else that frustration will bring you down every single time.

Yes. Positive tumbling is the easiest. Humbling. It’s the best way to go. It’s tumbling is supposed to be fun. Cheers. Supposed to be fun. As soon as it becomes a job, it’s just not worth it anymore.

Rusty, were there any, uh, instances, privates are schools, anything that stood out to you this week?

Um, actually yes, the one it’s, there was an athlete that we were just kind of talking about one of those sick freak athletes who just picked things up naturally. Um, I have those private, I haven’t been working with very long. Um, she has been with the same coach for a long time before she did come over to us. Uh, just explaining things and getting really into depth with her and building confidence. Like she thought she was like the worst tumbler in the world. But once you give her a little bit of confidence, Tulsa tumbling lessons, point out the good thing is she’s doing in the few things she had to fix. Um, she went from almost having a tech to throwing it to talk on the hard floor by herself to getting a strong layout to wear for her school to where I know they want them getting as many foals as they can instead of going instantly and a specialty passes would be went to seeing it fools would work for. Um, after doing a few drills the first time we wrapped it all the way through, it was almost by herself. It was kind of freakish, a beautiful fall, something that she’ll probably have in the next week or so. Um, but not every athlete is like that. So you can’t be an athlete who has been working on a full for awhile and hold yourself to that, to that athletes expectations. Yeah.

Which we’ve done. Uh, we’ve done a podcast about you need to be your own right. You don’t need to look at other people and expect you to be like them. Um, but that’s a great lesson because not everybody will will, who works a full in one day we’ll work, we’ll, we’ll get that full as close as she did, but there will be, um, athletes and we work with athletes who is, they’re just so negative about their tumbling that their confidence we’ll never be built. So they might have a beautiful roundup at can spring tag, but every time they land, and I know you’ve had these athletes, they’re like, oh, that was terrible. That’s sucked. And we’re like, actually it wasn’t, there was nothing wrong with that. That was really good. Um, and whenever you do that, you mentally beat yourself down to the point where you’re not going to achieve much. You’re not going to put yourself out there to try new things. So really, really, really work with your coach, um, about getting your confidence. So not just your skills tumbling wise, but also your mental skills in your mental ability.

Yes. Especially with that athlete. Tulsa tumbling lessons, that’s the first time in a long time that I’ve seen this confidence give her the, she needed for tumbling. Like nothing to do with strength or conditioning, nothing to do with technique. It literally just came down to telling her she did a good job or telling her that she has potential to be a very good time.

And, and this, this athlete that you’re talking about, she’s seventh grade, right?

Seventh grade, seventh grade that I definitely wasn’t doing anything that

seventh grade, I think I was working on my bridge kick over since seventh grade. So we, uh, we do have spring break coming up, which we have a camp for check that out. But we are reaching towards the end of the season, the end of the year, summer schedules. And with that comes new tumbling class times a new school times. We actually just met with a new school yesterday, uh, really excited about that there instead of us going to them, they’re going to be coming to us. Um, and that will be starting in a more of the summertime.

And that was cool. They brought a few athletes from their school just to kind of stretch out, warm up with us, see how we do things and uh, see if they liked us.

And one question we always ask athletes whenever we worked with them is have you learned anything new today? And I think one athlete that you were working with said that she learned more in the past 15 minutes then three years.

Yes. We always ask if they learned or heard or anything we explained was different than anything they’ve heard in their normal tumbling career. And yes, these girls were blown away just in this short 15 minutes. We tumbled with them. One girl pretty much Kolkatta skill that she’d been working on for a long time. Um, and just kind of started in the direction of cleaning up the other girls. But it was exciting getting these new schools. Um, that is a big part of justice. Tumbling as our school program, we focus on schools. That’s why we did it and do an all star program. Yep. So getting as many schools as we can because we want justice tumbling technique to kind of be the standard, uh, to where every school is tumbling safely and getting new skills.

Yeah. Yeah. Along with, along with all stars. So we, we, we, uh, work with kids who not are not on a school team but our only all star. And so we are in no competition with any, all star teams are on around the area. Uh, so I want you to remember that if you are doing tumbling someplace, um, something that I heard a parent complained about was that other places they’ve gone, they tell them, okay, pull your knees more. And then they try, they don’t elaborate on the technique that it takes to actually do like a tuck for example, or um, you know, whatever it might be, right

when it comes to a double just saying, we’ll just spend more,

uh, yeah, just spend more and see what that does to your legs. Um, but there, there is technique to everything. And Rusty and I are really good at explaining things multiple ways because kids are multi, are multiple. He different. Uh, and so we have to have different ways to explain things. And so it’s something we’re really passionate about. We’re excited about it. Um, we love working with kids for the first time. We love working with kids for the 300 or 300 time. Um, we love it when they come in and they’re getting new skills. And, uh, you can, I think when you come into our gym, you can tell that we’re passionate about it. I actually, uh, uh, get to the point where I like, we’ll start singing and dancing and, uh, not really dancing, not like, not like crazy stuff, right? I’m stupid, but, but it’s, it’s something that I have I’m happy about and I’m passionate about.

And so I told one of my athletes last night, I said, ah, I’m embracing my, my, my cringiness oh boy. Watch out. But, but, you know, whenever it comes to something that we’re so passionate about that we just, we just love to the point where every time we walk into the gym where we’re happy, we’re happy to be there. We’re happy to work with our athletes. Tulsa tumbling lessons, so we’d love to see you in our gym and if, and if you need to find more out about us justice tumbling company, you can check out our website that’s just as tumbling co.com.

Or you can find this on our social media, on Facebook or Instagram. And if you have a Google account, we would love it if you left us an objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing it.

We’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble talk with justice

company. Yeah.