Episode #54 – Communication

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right. Now today we are going to be talking about the breakdown in communication, the communication breakdown. Tulsa Cheerleading, uh, but we don’t want you to have a communication breakdown. We want you to have communication and make sure that those lines of communication are being used all the time, especially with your coaches. Not a communication breakdown, but a communication breakthrough. Breakthrough. I love that. I love that you just come up with that was not at the top of your head. Right off the top, man. That was good.

Why that wasn’t written down anywhere. That was amazing. Okay, so communication breakthrough. Now, um, you’ve heard us say it over and over and over again. Uh, you need, you need to be comfortable with your coach. You need to be comfortable with the people in your lives. And you need to tell them what’s going on in your life. Now, how can we relate that to tumbling? How can we relate it to a tumbling coach and communication with your coach or your eye or your all star coach or your, um, cheer coach at school. How does this relate? Rusty?

Yes. No matter how good your high school coach all star, coach or tumbling coaches, we’re not mind readers. I’m a mind reader. I am psychic. That’s this. That’s one of his gifts. One of the special special gifts. Just like the lie. That’s a lie. I’m not, I’m not a psychic. I know. It’s like dancing and singing. If you’re in the gym, that’s another one of his special gifts there. We are not mind readers, Rhea. We, we can’t tell what’s going on instantly as you come in. It’s an important to have that relationship with your coach to where you should be comfortable enough to let them know what’s going on. Um, we say it all the time. Uh, our gym is a stress free judgment free zone. Uh, we want our athletes to be able to come in and it doesn’t matter if it’s, they’re not feeling great. They stayed up too late playing video games. They had a bad day at school or anything. Whatever it is, we know what we’re working with. If they’re hurting, that’s the big one. If something is hurting, um, let us know. So we know if you’re trying to favor that ankle, that wrist or something like that. And a story, a story. Can I say it? I hopefully

it’s a good story. Okay. So, um, last week I had an athlete, uh, er, I was in a private and her mom called me over and over and over and over again. I was like, okay, I can’t answer this because I got, I’m in a private, like someone’s paying me for their time. She’ll, she’ll text me. And uh, she, all she said was, uh, call me back immediately. I was like, oh my gosh, what is going on? This is, this is scary, right? So, um, I, I let my private go and grab a drink of water and I texted, I said, I’m sorry, I’m in a private, but, Tulsa Cheerleading, let me know what’s going on. So she texted me, she’s like, we’re on your way. Uh, uh, she’ll tell you what’s going on there. Well, whenever the athlete got to our gym, she was balling. She was in tears.

Um, something had happened in her personal life. And, uh, you know, she was able to communicate with me exactly what was going on. And, and you know, sometimes maybe you can’t, sometimes you can’t tell us exactly what’s going on, but if you can communicate and let us know that something is going on and I have, we have to change the direction of today. Um, and so at that point I became less of a coach and more of a mentor. And, uh, we went from, okay, our normal routine would be, you know, tumbling, working and conditioning. Um, and, uh, she made it very, very clear that, uh, just from my professional opinion, uh, she was not in the proper place to be tumbling. So we didn’t tumble at all. Um, I sat out there, she said that she wanted to condition, so we conditioned and I got, I was able to get her mind off of what had happened and what was going on. And uh, um, uh, of course I didn’t charge her for that private, but, um, it, it was a good point where she knew that she could trust me and confide in me and I was able to adjust her privates as necessary.

Yeah. So communicating if there’s something personal going on or just the mood you’re in, whatever, um, then it’s the injuries. If something is hurting, if something is injured, letting us know. If you’re a hard for tumbler and your ankle is hurting you and it’s, it’s something you’re going to get checked out. We can tumble on the spring, Florida on the air floor, do a lot of standing. There’s ways we can go about it to not hurt that injury even more to overuse that injury.

We have some hardcore athletes, we have some hardcore athletes that won’t tell us if they’re hurting at all. Or even if I ask him if something’s hurting, those straight lie to your fear. Right, right. It drives me crazy. But the thing is is that, listen, you can tell us that you’re not hurting, but that is only going to make the situation worse because if you say you’re not hurting, we’re just going to keep pushing you until it, until it comes to our better judgment where we’re like, okay, you got to quit lying to me. It’s going to go. You got to go sit out. We, we keep, Tulsa Cheerleading, ice packs in our fridge, uh, here at the gym. Um, we make sure that we’re prepared for any of that. And so it’s, I love the drive. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Great Initiative. A great leadership quality to keep pushing through. But in a situation like this, uh, the next time you land, it could be the last time you land in your tumbling. You don’t want, you don’t want this to, uh, this bad judgment to, uh, in all of your tumbling days whatsoever.

Absolutely. And the, the third time

of communication is going to be very important is if you have some sort of medical issue that um, whether it’s even asthma, it’s great to know as a coach if you have asthma, but anything like that, knowing going into it that way we can safely be your tumbling coaches and know what to expect, um, in any situation. Well, and you know, we have a, we have a release form and when you sign that release form, uh, parents are, are supposed to put on there what medical conditions you might have. Um, and you know, sometimes it’s an embarrassing medical conditions. I’m then you don’t want to talk about something you don’t want people to know. Uh, but as your coach, someone who’s dealing with you on a daily basis, make sure that you were competing at communicating that need with them because it is a need. It’s, it is, it is very important. Um, that’s the best way we can keep you safe. And that’s the best way that we can keep your skills progressing is if we know what kind of mood you’re in, where you’re at physically, how you’re feeling, and then what kind of medical conditions that we’re dealing with.

Absolutely. Communication is key and as you get older, you will find that to have healthy, long lasting relationships. It doesn’t matter what it is, you have to have communication between you and your spouse, uh, between you and your business partner, your family, your friends. Absolutely you are the strongest relationships are going to be the relationships that you can communicate the most that you can tell each other. Everything.

Earlier you had mentioned, you know, a bad day at school. Um, and I remember those days, I remember like I was kind of the guy that was out to hang out with everybody. Like Aye. Aye. But still, there are those people who, um, who can’t get by without belittling somebody else. Um, and it’s, it’s hard to deal with. It is, it is. Uh, it’s so easy to say, well, just suck it up. Just deal with it. But you know, it affects you. It affects your, your regular day. So when you come in here, it is, we, we say it all the time, you know, leave this at the door, leave it at the door and don’t bring it in here. Um, but if it’s, if it’s to the point where you, you cannot stop thinking about it, you need to tell us, you need to talk to us because the, the last thing we want is for a mental block to get started because of something that has happened at school that day or something you’re thinking about or some embarrassment. Um, w we care about you, we love you. We don’t want you to get hurt. And in doing so, you’ve gotta be able to communicate with us.

Yes, you can come in on that bad day and focus tumble. Like that’s what I do. If I’m having a bad day, Tulsa Cheerleading, I come in and I tumble, but I’m absolutely not just not thinking about tumbling. Right? I’m definitely thinking about technique and putting my energy that built up energy into that technique, trying to really focus on that. Some people at work, some people it doesn’t. Um, but still making those days,

trying to be, like Roland said, even if it’s conditioning, um, it’s good to get out, try to get out of your, your uh, funk and get back into well, and that’s, that’s all together that that is training you. You’re, you’re basically doing self growth. It’s training you to be a better athlete, more versatile and then in return be a better employee or a better business owner or a better mom or a better dad. Tulsa Cheerleading, when you know that you can take this and you can deal with it later or I can communicate my problems are things that are going on. And that’s important to do that. Now if you are looking for counselors, we’re not, we’re not, we’re not, the counselors were but, but we do have life experiences and we can help you out with that. If nothing else, we can just be someone to vent to. Yeah. Positive support. We’re always open to listening. Yep. So if you’re interested in finding out more about us, justice tumbling company or Colton and rusty, you can check out our website that’s just as tumbling co.com or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram, and if you have a Google account, you can leave us an objective Dougal review to let us know how we’re doing. Yeah,

we will see you next time on Tulsa Justice Campbell.