If you are looking for the best Tulsa tumbling experience around, then look no further than Justice Tumbling Company. Here at Justice Tumbling Company there’s a class to fit everybody’s needs. Whether you are a Allstar cheerleader, school cheerleader, or recreational tumbler we have a class that would be great for you. We have two categories of classes to choose from. There are general tumbling classes that are divided up by skill level and there are specialty classes that have a variety of different options to choose from. If in a general class your athlete will be evaluated to move onto the next class. To move onto the next class you not only have to be able to do the skills required you must to the skills required to the Justice Tumbling Company standard. That means to test out of a class you must be doing the skills required with the proper technique required to do the more advanced skills. We never want parents or kids to think we are holding them back. We at Justice Tumbling Company care about your athlete and want what’s best for their long term tumbling careers!



This is more of a supervised open tumblng where athletes have access to any equipment in the gym. It is staffed to where a coach should be setting up drills per athlete and spotting where needed. OPEN GYMS are great for a athlete who just needs to get extra conditioning or extra reps in on a certain skill. You get a free OPEN GYM when you enroll in one of our awesome Silver or Gold memberships or you can pay the walk in fee of fifteen dollars.

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Monday – Friday – 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Saturday – 12:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Sunday – Closed

*Disclaimer – Times do not reflect scheduled private lesson times

General Tumbling

Tiny Tumbling

Ages 3-6. This class takes place in our pre school area where we have a trampoline and other skill building mats designated just for our tiny Tulsa tumblers. Tiny Tumbling In tiny tumbling you will be learning the fundamentals of tumbling. This class is designed for the athletes to have fun while learning body shapes and conditioning needed for basic tumbling skills. In this class you will learn handstands, cartwheels, backbend kickovers, and forward and backward rolls.


Beginner Tumbling

The age group for this class can be anywhere from seven to eighteen years old. Beginner tumblers will alternate between working on the air floor, spring floor, and wedge mat (cheese mat). This class is designed to build and perfect the basic skills needed in tumbling. A lot of parents are hesitant to put their athlete in a beginner class because they feel their athlete is more advanced than this class. We consider this to be one of our most important classes because everything learned in this class will be the building blocks for their entire tumbling career. In this class you will be learning round offs, front limbers, back walkovers, and start going over drills and technique for back handsprings.


Novice Tumbling

The age group for this class can be anywhere from seven to eighteen years old. Novice tumblers will alternate between working on the spring floor, air floor, and wedge mat (cheese mat). The main focus of this class is to build strong back handsprings. Athletes will work on running and standing tumbling. Standing tumbling you will work on back handspring and back handspring series. Running tumbling you will work on front walkover, back handspring, and series of back handsprings. You will also start working drills for tucks in Novice Tumbling.


Intermediate Tumbling

The age group for this class can be anywhere from seven to eighteen years old. Intermediate class will alternate between working on the spring floor and air floor. In this class you will work running and standing tumbling where you start learning flipping skills with no hands. Running tumbling will focus on round off tuck, round off back handspring tuck, punch front, and starting drills for layouts. Standing tumbling will focus on standing tucks and series to tuck.


Advanced Tumbling

The age group for this class can be anywhere from seven to eighteen years old. Advanced class will alternate between working on the spring floor and air floor. There is a lot to learn in advanced class but if you have mastered all the skills following our curriculum these more elite skills should come naturally. The running tumbling in this class will consist layouts, fulls, doubles, whips, arabians, and punch front step outs. Standing tumbling will be standing series to full, standing full, cartwheel full, and toe touch back/full.

Specialty Classes

Hardfloor Tumbling

Hardfloor Tumbling is for athletes who are interested in school and college cheer. This class will take place entirely on the hardfloor or what some call “dead mat”. In this class we drill the importance of technique because without any spring to help complete skills you must rely on strong technique to complete skill on the hardfloor. We also focus on conditioning of ankles and knees more since there is just a thin mat between the athlete and concrete.


Stunt Class – $15

Added because of popular demand! This class will focus on both coed stunting and group stunting. Bring in your stunt group to work on that stunt that is struggling or we will piece stunt groups together the best we can. In this class you can work group stunting, coed stunting, and basket tosses. At the end bases and backspots will condition arms to help hold the stunt in the air while flyers work on their flexibility.