Episode #53 – Chase Your Dreams

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All right, so today’s topic is chasing your dreams. You’ve seen that in the title. Why are we calling it chasing your dreams?

Yes, we’ve ever, we’ve all heard follow your dreams. We want our athletes to chase their dreams. It’s more aggressive. It’s getting out there, fighting for it. Really just pushing for whatever it is that you want. Well, here’s the reality.

Okay. Tulsa Cheerleading, for as long as I can remember, rusty and I had had this dream of running our own cheer gym and nobody cared about that except for us. I mean, people always talk about how they support us and how they, um, you know, the, they’re rooting for us. But whenever it comes down to making it happen, getting out there and pushing and working your butt off, nobody, nobody’s going to put that work in there for you. You have to do it. So, um, you know, if your dream is to go and be a doctor, you’re the one that has to put those hours in. You’re the one that has to do the studying. You’re the one that has to dedicate time and money and your freedom to put, to get out there and do it and then you can, uh, live the success.

Absolutely. We talk about goals a lot in our podcast. That’s why we have with the goal wall. Um, if you set goals and you’re more likely to get to your dreams set short term goals, long term goals, so you can eventually reach your dream goal. Yup.

And you know, we are coaches ourselves and so we understand the importance of having a mentor or somebody to help us along the way with our business. So we work with a, a business coach. And, Tulsa Cheerleading, something that he told us from the very beginning is that you need to delay your, what’s the word? Resi. Ratification. Delay your gratification. So it’s not always easy, but it’s something that you have to do. And whenever you reach that gratification, oh, how glorious it will be.

Absolutely. And they can, that can be different for everybody. For us it’s a delaying gratification. We have not taken a check from the gym and the six months that we’ve been doing it, we, the only money we’ve made is from our grinding and hustling privates. Yup. I mean our one on one athletes. Um, so thank you to those private cause our families have been able to live and eat and sustain. Um, but yes, delaying gratification because absolutely in the long run it’s going to be so much. But for an athlete

that could mean not working on that full, going back, cleaning up a layout because same thing, once you do get to that full at all makes it worth it. And so of course we were going to tie it to tumbling. But there’s, you know, in every aspect of your life, set your goals and don’t just follow your dreams. What you want to do. Don’t just follow it. Go after it, attack it. If you’re in high school right now and you know there’s classes that you can take that will prepare you for whatever you want to do once you get into college or after college or whatever, take it now. Do it now. Because once you, I’m telling you, once you get out of your parent’s house, it’s not going to be easy. You’re adulting is hard. It is. Um, but with everything that’s out there and all the resources for people today, there’s, there’s no reason that any dream can’t be accomplished.

And much like we said, retired at the tumbling. Like I tell athletes, there’s not a single skill that they can’t get. It just comes down to how hard they’re willing to work for that skill, how many hours they’re willing to work to put in for that skill. Same thing in whatever your dream is for your future, your life. Um, you can do anything. If you want to put in the schooling, put in the doctors, how long do they have to go to school? Like I don’t know, eight years, 10 years. Something crazy. Yeah. If you want to put that in, it’s exhausting. It’s a, but you’re also saving people’s lives. It’s not sort of job. And then you know, there’s the gratification aspect of it. Not to mention them the money you’re going to get lots of money but Tulsa Cheerleading, you know, do something where you’re going to make money but it’s also something you’re going to enjoy.

Absolutely. The easiest job in the world is something that you look forward to doing. Not something waking up dreading to do it. I mean we woke up at, well a little later today cause they’ve been knocking podcasts out a little quicker, but we did get up out. I got up at five 30 just so I could get ready to be here. But yeah, we hadn’t, we looked forward to it doing podcasts and it involves our business. So it is something that’s fun for us. Something, if you know us, you know that we are transparent. We, we don’t have secrets. We will, you ask us a question, we’ll tell you about it. Um, so this, this, um, business coach that we’ve been going to, he, he sets apart for three types of people. There’s a people, there’s be people and in their see people, so I’m gonna start with c.

So c people are the ones that really kind of drag everybody else down. Tulsa Cheerleading, and we know we’ve seen these people, whether it’s at, at the practice or it’s at a job or it’s at school, you know, people who kind of just distract everybody else with their own problems, you know, and then, then we have the [inaudible] people, the [inaudible] people are like, your average jazz, most people you meet are just going to be your beat people. They show up on time and leave when they’re supposed to. Yeah. Not a lot of extra work. Yeah. But you know what? They get done what they have to get done and then they kind of just glide under the radar. And some people, you know what? Some people just, that’s how they want to be and that’s fine, that’s fine. But I encourage all of you to strive to be that a person that a person is going to wake up and get, um, get to where they’re supposed to be a 15, 20, 30 minutes before they have to be there and then stay afterwards to make sure the job gets done all the way through, uh, get those extra passes in.

You know, whenever, um, whenever we work at schools or we’re working on classes, we always have like two or three stragglers who are like, can I do one more pass? Let me do one more. Just one more, just one more. Just right before we roll up the map. Right. Uh, and that’s, that’s a great attitude to have. You know, if you are, um, one of those people, which there’s so many of them and it’s fine if you’re one of those people, when you hear the word conditioning and you do read it, that’s me. I hate it. I hate it myself. Um, you know, there’s different aspects to it. You don’t want to just, uh, just settle and say, oh, I hate it. I’m not going to do it. Or, um, you know, we have those athletes who whenever it’s time to condition, like they’re like, yes, yes, this is my chance to make myself better. And, and I love that attitude. Love it.

Like we’ve talked about, everybody’s different. Everybody has different dreams that could mean you can be that level five athletes who wants to go to world’s or s and when worlds, uh, or make a certain college team you want to go to ou or Osu, Tulsa Cheerleading, none of that is easy. Everything that goes into that is a lot of blood, sweat and tears, a lot of work, a lot of hours. Um, it’s definitely doable and those are great goals to have. Um, but you have to start pushing for that young. It’s not something you can just your senior year be like, all right, I want to do this, get these level five skills and where I want to make it on this very prestigious college team. Cause. Yeah, there’s a lot of people that are going to do those same things. Try Out for those teams or go to those competitions who have been training for that their entire lives. Yeah.

I, I had a private last night who it, it’s the perfect example. She’s a great kid. She’s a really hard worker. But last night was just not her night. So she, she came and she admitted to me that she’s like, I was out of school today and all I did was watch Netflix for five hours in my bed. I didn’t even leave my bed. My mom brought me lunch. Like, um, and you know, we all have those days that there’s nothing wrong with those days, but I can tell you that her attitude at the gym that night last night was a totally different, like she was just, she was just down. She was just dragging. Like she, she had to push herself super, super hard. And so afterwards I told her, I was like, you gotta you gotta try to keep moving if you know you got something coming up, you know, you got to keep your body going.

And prepare for what you have coming up. And that’s just on a small scale. Whenever we’re talking on a much larger scale with college or making that level five team are going to worlds or you know, making your varsity cheer squad. Like you got to prepare early to do that. We, you know, we love every one of our athletes and we want to see our athletes succeed. Whether that means going to college and you know, making a lot of money with a degree or that means I’m going to college and deciding that that’s not what you were meant to do and maybe going to the military or um, and being successful in the military or seeing that you know, you, you actually like spotting you like coaching and then, Tulsa Cheerleading, letting us help you learn how to coach and, and taking that as a career because you can make, you can make a lot of money doing all those things. Do not, do not set. Let other people set goals for you. So don’t let a teacher tell you you’re not going to be successful if you don’t go to college. That’s not true. That’s not true. I know so many successful business people who never went to college and actually look down on college just because it’s, you know, four years of what the college wants you to learn and not four years of what you want to learn.

It comes down to find something you’re passionate about and set goals to get to that dream of whatever it is that you want to do. Well, you, something that’s gonna make you happy. Will you say that again? So that word you use, the,

The p word, passion. Passion, passion, listen. Um, passion is what it takes. If you have a passion for something, you’re going to keep going. You’re going to keep pushing, don’t lose your passion. So with that, if you are interested in finding out more about us and how we can help you reach your dreams and, and, and set goals and reach those goals, you can check us out on our website that’s just as tumbling co.com

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Yeah, let us know. Uh, let us know. Don’t hold back. Don’t hold back. Don’t hold anything back. We’re transparent. You be transparent.

We’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice tumbling company.