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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, now today we’re going to be talking about tumbling coaching as a career. Um, this is near and dear to our hearts for obvious reasons. Um, but we wanted to make a podcast about it because we want to show our athletes that there is a second option because not everybody wants to go to college. And even then, even if you do go to college, this is still something you can always fall back on.

Absolutely. tulsa cheerleading, Colton, do you have another second job? I don’t. This is, this is it. How about you man? Colton, this is our, our main income. This is our career. This is what we are dark. They do, they do other status to our wives do have other jobs. But, but

whenever it comes to, uh, the, uh, tumbling bro, what would it tumbled? Tumbled, humble. What was it? Whoa, whoa. The flipper. Brewskies that’s, that’s what we had someone referred to us as the, uh, the, the duo. That is the flipper. Brewskies. Anyway, when it comes to us, this is all we do and it’s what we love to do. I can, I can spend, tulsa cheerleading, six, seven, eight hours in our gym doing tumbling and as I’ll be the first to tell you it is exhausting. You know, it takes a lot of work, um, flipping kids over, but

it is fun. Yeah. It’s our passion. You lose track of time in the gym. You for I forget to eat on a daily basis. Whenever we’ve gone to like our Missouri camps,

they are eight hours long, but it’s the quickest eight hours ever. Um, and it’s, it’s just because we love what we do. We have both gone to college, um, and we both left college earlier than we were supposed to do it earlier. There’s a word for that drop out,

planned on going to college. But I did have my all star coach say I at least have to give college cheer. A truck

are going up. It was like, uh, in high school, every single teacher was like pushing college. Like it was a cult or something. Like if you don’t go to college, you’re going to die. You’re, you’re, yeah, you’re going to be unsuccessful and, and we want our athletes to know that that is not the case. Um, we do encourage you to go to college. We want you to try it out. But tulsa cheerleading, say you go to college and it doesn’t work out for you, we want to tell you that there is another option if you

absolutely, I want it to be exactly. I think every athlete, if you’re passionate about cheer and you want to try one year of college cheer alleys, yeah, it is a fun and different aspect of cheer than anything. Even high school or all star. So getting out there and trying that, seeing if colleges for you, but then like Holden said, if not, have something else that you can do. We want to be able to train great tumbling coaches here out justice, tumbling. Um, we want people to be able to make this their career as well.

And, and it’s coming to the point where we had, we’ve seen so many schools that we go to and we don’t encourage it. We don’t encourage athletes to spot other athletes. We don’t encourage parents to spot their athletes, uh, brothers and sisters to spot athletes. We don’t encourage it, but we see that there is like a, a growing drive for individual athletes who like want to learn and they ask, you know, they ask questions and we are willing to teach you. We’re willing to take some time and give you the knowledge. Um, we want justice tumbling company to eventually be a, uh, a franchise so that if you’re interested in starting your own gym someplace else, um, you know, you’re able to do that and you can start it through us and, tulsa cheerleading, and you can run your own tumbling gym where we’re doing all the hard work for you. Taking all the falls were, were, you know, smoothing out the, the process and then being able to hand over franchises over to, to our athletes. We want to see that. We want kids to get in here and learn how to spot.

Absolutely. Coaching, um, coaching, tumbling, coaching, cheerleading. It is a grind. It is a hard job. Um, I’ve been doing this for eight years now and friends, family, it, it took a while for them to realize it is a job. It’s not just, Oh, you can’t just take off because you’re just a couch. No, that’s not how it works. I have at least five parents I have to call if I want to take the day off. Yeah. Because then you’re trying to reschedule everything.

Cheers schools, you know, things like that. And we don’t have like, uh, a regular schedule where we do the same thing every day. Uh, every day it’s different. So we might have to wake up at four o’clock in the morning and do some politics podcast. We might have to, which is part of our business, you know? Um, and, uh, we might have to wake up and go to a school and be there at six o’clock in the morning, um, and then work with them. And then we have a few hours before we can get some privates in. And then we’re doing privates and then we’ve got classes and then our classes go from five to eight, and then afterwards we got privates again. So our, our day gets along and drawn out. Um, but it is the most reward. I’d done construction. I’ve been in the military. I’ve, uh, I’ve made pizzas at pizza shop in Bixby, Oklahoma.

I know you did do. Um, you know, I’ve worked other jobs and whenever it comes to this one, this is where my heart is and you can make a lot of money doing it. You, it, like you said, it’s a grind. It’s something that you have to work towards. But you know, whenever, whenever we, I tell people, oh yeah, I’m a tumbling coach. It’s a little better now cause we own our own gym. So I can say I own my own business. But, um, like when you, when people are like, yeah, what do you do? I’m a, I’m a tumbling coach. I’ve flipped kids. Uh, and uh, it’s, they always look at you funny, but there’s a lot of money that can be made because, um, I mean it’s something that’s never gonna go away. Parents, there’s always going to be school. There’s always going to be all star. There’s always going to be kids needing to get these skills. And uh, and my bias opinion, I think that cheerleading is the hardest, most difficult sport there is. And it takes a lot of one on one coaching or like class coaching too, to get those skills, not something kids just get on their own and do it properly. Yeah.

Coaching is something that I, machine will never take a job. My Gosh, no, it can’t coach for you can’t live there. Might be able to flip some burgers, but they’re not going to be able to flip some kids. So it’s a lot like having clients. If you’re a hairstylist or you cut hair, you have to build up a clientele. So you can’t, you gotta be a good coach, but you also have to be a decent person. I mean, you have to be somebody that these people want to bring their kids to you two, three times a week, you’re going to be on these kids lives a lot. So it goes past coaching. It is more of a mentoring, um, just like teachers have to deal with. It’s a lot more than just teaching. You’re dealing with young minds, young, young athletes and trying to mold them into great adults.

And not to downplay teachers by any means. But I know that my tumbling coaches, my cheerleading coach made much more of an impact on me than any of my coach. My teachers in high school, I think I can remember.

I can remember one coach bird. Did you have coach Berg? I don’t remember. He was, he was science. I didn’t ever care for school.

I, and he’s, I mean, he’s the only one that really stood out to me. Um, and uh, and he was my favorite teacher. Um, but whenever it comes to like life lessons, I learned those from my cheerleading coaches and I’ve said it on this, on our program before. And I’ll say it again. I would not be the military guy that I, I would not have been able to make it through the military had I not gone through cheerleading and, and worked with the coaches and had, had the people screaming in my face to prepare me for what I was going to deal with.

Yeah. I remember every skill I learned like standing full Gabriel morality. It’s like exactly who taught me each skill and like what went into getting me that skill. Yeah.

And, and the, the hours and hours of hard work that you’re spending on that skill, you’re also spinning that many hours with a coach and getting to know them personally. And I’m telling you, if, if you have any desire to work with kids as a teacher, um, or you have any desire to work with kids at all, this is it an amazing job. And, um, it’s, it’s something, I will do this for the rest of my life and I love it. I love every minute of it.

We love our jobs and we want people to, if they have that passion, wanting to get in the same thing. So if we’re at your school or if you’re out one of our classes and you are interested in, or you think you might be interested in coaching down the line, um, talk to us about it. Ask us about tips about spotting. Not that you should be spotting your friends, but that way when you do get to that age, you can give it a try, come volunteer, you can shadow somebody, watch how we do things. Um, we do weekly trainings. The sport of cheer and tumbling is always evolving, so we always want to be evolving with it. Um, so any coach we have that are going to have weekly trainings anyways, so we’re used to having to train coaches. Yeah.

And, and you know, if, if we, we’ve got tinies, we’ve got beginners, we’ve got novice. I mean those are the perfect times four. And if you have an hs, like we’ll even give you hours for that. Like if that’s what it takes. Um, we want you guys to see that there is a need for good coaches. Too many times in this industry. Um, coach coaches who have never tumbled before in their life, like did basketball, but now they’re two, now they’re tumbling coaches. Just weird. Anyway, um, uh, we, we want to get people in who are coaching, who are good coaches, not just, um, looking to, to make, uh, uh, you know, a living, but also love what they’re doing and love, love doing it. Um, so if you guys do want to volunteer and get some time and we’ll give you those NHS hours, um, or, you know, we’ll figure something out. Just ask us. We’d, we’d love to work with you guys. Um, and we know it’s not for everybody, but uh, there are those three ways to spot every skill and we’ve kind of gone over that. Um, but it’s, I don’t, don’t try it on your own, but we would love to work with you and a, and it wouldn’t cost you anything. So if you’re interested in finding out more about us, justice tumbling company, or rusty and Colton, you can check out our website justice tumbling co.com

or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if you have a Google account, you can leave us an objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing.

Let’s see you next time on toast. Time to talk with justice tumbling company. [inaudible].