Episode #59 – Roundoffs IMPORTANT

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yes, yes, yes. And yes. You saw the title, you read it, you clicked on it. Now we’re going to dive deep into round offs. Now that, um, this is, this is an important and important talk topic. Um, so I’m, I’m so glad you’re, you’re listening to it. I’m glad you clicked on it. Um, we’re going to be going into the most important skill in tumbling there is

period. So before you click away, this is a skill. If you even talked to Olympic coaches, they will tell you that the round off is a skill that even Olympic athletes train on a daily basis, or whether it’s a drill, stretching out, getting it longer, getting it more powerful. Tulsa Cheerleading, it is a skill that needs to be worked on every time you were in the gym.

You’re taught round offs when you’re a beginner and you will have to retain and rework and train on your round offs for the rest of your life as a tumbler. Um, I don’t care if you’re a level five, um, freak tumbler on the best level five team, there is the most important skill that you’ll ever throw. Is your round off. Too many times we’ve seen it. Uh, I can’t, I can’t finish my past because my round off was weird. Sorry. Or I mean

if you’re an advanced athlete, you, you should never have that issue of stopping cause of your round off or your backhand spring. But a lot of the times, like you said, you learned that in a beginner class. Some of these kids take their beginner class when they’re four years old and those crazy good tumblers, usually they move out of that real quick and then never work that round off again cause they’re just pushing for new skills.

And as sad as it set as it is to say, um, we, we know that there’s tumbling coaches that are working out of a shop in the back in their backyard. And pretty much that’s teaching kids how to do, um, you know, their basics. But as, as, uh, important as around off is, um, it takes a lot of diligence and a lot of concentration on that skill to, uh, to learn it properly and then execute it properly. So, uh, if you’re round off is wonky, is that a word or crooked or your arms are too wide or your legs are just not snapping down enough. Tulsa Cheerleading, you’re not getting your chest up. All that can come back to, uh, that, that can be the one thing that slows you down from getting landing. You’re full in your own or your wet pass or, or even just, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Whatever, whatever level you are, you, the round off that is messing you up. We’re not giving you enough power, especially when it comes to hard floor. How important every bit of power you need to get a skill over the round off is going to be one of the most important things on the hard floor. So somebody who is a very well known in the, in the coaches world of cheerleading, um, her name is Debbie love. And, uh, she’s someone that’s very high, very highly respected, um, and her ideas and the way she looks at tumbling and I’ve ever seen her daughter’s tumble. Yeah. Yeah. Both of them. Unreal. Both of them are on the squad with Cooper at Osu girl to throw standing up. Yeah. Yeah, they’re, they’re sick. So she, she has shown that her coaching ability does get results like, uh, like this.

And um, uh, and so we will go with what she says on her round offs and how she teaches round offs. And the way you, you go into a round off is you have to think after your hurdle. You’re your first year lunge. Your hurdle has to be really, really long. Tulsa Cheerleading, and then at the point of your toe where your next, where your hand goes down, that is going to be four of your own feet, heel to toe. Right. So, um, once you heard a, once you lunge where that mark is, your hands should go for of your own feet, heel to toe. That’s where your hands should go. It’s going to feel long. It’s going to be stretching out your body of term. You hear us using gymnast, coaches use it as a lever. Your bodies should be passing through a lever absolute.

And during that long lunge, Longreach is going to force you to do that lever. And if you, if you don’t know what a lever is, I want you to, uh, I want you to do it right now. You’re, you’re going to stand on one leg, you’re going to stand on one leg, like a, like a, I don’t know, a flamingo and then your leg, the leg gets off the ground, then completely comes out straight and your chest goes to the opposite side, like a teeter totter. Arms buyer look like a straight line, like a tea. So like, yeah, one leg down, one leg completely up, completely locked out. And then your arms by your ears reaching out in front of you. That is what a lever is. And, and we want all of our athletes to hit that before they go into their round off.

That’s reaching out as long as you can. Okay. We should never see like your, your arms go down and, and break that straight line, break that lever where your leg hasn’t come up yet. So you should look at your hands and your feet to as being polar opposites North Pole, South Pole, right. And so once you’re reaching for the ground, wherever your hands are relative to the ground, your feet should be in the complete opposite position. So that one, that one foot, that lever leg that’s coming up should be, um, at the same angle as your hands are reaching to the ground. So it sounds like you’re saying the taller you are, the longer year round off should be. That is exactly right. We, Tulsa Cheerleading, we have a girl in particular that we’re trying to, or we’re working to fix her round off. She’s taller than me, rusty, she’s, she’s tall, she’s tall, and she probably has the shortest round off I have ever seen.

And if you video and somebody is putting their hand really close to that front foot, you can pause it and it looks like and just an uncomfortable position to be. Yeah, it’s a hard position to get any kind of power out of. And that’s why if you come to any of our classes, privates in warmups, that’s why we take warmup so seriously as you should be hitting that lever and your handstands, cartwheels round offs, all of your warmups. That way when it comes to doing an advanced pass, you’ve already trained yourself from the start.

And we’ve done a, we’ve done a podcast on the importance of warm ups and stretches. Um, so we encourage you to go back and listen to that to see exactly how important warmups are for us. Um, if you are not warming up properly and you’re not consciously thinking about those changes, you’re not going to do it. Once you come to tumble, once you step up to tumble, it’s not going to happen. It’s like practice makes perfect. Well, no, not exactly. A imperfect practice creates imperfection and an imperfect habits. We don’t want those habits.

And even if you did learn a perfect round off when you were young, I mean, if you don’t train it ever, you’re going to subconsciously and over time pick up habits where it’s either getting shorter, losing power, your toe could be turned out, your toe could be a little bit off the line, anything that could change and then it becomes a habit without even noticing it.

Well, and, and you know, I’ve seen girls where they throw a round off back handspring, rebound and there a round off back handspring readout is beautiful. And then as soon as you say, okay, we’re going to throw a tuck or we’re going to throw a layout after that backhand spring, their whole technique on their round off completely changes. And I use this analogy like you’re, you’re driving home, right? If you’re on a, you’re on a road and you know where your home is and if you just keep looking towards like that direction where your home is, you’re gonna, you’re going to off the road you have to, um, you have to everything that you come to and on that road you, you have to adjust for that. You have to focus on the road. You can’t focus on your destination. It’s the same thing with tumbling. If you’re throwing a full or you’re throwing a layout or you’re throwing a tuck and you’re focusing on that tuck so much that you forgotten your technique and you give a weird, even, even a hurdle, right. It’s going to mess you up to where all you can do is not focus on technique for your tech, but you’re just going to muscle it over.

Yeah. Every, I mean the hurdle is a skill. The round off is a skill. So you got a break every skill down. You can’t just go into the past thinking about the ending skill, that fold just I’m going to throw a full cause then like you said, you lose focus of the skills leading up to that full. You’ve got to focus on one skill at a time cause you have to have a good round off to have a good backhand spring. And the better the back handspring, the easier the full. Yep.

It’s like, it’s like, Tulsa Cheerleading, it’s like track, you know, on those, on those 200 yard sprints, if you, uh, if you are focused so much on winning and you don’t take the time to pace yourself before you get to that, when you’re, you’re, you’re going to lose, you’re going to get exhausted way too early. And it’s the same thing with tumbling. Whenever you’re, whenever you’re tumbling, you’re running. If you’re putting so much thought on the end game, then you’re never even going to get there because you have to take those steps first. You got your run, then you’ve got your hurdle, then you’ve got your round off. Then you’ve got to make sure your chest is up out of your round off. Then you got your back hand spring, your chest is up going into your backhand spring so you have to finish with your chest up out of your back hand spring. So you know there’s lots of things that you have to do before you get to that scale and uh, and to, to train that skill properly, you have to have the proper round off and backhand springs. So we can’t, we can’t stress that enough. We could go, we could go on and on and on about this very topic.

If he gets a little, and you’re an athlete, dude, do some round Dallas. If you’re, if you’re coming into our gym, you’re going to be seeing a lot of emphasis on the round offs. So train yourself, practice makes perfect.

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