Episode #64 – Multiple Coaches

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now today we’re going to be talking about having multiple coaches, the pros and cons of being taught tumbling by multiple different people. Tulsa Cheerleading, for most of the time different gyms in general, uh, have different backgrounds, have different techniques, different styles of coaching. What are the benefits and what are the, the uh, the negatives of learning from multiple different people.

Yes. Cause you want the athlete to be well rounded and be able to work well with other coaches. Um, but there are definitely some cons to working with other coaches, especially when the technique, uh, can vary very differently from coach to coach.

Something that rusty and I take pride in is that whenever we go to a school, we both coach. Um, but like if we split the groups up, nine times out of 10, the athletes, we’ll hear the exact same thing from me that they heard from rusty or vice versa. Um, so in that aspect where we are two different coaches and, and all of our athletes are learning from two different coaches now when we’ve worked for other gyms in the past and we would go to, uh, to like schools in the area, we worked for all star gyms and so we would have to come with our, all our all star shirt on. And a Lo and behold, there are kids from other Allstar gyms at the schools we were working with at we’re working at. And so, um, a lot of times they would kind of step down their nose at us and not listen to anything we had to say because, you know, they were, they were like, I only want to listen to these coaches. Tulsa Cheerleading, which we understand, uh, the trust that it takes to learn with one coach. And, you know, if you are comfortable with one coach, it does take some trust. But I can tell you that in college, um, you know, on your all star teams, you’re not just going to be working with one coach there where they’re going to want to see versatility in you, uh, to where you’re able to work with multiple people.

And it could be hearing the same exact thing. You might hear the same thing from us that you’re hearing from your coach. Sometimes it takes hearing the same thing from a different code for it to click for an athlete. Um, but if you’ve been working on a skill for a long time and you haven’t gotten it or progressed and the coach is telling you something different, maybe it is time to try something new to see if that’s what it to get your new skill,

keep your options open. Because you know, if, if you’re willing to try new things, you might find that the heck you’re going to get it really quick. And, and like, like rusty said, it could be the exact same thing that your coach is telling you just in a different way. So we always say that there’s a, for every one way we teach something, there’s 10 other ways for it to be taught because kids are different. That has to be that way. Um, but you know, whenever it comes to having multiple coaches, it is good to, to uh, trust yourself more than you trust the coaches because if you can trust yourself and knowing, you know what, my full is, is good enough that if this guy spots me, I’d say it’s fine. I’m good. You know, so that’s more confidence in yourself and that’s important.

So that’s one of the pros of being coached by multiple it, especially if the coach is teaching the same technique like between me and you. Um, we actually had a private, I’ve been working with for a very long time. Uh, she would, it’s like one step forward, two steps back. Tulsa Cheerleading, love her to death, but I just, we transferred over to you, let her go to you. I took her sister. Um, and that’s what we told the mom. He coaches exactly like me. It just might get my vibe better. The vibe might be better. Yeah. She’ll hear the same thing. It might click better hearing it from you. And that’s fine. Every, everybody’s different. And we don’t want kids to get stuck on a skill. So we always want your kids to continue to tumble. And like we tell athletes, we want them tumbling as much as possible. So it doesn’t matter where they’re tumbling, as long as they know what the correct technique is and you’re trying to work your technique, it’s, it’s going to be good for her.

There’s a, there’s a, an athlete that I have in privates who does classes with rusty and it’s really, really good because we can kind of talk about it. I can get his opinion, he can get my opinion. Um, and, and we’re able to kind of bounce ideas off of each other like that. Um, and because we were able to do that, she has her full now. It’s, it’s not as consistent as we’d like it to be, but she’s throwing it by herself. Um, lots and lots of times. And even when she takes a hard fall, she gets right back up and she keeps going. So that’s a, that’s what we want. That’s the one of the pros to working with multiple coaches.

I guess the, the main con for working with multiple coaches as tumbling is a mental, has a big mental aspect. So if you are hearing from multiple techniques, from multiple coaches, um, almost counteracting each other contradicted. Yeah, for sure. So never that the athlete doesn’t know who to believe or what, what works best. Uh, I always tell athletes, you’re, you’re used to doing it one way. Try it this way. If nothing else, you can go right back to what you’ve been doing forever. What you, your body knows. Yeah. Tulsa Cheerleading, especially if you’ve been stuck for a long time, what, what can it hurt

exactly. I mean, so we, we’ve both had athletes that come in and they’re like, oh yeah, we work, we worked with this person, we worked with this person, we tried this person, we tried this person too, and we went to this gym and we tried this person and then we tried this person at this other gym and, you know, as a coach, we’re setting there. Okay. Thinking, uh, what kind of, what kind of tumbling are you going to be showing me? Because nine times out of 10, you take some of the good habits that each coach will teach you, but then you also take some of the bad habits that they, that they may not even bring up or, um, that they decide to teach you. So that’s what rusty was talking about with the, with the cons is that, um, if you’re getting told by multiple people how to do one skill, there are a lot of times where it’s going to be contradicting.

Like I remember growing up tumbling and hearing one coach say one thing and then going and in the same gym, going to the, to another coach and they tell me something completely different. Like if I was working my full, they would tell me, one would tell me I gotta go up more, I got to go up more. And then the other one would tell me, I got to worry more about my flip. So that’s getting my toes over as fast as I can. Um, you know, and not even say anything about the set or whatever. That’s just an example. Tulsa Cheerleading, but contradicting coaching, uh, can probably put more stress on an athlete than they even know. Um, and, and it comes down to consistency. And if you’re not able to be consistent with one way of throwing that skill, that’s when it, whenever it becomes dangerous for you and your coach as well.

Yeah. You never want to become, we’ve talked about it and other podcasts and never want to become too reliant on a coach, any coach to where you can never do a skill without the coach. They’re, the coach doesn’t get to be there. I try outs with you most of the time. Um, the, you don’t get them out on the competition floor with you. It’s a timing thing. Get us on the warmup, mounts, your technique. You got to warm it up. You gotta be able to throw it. It comes down to just knowing your technique, knowing your body and knowing what it takes to get yourself over and find your feet.

I, uh, I’ve been recently, I’ve been telling kids, um, that coaching our style of coaching. It’s a weird, it’s a weird job because our job is to get you to where you don’t need us anymore. So, um, my job is to get you to throw your tuck all by yourself without needing me. Um, and most people, most jobs would be like, no, I want them to always come back to you to use us. But that’s not the case here. We want you to get these skills by yourself. That’s the whole point. So to get really comfortable with one coach does make it, um, does make it difficult so that you, you put more trust in the coach than you do yourself. And something rusty and I have, we tell kids is that we believe in you. And that’s, that’s why I will tell you to do it by yourself, but you have to be, be able to believe in yourself. You have to

that and you have to want it more than you’re afraid of absolute knowing is scary. It is. I understand that everybody, we understand. If it was easy, everybody would do. You broke your neck, didn’t you? Did that feel good? That feel good to bear arms? [inaudible] 67 but it’s just a following as a part of the game. And especially when you’re going for advanced skills. Uh, I don’t remember ever trying a new skill and it going perfect the first time. It’s rare. It does happen, but not for me.

To give you a little bit of motivational insight, you know, success is not measured by how well you can do something. Success is measured by how well you can come back from your hard falls and get back up and do it again because you’re going to have a lot of hard falls. That’s a, that’s a part of it. Tulsa Cheerleading, but you know, whenever it comes to multiple coaching, multiple coaches in our Tulsa tumbling classes, we want to make sure that you’re a versatile athlete with or without the coach. You don’t need the coach forever. The coach is temporary. Your skills are forever. That’s, that’s what we want you guys to understand is that, um, once, once you move on to the next skill, you shouldn’t need us anymore. Spotting those round off, back handspring types or even round off back handspring, rebounds. Uh, you, you have to keep working those skills. Once our job is done, you have a responsibility to keep practicing those skills, whether there’s a coach there or not. Maintainers, I can’t, we can’t, we can’t say that enough. There’s so many times where we would go to a school and we would, they, how many times have you gotten new skills at a, at a school and then have to reteach those new skills like the next week?

Uh, more often. More often than I would like.

And unfortunately it’s just because those, those athletes are not getting tumbling anywhere else. So that one hour that we have on their, uh, in their cheer gym or their Basketball Gym with Matt’s laid out, like that’s all they’re getting. They’re not getting any equipment. They’re not getting any, a one on one coaching time. They’re not getting any of that. So once they get these new skills, that’s it. That’s it. But, but if they wanted it more than they were afraid of it, they could go work on their boss or their, or their, Tulsa Cheerleading, their football field. They go work in the grass somewhere, somewhere where it’s flat. Um, you know, there’s, there’s lots of places that you can go, come to our gym. Like we can’t stress that enough. Open Gym is only 10 bucks. Like it’s cheap.

The more the athletic tumbles, the better they’re going to get. As long as they’re getting taught technique and safety, I don’t care where they tell you. That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. So if you are interested in finding out more about us, Colin, rusty or justice tumbling company, you can check out our website. That’s justice tumbling, [inaudible] dot com. Or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if you have a Google account, you can leave us an objective Google or Google review and let us know how we’re doing. We’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice tumbling company.