Core Values: F.L.I.P.


Welcome Home
We see family as so much more than its basic definition. It takes lots love, trust, and compassion to make a family. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Justice Tumbling Company. You’re not just a guest, you’re family.


Making A Positive Impact
As a parent, you’re always having to look out for the world’s negative influences on your child. That’s why at Justice Tumbling Company, we not only train athletes how to tumble, we train athletes to be the best that they can be in real life situations.


Our Word Is Our Bond
Honest, Moral, Virtuous; Words like these aren’t used very often to describe companies anymore. Especially in the cheerleading industry. We vow, that you will find Justice Tumbling Company sets the standard for integrity.


Well, Some Would Call It An Obsession
At Justice Tumbling Company, we’re doing exactly what we love to do; teaching tumbling and helping kids become strong, confident young adults. From four in the morning to nine at night, our dedicated, slightly obsessed coaches eat, sleep, dream, and breathe tumbling.

At Justice Tumbling Company, we’re not just a gym, we’re a family. From our friendly staff and cozy lounge, to our top of the line equipment and training techniques, you’ll feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door. Our stress free atmosphere provides the perfect learning environment for athletes to be able to focus on their own skills while gaining self-confidence. We know that tumbling is more than just a physical sport, it’s a mental mountain that every athlete must conquer within themselves. We use the drills and techniques that will prepare your athlete at the appropriate pace so that they have the confidence needed to achieve new skills and strive for the next. We started Justice Tumbling Company because we’ve seen tumbling classes get neglected and pushed aside. We’ve seen proper technique ignored, putting athletes at risk of injury. We’ve seen mental blocks ruin lives from skills being pushed too quickly. We’ve seen injustice and we stand against it.

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At Justice Tumbling Company, we teach in ways that are fun and that kids can understand.

For instance, building your tumbling like building a house


The foundation is the basic technique for every skill and definitely the most important part. In this step of “building your house”, we focus on stretching, making habits of proper warm ups and body positions, and helping athletes gain the confidence it takes to throw the skill they are working on. The foundation should never be washed away (FORGOTTEN) or else the house will crumble.


The walls are the framework for every skill. At this step of “building your house”, we introduce drills and spotting to guide the athlete into the proper body positions needed for the skill they are trying to achieve. With purpose driven training, the athlete will be gaining the confidence needed to begin working without a spot. The walls are load-bearing, meaning they must have the ability to support the weight of the roof. Without the walls, the house will cave.


The roof is the mastering of every skill to keep athletes safe for longevity and growth. This step of “building your house” is filled with countless hours of continuous training. Even if the athlete is throwing the skill on their own without a spot, we must master each skill by honing every detail of it. The roof provides protection through the continuous training of their skills and the experience that creates a well rounded athlete. Without the roof, the house is exposed but if the proper foundation and framing is in place, the house can easily be rebuilt.


The front door is the last to be added to the house and consists of the athletes individual style. This step of “building your house” is the individuality each athlete carries within their tumbling. The front door is what makes the house a home and brings character to the tumbling pass by adding specialty skills for flair and presence.

Rusty Bratzler


Rusty is a follower of Christ, a husband to his wife, a father, and a full time tumbling coach.
He found his passion for tumbling at a very young age. From gymnastics to cheerleading, his life revolved around being in the gym. His cheerleading career started in middle school and carried him through high school at Bixby, five years at Cheer Dynamix All-Stars, and a scholarship to UCO. Through Rusty’s cheerleading career, he has won multiple Regional, State, and National titles, as well as All-Region, All-State, and NCA All-American. Rusty was also given full paid bids to compete at Worlds three times thought it his time as an all-star cheerleader.Rusty has since found a new passion in coaching and spotting tumbling. Since 2010, life has revolved around bringing that same passion he has for tumbling to athletes all over the country.

Hobbies: Movie nights with Caitlin, collecting action figures, reading comics, playing poker
Favorite Superhero: Daredevil

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