Episode #62 – Throwing It By Yourself

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, now there comes a time in every young birds life where their sweet, loving mother has to push them out of the nest so that dude can fly and learn to learn to fly. Listen, we’re, we’re coaches and coach our, our job is, it’s a different one. It’s, it’s different than everybody else, right? Everybody else wants you to come back. Like, uh, I dunno. A car dealership, they sell you a car. The next car that you buy from them, they are by, they want you to go back to them and weird people to come back.

We will know. We please keep coming back. Listen, that what’s makes us different though is it’s our job to train you so that you don’t need us anymore. We want to, um, we, we use a, and rusty and I talked about this a lot just last night. Tulsa Cheerleading, we introduce a different type of coaching that we call self coaching, so that when you, and, and all, all of our athletes who’ve worked with us long enough, when they do something wrong, they can feel it. They know it, they, they don’t, we don’t have to tell them what they did wrong. And that is perfect. Let me tell you why, because guess what, we are, we’re not your parents. We’re not your coach at your school. We’re not there every single day. We’re not there behind your, um, behind the, like the, the curtain before you go on to compete. We’re not there all the time. So when you’re in your warmups, uh, about to compete in a competition or your out on the basketball floor and you’re about to tumble, um, we’re, we’re not there to whisper in your ear telling, telling you what you need to remember, right? So you have to be able to do that yourself. So our job is to train you to do our job for you.

One of my options. I’ve had her for years and it’s my favorite thing in the world when this happens. She, she’s been setting with their arms up head and doing that really clean technique. We’ve always been training and she had one where her head came out and before I could even say anything, she was, I out. My head came out. I knew that she knew it. She had done it right so many times that when it went wrong, she knew. And that’s important. That way you’re not just, if something goes wrong and you’re not trained enough to notice it, that’s how you subconsciously slipped backwards and about habits and all different

issues that can come from it. So here on this podcast, it’s called throwing it by yourself, right? There comes a time where eventually you’re going to have to just throw it. The more that we’re there, the, the, uh, the, the more it actually hurts you. It does more harm than good at that, right?

Eventually, yes. Every coach will get to a point with an athlete to where if you don’t rip the bandaid off, if you don’t move away, we get to where we’re, yeah, we’re hindering your tumbling career more than helping it. Yeah. We’re just like every piece of equipment in the gym. We are a tool. Tulsa Cheerleading, we are there to help you, but we should not be the only thing that’s getting you to do that skill. Cause, but like he said, we don’t get to be at tryouts. We don’t get to walk out on the floor with you or at competition.

And there’s nothing magic about us just standing there. Like I get asked that all the time, just stand there and then, and then I say, okay, are you wanting me to spot you or do you just literally want me to stand there? And, and it comes down to this. There’s, there’s no sorcery here. I’m not Harry Potter. I, I can’t magically get you to do this. You’re doing it by yourself. And whenever I tell you you’re doing, you need to do it by yourself. It’s because I believe in you. It’s because rusty believes in you, it’s and, and that’s important, but you need to believe in yourself. You, you need to be able to say, hey, when can I throw this by myself? When can I do this? Like that’s, that’s what I’m striving for.

My favorite thing is when an athlete just says, Hey, can, can you move away and can I try it by myself without me even, unless it’s just like a safety issue. Like he said, we’re not going to tell you to try to go for something if we think you’re going to get in there or if there’s even a, I’m a numbers person. If it’s like even a 60% chance that you’re going to bus 40% chance you’re going to lay land there. Yeah, I’m going to be there. It’s like when the numbers are in your favor, when we put in the hours, when you put in the reps of late spotting or this lady is standing there and consistently landing it over and over again. Yeah. There’s nothing else we can do. Yeah. I mean,

and I’ve had, I’ve had athletes who asked me, they’re like, can I throw this by myself? Can I, can I do it? Can I try it? And I’m like, oh no, you’ve got some time. Give it some time. A little bit more, a little more consistency. Oh yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Tulsa Cheerleading, so a good example is, uh, as an athlete who I’ve been working with who, uh, actually we both been working with her, uh, I do privates with their, but rusty has her in classes and then we go to our school as well, working this full work in it or can it work in it? And it came to the point where we were catching her hips. And so she wasn’t really focusing on the landing. She was focused so much on the spin and the tea that, you know, the set and everything. She was doing a really good job.

And then, um, rusty was that we were, we were there at the school and I told her, I said, I was like, we just gotta step away. Like we, we, we can’t, we can’t just keep spotting her like that. So in front of all of her, her, her teammates, uh, she went for it and it was scary the first time for her and she, she fell and it wasn’t the best landing, but the neck, the right when she stood up, she laid there for a little bit. Her feelings were hurt. He was a little embarrassed. Uh, but as soon as she stood up, she said, can I try that again? And I was like, yes, yes. And then the attitude was exactly what I’m looking for because as soon as she threw it again, she landed it. She landed at full on the hard floor for the first time.

I’m, that’s what we do, have trials coming out and start kids wanting to try a skills or having to get ready to throw skills. Same thing, uh, how to an athlete that’s been working a full for a long time. She has it on spring floor, um, right there on hard floor, but it’s tryout time gotta move away. And I understand her fears. She literally broke her leg and how almost learned to roll block again, like it was that severe. So I understand it’s scary, especially on hard floor for her to trust herself to go for it. But that’s why we drill, landing with feet together.

That’s why we drill the three parts of every skill, the set, the pool, and then the finish. The finish is an important one. It’s not just landing with your feet on the ground and okay, you’re done. You have to absorb. You have to know how to kind of lower your butt so that your butt’s not higher than your head and you’re not putting too much pressure on your knees, not too much pressure on your ankles, you know, and that’s how you’re going to land that skill. Uh, and it’s going to feel better for you.

Absolutely. Uh, it’s trial time. It’s getting ready to go for new skills. Uh, trust yourself to go for it. That we have trained you to do your skill. Tulsa Cheerleading, man, a woman, a woman up and throw it, get out there and do it. Just try it. Uh, if you, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Try again. Don’t let one fall determine what you, what you can do. And how you go into the next one. Absolutely. Like, and don’t say, can you just stand there? Can you just stand there? God is spotting you

don’t worry with all the, with all the technique we’ve put in your head, all of the, all of the technique we’ve trained and we’d Hound on you. If we’re telling you to throw it. It’s because you’ve got it. It’s because you can do it. Not because, not because we doubt you. So that, that, that, that doesn’t make any sense. We’re, we’re not, we’re not going to contradict what we tell you. We’re here to keep you safe. That’s why your parents pay us and make sure that you’re learning the right way, the proper way, the fast way,

and getting a skill after you’ve worked so hard for it as the most rewarding thing for an athlete as a coach. It’s, it’s the best part of our job is when a kid gets a new skill to see that excitement. Tulsa Cheerleading, so we are not

going to tell you to go for it. Whether we’re going to, whether that’s a full or a backhand spring. Absolutely. Yeah. Or fixing your round to round off. We’ve been training on just fixing your round off and you listened to everything we’ve been saying and you do it. Absolutely. Most rewarding thing in the world. I always feel sorry for Rusty’s privates whenever I’m in the gym because like I’ll be training, I’ll be training a kid and finally they fix it and I, I, I put, I’m like a mom that gets too excited. It’s, it’s kind of embarrassing. But, uh, the other day I had a girl, she just fixed a backhand spring and it was on the cheese mat, so it wasn’t even, it wasn’t even on the hard floor, but she, she did exactly what I asked her to do on the cheese mat. She’s throwing this by herself on the cheese mat and I put out this like this, this, yeah, my arms go up in the air and, and uh, my voice is loud as it is.

And whenever it, I get excited, it gets even louder and we can even watching our podcasts, like you can tell when I get excited because, because the, the volume on our, our screen goes up really high. So I’ve got to work on that. But you know, throwing it by yourself, um, you should definitely always ask your coach before you try to go by herself if they think you’re ready. Um, and they should give you an honest answer of a, we need a little bit more work. You need to fix this, this and this or absolutely it’s time to try it. Yeah. Yeah. So we, that’s, that’s a, that’s our challenge to you is that if you’ve got, if you’re working on a skill, go talk to your coach who spotting you, who’s working with you on that skill and ask them when, when can I throw this by myself? I am I ready to throw it by myself yet cause I really want to. That’s your challenge for the week. Um, so if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company or Colton and rusty, you can check out our website. That’s just tumbling coach.com or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram, and if you have a Google account, you can leave us an objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing. We’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice. Humbling