Episode #49 – No Excuses

Tulsa Cheerleading | Episode #49 – No Excuses today

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

All right, so, um, this podcast is going to be a, Tulsa Cheerleading , basically a part two of our last podcast. Our last podcast was no pain, no gain, and now this podcast is no excuses. Um, being in the tumbling industry, we see kids all the time who blamed the floor or they blame the situation. They’ve even blamed that the direction that they’re tumbling

or their coaches or their old coaches are. It all comes down to taking responsibility for your own tumbling. Um, you should know your technique. There’s places you can figure out the technique to where even if you’re with a coach who has no idea what they’re talking about, it can be on you to teach herself and force your body to do that. Correct?

Right. Do that. Do that research. Do a little bit of studying to find out what it takes to do the skills that you’re working on. And if you’re not being taught properly, then it’s your responsibility to find another place to work or, um, or honed that technique yourself. Now, whenever rusty and I were growing up, um, we didn’t really hone a lot of technique. It was, it was either you have a good full or you don’t, if you don’t have a good full, then you’re not throwing it in the routine. Like it’s just as simple as that. There was, there was, I don’t ever remember a time where a coach was like, listen, this is what you need to do to make that full better. It was like, oh yeah, he’s got another ugly full. It will just not, I mean, I know it was never told that I had a pretty full, um, but I mean, Tulsa Cheerleading , or, or her or, you know, whatever, a low back Tuck we want, high, high standing fulls, high tech, whatever it might be. Just like jumps, you know, if you’ve got a good jump here in the front, if you got bad jumps, you’re in the back. Um, but we, we now know that there are ways to even fix your jumps and make sure that you’re practicing the proper way so that you’re getting to the very front of that routine

when it came to tumble and growing up, I don’t know how many turn times I heard. Just just find her feet. Not Any correction other than this. Find your feet, plant your feet as long as you can land up. Yeah. Well we didn’t have slow mo video back then. That has kind of changed the industry that’s helped us out a lot. Social media

media in order to kind of, um, like keep in contact with people who have other ideas in different states or maybe on a completely different side of the world. Um, you know, but this podcast isn’t about any of that. It’s about you. It’s about you and how you can be the best that you can be. And, uh, we did a podcast on how cheerleading, um, prepares you for the real world. And this is one of those things, no excuses, no matter what. Like if you get pulled over by a cop and you’re going, ah, you’re going 30 miles over, which is not suggested, please do not do that. Um, are you going to set there and apologize to the, to the, the, the police officer or are you going to just make excuses? He’s not gonna want to hear excuses. There’s not very many excuses that are going to get through it.

I mean, I mean, no, uh, like you, you can’t eat, you can’t just make excuses your entire life. Right now, there is a, a power tumbler or she may be a gymnast. I’m not, I’m not quite sure exactly what she competed in, but she is completely legless. She from her hips down, um, is, is gone. So she, she is a tumbler and, and it’s amazing because I’ve watched videos on her. Her name is, her name is Jen Bricker. Um, and you know, she, she was born and then her parents gave her up for adoption because of how she was born. Um, and then she got with, Tulsa Cheerleading , the family that she’s was adopted by and they made sure that she stayed positive, that she knew that Kant was, and I’ve heard her speak before, can’t, was not a word that she was ever allowed to use.

And we have, we have tumblers who have all five fingers, five fingers, all 10 fingers. I’ll all 10 toes, both legs, both arms, both hands, everything is physically fine, but they tend to make excuses whenever they, they really shouldn’t be. Jen Breaker could have made so many excuses to why she couldn’t become who she is today. Now she’s the ultimate excuse. She has been, she has, she holds metals. Yeah. She is beating people cause she puts in the work. Yeah. And, and now she writes books and she goes in, speaks. Um, and it’s just an amazing story. I encourage you to look up Jim Bricker. Um, but you know, look at what life that the cards that life dealt her, and then look at the cards that life has dealt you as an individual.

Now Colton, Tulsa Cheerleading , what are some common excuses you hear throughout our busy schedule?

Uh, well the big one is the floor. Um, if it’s not, if it’s not a spring floor, I would say 20 or 30% of our kids don’t want to tumble on the hard floor. Uh, Ma, uh, most of the kids we work with our high school students or middle school, so they have to, um, but they still don’t like it. They still complain about it. Yeah.

And even if it is a spring floor, you might hear some athletes of all, it’s, it’s a stiff spring floor. It all comes down to technique.

It doesn’t matter what your tumbling on. If you’re doing a certain amount of technique, you’re going to be fine on no matter what surface around lead Kimble and concrete. I prided myself on being able to throw the majority of passes I could throw on spring floor. I could throw on concrete or hard floor. Yeah. I mean if, you know, if you know where twist and shout is now, that used to be cheered dynamics. They used to be CDX. That’s where we did our all star, uh, you know, con competing as a kids. Um, and we would go down to the sonic that’s like right below and tumble right there in their byline. I would record rusty and uh, sitting in trouble. The, our coating it just, just to be a jerk. But uh, and then he had rescued, get, get in trouble. But um, anyway, you know, that makes you versatile that that means that you’re, you’re not making excuses whatever you’re dealing with.

We’ve also heard, you know, I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good. Uh, I woke up early this morning. Um, we don’t have a lot of sympathy for anybody who comes in with that attitude because there are days and every parent out there knows this. There are days where you have to wake up. You don’t feel good. You have to go to work, you got to make money. You got to stay on that path. The positivity, we are up doing a 4:00 AM podcast when ducks and screamed all night. So I didn’t get any sleep. I’m having pulled an all nighter in a long time. I woke up at three 30, it went and picked rusty up. And then we’re, we’re here at our gym bright and early before the sun even comes up. We’ve got construction workers around us. We’ve got, uh, we’ve got all kinds of businesses around us and we’re the first ones here.

And we usually are. That’s just how it goes. And like I said, we don’t, it’s hard for us to have sympathy, especially if a kid doesn’t have a doctor’s note and it’s a, I’m going to sit on tumbling just because of my back hurts. Um, there’s not a single day since I broke my neck that I’ve woken up pain free. And, and the job we do where we’re lifting kids 24 seven with how often we do in the gym. Um, yeah, I deal with pain on a daily basis, but I never miss work because of that. Yeah. And we, and we’re constantly finding new parts of our bodies that are hurting like my heck. I feel like I’m like an old man, but my hip out of nowhere just started killing me recently. My left hip and then, and then, yeah. And then, uh, I found that I’d been getting cramps and it’s just like, oh, that’s, but it got pushed through it. The reason why he’s because kids are coming at us at like 15 miles an hour and um, they’re expecting us to catch them. So that’s our job. So as a tumbler, as a high school athlete, you’re job is to go to school, do your, your homework, make good grades, and do your part and on your cheer squad. And your part is to work as hard as you can. That’s going to bring the best outcome for your, you, yourself and also your, uh, your teammates. Successful teams

are the teams that have almost a squad full of well rounded athletes. If you have well rounded athletes that can do every aspect of cheer, it’s very easy to be sick.

Yeah. In today’s crazy world, you know, everyone’s dealing with race, uh, gender. Um, I guess it’s privilege now. Um, tumbling doesn’t care about that. I have seen athletes who are, um, I guess you’d say wealthy. Um, and, but whenever it comes to attitude and skill and getting new skills, they’re not, they’re not getting there. But then we have athletes. Um, we’ve seen athletes who are, don’t have a lot of money. They’re coming in and they’re working, they’re volunteering hours to come work at our gym so that they can, they can just get enough time to come in and tumble.

Or my favorite athletes are the ones who are paying for their own tumbling. When an athlete is having to work and not spend time with their friends. Yeah. Just for money to go spend on tumbling. Um, they cherish every minute of that 30 minute private or our private

I n n shout out to, uh, a guy who I’ve worked with for probably a year now. Um, his dad was a police officer and, uh, so God bless that family. They, they lost, he lost, he lost his life right in the middle of duty. Um, and, uh, because of that, um, this athlete got money, you know, from, from his dad, his dad’s passing, um, life insurance and, uh, he’s kind of the man of the house. So he’s having to help. He’s happened to work. He works three jobs. He’s also a, um, he’s in the military. He’s, he’s doing, um, Nate that the national guard, so he’s going in once a month, uh, and, and serving our country, but he’s also working two other jobs and he’s using that money that he got from his, uh, his dad’s life insurance to put himself through tumbling and, and keep himself going. Um, and that’s just one of the things that he’s able to do for himself because he’s doing everything else for the rest of his family because he’s the man of the house now. So, uh, Nana, God bless his family because, um, we, we appreciate their service is father service and, and their family service to our, our city. So anyway, you know, people can make excuses all day long. Um, the guy I just brought up being a could make any excuses that he, that was a really crappy situation. Okay.

But his athletes who are pushing through and not making excuses, these are going to be the athletes that are going to be successful as the older. Yeah. It

was successful in college or successful in their own business, um, and, and going places. And I tell kids all the time, when I see, when I see like an aspect, I see a uh, uh, a trait that is like a leadership trait. I pointed out to them and I tell him, listen, that is going to take you far. Do not lose that. You’re not lose that. And I can’t stress that enough to him because uh, you’ll see athletes who are, um, who are good at tumbling. Um, but they don’t have those traits. They don’t, they don’t have the desire to keep pushing. Um, and unfortunately sometimes that reflects into their adult life. So if you are interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company or Colin Rusty, you can Google. Nope, nope, not Google. I can Google. You can Google, but that’s not my part. I’m not supposed to say that. You can, you can go to our website. It’s justice tumbling co.com or call the third, the Cunard. Google us. Leave us that objective. Google review. Let us know how we’re doing. Or you can find us on our social media is on Facebook and Instagram. The Graham, there’s what I heard, I heard Caitlin call it that one. That the Graham, uh, anyway, we will see you next time on Tulsa Tumble tots,

justice tumbling company. [inaudible].