Episode #55 – Bad Tumbling Days

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Okay, so now today’s podcast is going to be about bad tumbling days,

tumbling bad tumbling days. I’ll add real life bad. Those they happen. Uh, bad tumbling days happen, it’s natural. Um, we’re gonna go over, I’m really do a deep dive into bad tumbling days and still a way to be progressive and get something out of even when you’re having a bad tumbling day.

So our last podcast was about communication and this podcast is, you know, after that’s been communicated and you know, even if, uh, you know, whatever it is that’s made you giving you a bad tumbling dam, maybe, maybe there’s nothing at all. Maybe you came in ready to work and you just notice that you’re tumbling is just completely off. Well, we’re, we’re going to help you get through those days here at justice tumbling company and hopefully something you hear on this podcast helps you get through it as well.

So what would you describe about tumbling day? Like can, like, you saw that it doesn’t even have to be here in about noon.

Yeah. Yeah. So, um, if from from my experience, I’ve seen kids come in and they’re, they start in a great mood. They are, they’re a positive and, and ready to work. And then as soon as they start tumbling, it’s just like, well, that was weird. That was a weird backhand spring or that was weird round off. And, uh, and I was like, yeah, you know, yeah, I’ve never seen you tumble like this before. Let’s try to work on that, you know? And so we will implement and drills and we’ll implement those rubber bands that we’ve talked about before. Tulsa Cheerleading, but all in all, if your body is just not wanting to work for you at one day, there’s really not much you can do to help it.

No. It’s important. If you’re having about tumbling day, like you said, to find something that you can do, whether if it’s a rough running day, you can work on standing, you don’t want to sit there and keep drilling, whatever it is you’re having issues with and then cause a habit of it or then some sort of block. Tulsa Cheerleading, it’s still important on bad tumbling days to condition your body mentally and physically. So even if you’re having about tumbling day, if it’s something you’re usually not spotted on, it’s okay to be spotted on it. Cause I’d rather meet have to spa, you want it, then you stop over and over again. And that become a common common issue with your tumbling.

He had a girl, uh, just last night in one of the classes who, um, you know, normally lands everything she throws and we’re wanting to start working layouts and stuff. But yesterday was just an off day for her and, uh, we were working, tucks in those tucks just weren’t out. And I kept asking her, I was like, do you want me to spot you? Do you want me to say? She’s like, no, no, no. Um, but I saw every time she would land, uh, she would like kill her ankles. Did you see that? I did it. It pained me, my old body. You can’t stand to watch that. Um, and so I slowly started getting back in, getting in there up to her and catching her at her hip so she’s not like crashing down on her ankles, making sure she’s getting all the way around.

And then when she was over here with me, we were just drilling, drilling, and then I were to have her go over and conditioner ankles a little bit.

And from what I could tell, she wasn’t having a bad day. She was, you know, in a good mood and happy to be there and excited and uh, that was just an off day and that’s okay. That thing that, that happens. And we usually can call it out and be like, listen, you’re just having an off day. Tulsa Cheerleading, don’t worry about it. Don’t dwell on it. Go home, get some rest and come back and uh, and we’ll be ready to work tomorrow or whenever their next practices are private.

Absolutely. I had a private that, um, she usually comes in ready to work layouts and just even in warm ups, like you said, she said something felt different when it got to running. She normally throws texts easy. She was struggling with text. So instead of beating her to death and going throw it again, throw it again, throw it again. And we focused on standing cause she does need to strengthen her standing. And it was a really good standing day, weird writing day, but great standing day. So it could be a weird day for something, but then something else can work. But there’s always something you can do. Jumps, you can do conditioning, still something to progress your cheerleading career.

Well, and so many kids hate working layouts. Um, and so, uh, you know, I’ve actually seen it where it’s like whenever it comes to working in that layout, it just happens to be a bad tumbling day. Just because you don’t like something. Don’t, don’t call it a bad tumbling day. You’ll know the difference. And it’s not just one skill. Usually it’s something where that’s happening in your round, off your run, even your hurdle is off. It’s just different. Um, so make sure that you, uh, you don’t dwell on those things and, and you beat yourself up over it because one day out of a hundred days that you’ve come into work is nothing.

Yes. Have you been throwing Tux since you were five and you’re just having a bad day? Don’t let that get in your head that it’s the end of the world. You can’t do tux anymore. Um, because then you’re creating problems down the line for your tumbling career. Just push through. Find something. Um, tell your coach that you think it’s a data condition. Do drills perfect. Your technique a little bit more. Um, I had doubt your coach will have an issue with that.

Yeah. Uh, no. If you, if you come and tell me that I’m, I’m, I’m going to be excited for it just because that’s, that’s the drive. You need to know your body. You need to know yourself. And you, you know, whenever this, this weird tumbling day is happening, Tulsa Cheerleading, and so you taking that initiative to be like, listen, this is not what I need. I need this or I need something else. You know, uh, when we can help you decide what it is you need. Um, but it all comes back down to if you work that one skill over and over and over again, it, uh, it really does put a beating on your competence if you allow it to. So don’t, don’t let it, don’t let it wear, wear you thin.

Yes. Cause we always relate it to real life. Our coaching and our tumbling. Uh, same thing. Everybody has bad days, but the super successful people are the people who can turn bad days into getting something done still. Oh yeah. Not just a, it’s a bad day. I think I’m going to call into work, sit in bed and watch Netflix all day. I’m going out and getting something done. Even though it might be harder than usual, still pushing through and personally

it, it, it’s Kinda like mowing the lawn. You know though, when I come home and I’m like, oh, I need a moat, my yard. Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow. Well, it turns into the next day and the next day and the next day. And then you got this beast of a forest growing in your yard that is twice, oh my gosh. So much more time and so much harder to Mo, uh, relate that to your tumbling. If you, if you let it get out of hand, um, it’s going to be so much harder to conquer. So write it off, recalibrate and find something else to do during that time and then go home and, uh, don’t, don’t, like I said, I over and over again, I can’t, I can’t say it enough. Do not dwell on these bad days. He goes, whether it’s tumbling or heck, whenever you’re an adult and you’re going to work, like you’re going to have bad days, you’re going to say something that’s just going to get to your core or, um, you’re just not going to feel like going into work. But you cannot let that decide the direction that you’re going to. You’re going to take,

if it is something that’s in your control, try to trigger what it is and try to work on that. I mean, that’s doable, but if like, if you’re something you don’t know what it is, you’re, like you said, you were in a great mood, um, that’s where you just got to push through. You just got to fight. But if it’s something out of your control, it’s not something to let affect your normal routine.

Absolutely. If, I mean, even as a coach, we have days where we’re spot on and then every now and then there’s a day where we’re just off as coaches and it’s like we, we can’t let that define us as who we are or our business or anything. Um, you, you have to, you have to take it one day at a time and whenever it’s, whenever it’s a bad tumbling day, Tulsa Cheerleading, move on, move on. Um, I think it comes back to a mental blocks. I think that mental blocks can all start just by one bad tumbling day. So whenever you’re hounding yourself and you’re trying the same skill over and over and over again, you’re just not sticking it. You’re not landing it. You got to move on. You gotta move to the next thing, move. You know, even if it’s running and standing that’s off.

Work on jobs, work on conditioning, do a lap around our gym. Try to get your head back in the right place because the moment you start doubting yourself is whenever you’re going to start doubting everything and confidence is going to slip. Absolutely. Absolutely. Good, good talk. So with that, uh, we want, we want nothing but good tumbling days, but if there’s a bad one here and there, take it and uh, and move on. Absolutely. Also as coaches will do everything we can to get you out of that funk to try to get the good vibes going. But, um, if nothing else, if they’re can’t, at least, you know, there’s a second option and then, and then how you recover from that bad tumbling day really shows what kind of athlete you are. So if you are interested in finding out more about us, Colin, rusty, or justice tumbling company, you can visit our website. That’s justice tumbling, coach.com or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if you ever Google account, we would love it if you left us and objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing.

We will see you next time. [inaudible] justice