Episode #44 – Weekly Update – 5

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right. Now today is weekly update number five. We’re going to be going over our weekly experiences and kind of give you an idea of what’s going on in the world of justice tumbling company.

Yes. At our schools we’re either dealing with two things. It’s a tryout season. It’s either tryout season or a stunt. The sport, either one, a trial. This is the busy time for privates. Our classes are filling up people coming in and trying to get new skills and remember when going for skills, that trial to make sure you’re throwing them safely. Make sure it’s something you’ve practiced. Don’t just go and check it as don’t Yo. This is one situation to not Yolo it. I love what he say that it’s funny. Get some reps and that way you’re a confident going into tryouts and they can actually be a fun experience instead of a stress.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Okay. So, and something that a bunch of coaches have talked to us about is how, you know, kids will come and they’ll throw all these, um, skills at tryouts and then whenever it comes to doing them after tryouts, you know, after all the stress and the pressure is down, they’re not throwing those same skills. Cashers there you go. Yeah. They, they, they get in there and they, uh, they, you know, get these skills, work hard on the skills. Um, and then whenever it comes to actually throwing them for routine, the coaches can’t even put it in the routine because they don’t have it anymore. So it makes sure you’re working year round. Um, you can see our podcast preparing for tryouts will kind of give you an idea and go into a little bit more insight about that. And then there’s stunt. And in the sport of stunt, you know, it’s very, very detailed with technique, sharpness, presence, uniformity. You know, these things are key. Uh, subjects of the sport of stunt. Um, so it’s not, they’re not really looking for some all out crazy tumbling or, uh, pyramids or anything like that. It’s, it’s just sharpness and cleanest and or cleanly cleanliness and who can do it better.

Making sure everyone looks the same identical. You do not want to stand out and stunt the sport. So when we’ve been going to the schools who are preparing for that, it’s, I’m really going back to even the basic skills and drilling stickin stand, making sure we’re going at the same time. Um, breaking the bad habits of people who have to step into everything are screwed into everything because that’s not what the coaches looking for,

especially for the finish that you’re talking about. Scooting and stepping into skills. Same thing for finishing those skills. So many gymnast’s so many all star athletes, you know, they’re used to doing that, that they either step back or the big, big pop, um, with both feet and instant. It’s x’s for both. You don’t want either of those. You want to stick, stand and show that strength in your tumbling

and timing with, with the other people. Um, so going back and really working on timing and clean.

Yup. And so that’s a perfect time to bring up that, you know, we are tumbling coaches and this are our company is called justice tumbling company, but we are not just tumbling coaches. We do everything, um, cheer related. And so if you are looking for someone to come and help out with stunt at your school or um, you know, do like a little clinic at your school for tryouts, we will, we would love to do that for, um, actually your first time is free for us to come to your school. So, um, what better time to do that then? Now right before tryouts, right before stunts

it started. Amen. Amen. So talking about cleaning up the tumbling, a lot of people having issues with sticking in, standing, staying in one spot. Um, can you touch on sticking in standing a little bit?

So it’s all about the finish. We’ve, we’ve done podcasts about, uh, the three parts of every skill. And it’s important to remember that that finish is probably the, I mean, definitely, probably the most important part. If you’re, if you’re missing step one, you’re not going to get step two. If you’re missing step two, you’re not going to get to step up

three. But anybody can try a scope, but it does not mean that they’re going to land. Right? Right. And then that finishing part of that skill is, um, where we see the most injuries we see,

um, that’s where blocks come in. A, it’s really important that you finished that skill properly. And so if you’re working with a, a tumbling coach outside of your school, make sure that you’re there. They’re not only telling you, but you’re just remembering, okay, I’m just going to stick and stay on every single pass I throw today. Make sure that’s like a priority for you.

Yes. And a lot of the, even advanced athletes were having issues with sticking in, standing back handsprings, which I mean, you’re trained a lot of the time to get power to do another skill. Out of the back hand spring. Um, so a lot of people get used to snapping in their feed through with their chest behind him, which is great when you’re building up power. But if you’re just doing a backhand spring sticking stand or to backhand springs sticking stand the very basic of what they’re looking for, the lower levels of stunt, then you have to go longer in your backhand springing almost absorbed through your toes. That way you don’t have that over rotation power in justice, tumbling company,

we make sure that whether it’s standing or running, we always teach to rebound after every skill. Now, um, whenever it comes to routines and choreography, that’s not what judges want to see. They don’t want to see round off back handspring, back handspring, rebound. They don’t want us to do. You get 10 feet, they don’t want to see your power. They want to see your strength to hold that. So if you’re working with me, if you’re working with rusty, if we’re coming to your school or if you don’t work with any of us and you work with a different coach, just set there and say, listen, um, I know we’re supposed to be rebounding, but let’s practice on sticking Stan because it’s a lot easier to have a clean rebound every single time and then bring it down a notch. It’s a lot easier to do that then to have to always stick and stand and then have to bring it up a notch and say, listen, where there’s just not enough power for you to throw that next skill.

So make sure you are rebounding after every tumbling pass. But whenever you’re preparing for these routines, repairing for stunt, that you are sticking, standing in your practicing that man, I like it. All right. Um, is there anything coming up at justice tumbling and that people should look for? There is. You got to check out our team, our cupid’s clinic. This is our first one. Um, and that’s something that we’ll be bringing back. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s kind of, um, it’s kind of other people’s chance to take, take an inside look at what tumbling is all about. So you get, don’t have to have any or they don’t know. No, absolutely not. They, you, um, we, we say on our flyer that it’s for, uh, it’s for couples, but it doesn’t have to be for couples. We’ve got, uh, we’ve got, uh, a young girl who’s going to bring her dad.

Uh, and she’s really excited about that. Um, but you know, we’re gonna get to eat pizza halfway in. We’re gonna have some drinks. We’re just going to have a lot of funds, music, um, and kind of watch these, these newer peep, these newer faces come in and kind of see what tumbling is all about. Yeah. We’ll, uh, we’ll spot your boyfriend. We don’t care. Oh, no, no, no. Absolutely. Absolutely. We were looking forward to it. I think they’ll find that, um, tumbling is, um, is a much harder sport than they, than they expected it to be. Oh, absolutely. Um, is there anything over spring break coming up? Yeah. So we’ve got this big spring break camp coming up. So it’s, it’s going to be three days and then on the last day, so it’s, uh, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of spring break. And then on Friday we’re going to do an awesome lockin.

We’re going to have popcorn, we’re going to have movies, we’re going to have games. Um, and the lock in is, is free. That comes with the, with the, uh, actual purchase of the camp. Um, and, uh, and so it’s gonna be a blast. We’re looking forward to that. The first ever justice tumbling along. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Exciting. Now this podcast has been pretty positive, right? And, and, uh, something I do want to touch on is a little negative thing that we’ve had to deal with. Um, and unfortunately, uh, it’s something that happens and it will, it will happen again. And we, we just got to keep pushing forward. Um, we had to have a sit down, talk with one of our schools, um, about attitude. Now you’ve, we’ve, you’ve heard our podcast about attitude, um, and this kind of reiterate that, but they didn’t listen to it.

They didn’t listen to that podcast, you can go. Um, we, we showed up and we were ready to work. We drive a long way to get to, to work with them. And whenever we got there one day, it was just like, nope. I think out of the entire group, two of them were actually willing to work. Um, listen, we want you to want to work with us because we love working with you guys. Uh, and, and so whenever we come and we drive that long distance and we make, they take that time away from our families to come work with you. Just be 100%. Be there all like, be all there. No phone time. No sneaking away to the bathroom. Just focus on you because that’s what we’re there to focus on.

Yeah. It’s like you said, we love every athlete we work with. So it’s, it is hard when you run into a situation like this, it comes down to comfortability almost. Um, they get so used to having us that it’s almost, they take it for granted. Yeah. But then when we go to Missouri or we have people driving from Missouri to do privates or do our classes, um, these people are driving that distance because they don’t get that kind of coaching where they’re at. Yeah. So it’s something they definitely don’t take it for granted. When somebody comes to that far, they spend every second through in that gym. They want to be working. Cause they did drive that far just for that. Oh yeah. So it comes down to comfortability thing. So we always want our athletes to have that drive to get better. Cause we’re always driven and always wanting to get better. Yeah.

And we want you to be comfortable with us. You know, we, we want you to feel like we’re, we’re family, but we don’t want you to get complacent. We don’t want you to, to see, oh, you know, they’re, they’re coming in. It’s just gonna be another day. Um, and then whenever we’re trying to focus on getting you new skills, if that attitude is not there, it’s not going to happen. Um, and so when our last a weekly update we told you about our Missouri camp, it went well. It was a big hit. We had more than we’ve ever had before. I’m signing up for it. And then we had more than ever before contact us about, you know, getting into our gym here in Tulsa. So we drove three hours to go see them. Now they’re wanting to drive three hours to come see us. So that’s a pretty good turnaround.

It’s been fun. It’s a great group of kid. It’s a great group of kids. It’s always great to see new faces and get to meet new athletes.

[inaudible] the parents are always kind of stick around and, and kind of talk with us. And uh, we love meeting new faces, new parents, new faces, you know, uh, we can’t wait for the next one. Um, so with that being said, we love all of our athletes and, and the only reason why we bring that up is just because it’s something that we had to deal with and we, we want to be transparent here at justice. We want you guys to know what’s going on and, and um, uh, just make sure that you, you guys are 100% on everything you’re doing. If tumbling is not where you want to be, if you, if you wake up, you dread going the tumbling, you know, as, as much as, I hate to say it, maybe you need to take a year off, maybe you need to find something else and then recalibrate and then come back and see if that’s something that you still want to do because we don’t want you to waste your time. Um, cause you know there’s four, four years of high school. That’s it. That’s all you get. So if you’re in those four years of high school and you’re doing something that you hate, what’s the point? What’s the point? So anyway, if you are interested in hearing or finding out more about us justice, tumbling company or myself and rusty, you can look us up on our website. It’s just a stumbling co.com

or you can find us on our social media, on Facebook and Instagram. And if you have a Google account, you can leave us an objective Google review revere to let us know how we’re doing.

We’ll be seeing you next time on Tulsa tumble top with yes, this company. Y’all come back now you’re here.