Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right and we’re back for another weekly update. This is weekly update 15. We’re going to be going over some things that have changed throughout the week, maybe with the justice family, uh, new things coming. Um, and uh, kind of give you some insight on things that we’ve seen in privates or classes that uh, hopefully we’ll uh, give, give you a second thought or a second look at how you may be tumbling or the attitude that you might have.

Yes. With a may coming up, we will have a new schedule coming out. Uh, we had the added Katana’s to the schedule. Um, Hannah’s going to be helping out a little bit more. Um, so we are going to be adding new classes or keep your eyes on the schedule because there will be some small changes. Jenks tumbling lessons, some of the changes in that are we’re adding some new classes and new classes. We’ve had some parents ask for some a jump and stretch class. So [inaudible] and Hannah will be coaching a jump and stretch class. Um, could ANA’s as a lot of job knowledge has jumps are definitely better than mine. Um, which is crazy because when I first met him, he couldn’t jump at all. So be looking for that class, enroll in that class. If you are trying to get your jumps level or by your ears, um, they will definitely help you out.

And then Hannah is, is going to be doing a portion and that very same class for just stretching. So, Jenks tumbling lessons, [inaudible] we’ll be doing the jumps and Hannah will be doing the stretches and a, and so whether you’re a flyer or you just need to get more flexible, which everybody really, really means that, um, sign up for that class because it’s going to be a lot of help and it’s gonna be a lot of fun as well. Also, uh, we’ve been asked and asked and asked from parents with younger boys and maybe younger girls, uh, for a Ninja class. And so with [inaudible] on the schedule, we’re able to put that in India class in and a, and it’s, I think it’s going to be, oh, it’s going to be a big hit.

Yes. And the underclasses and necessarily a tumbling class. They might do some sort of flips, but it’s definitely different flips than what most of our cloud stories too. It’ll be like wall flips, jumping over mats. I’m setting up obstacle courses. The ultimate Ninja Warrior stuff could on back at his old gym. How to Ninja Warrior class. That was very good. Jenks tumbling lessons, we’ve had people asking for ones or we’re going to put it in there. Um, it is different. It is fun. So if you have a boy or a girl that wants to give it a try, just to throw a minute,

it’s, it’s, it’s, you know, it’s not set up for cheerleaders. People who have cheered before or who aren’t cheering, it’s more set up for like an introduction to what, what we want and body with body control. Um, you know, little boys, they, they’ll flip over couches and stuff like that, but we were able to teach them how to do that properly, how to, how to, how to flip over couches properly, how to flip over, you know, mats and stuff. And if they, if they feel like they’re about to fall, how to properly fall, how to roll out of it. Jenks tumbling lessons, and it just gives them a good, good foundation for body control. And then if they do decide that they want to do back flips and backhand springs and things like that, then they can always jump into our beginner class. Um, or, you know, depending on how far they are, they could jump into, in the novice. So, um, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. My boys, I know every time they’re up there, they’re always asking for an NGO class, so there’ll be in that class too. And uh, and it’s just going to, I think it’s going to be a lot. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

I was about to say, I can wait until dark.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So anyway, get in that class, it’s going to fill up quick. That’s something that’s cool about our, our may schedule. Every time a new schedule comes out, we, we’ve never really been in the position where we have to take a class away or we’re like, oh, there’s not enough kids in that class. Um, we’re always adding new classes. So if, if you’re enrolled in a class and that class is full, or even if that class isn’t full, we’re not going to be taking away your classes. Your class will still stay the same. Um, uh, of course unless you have a graduated up to the next level, then, uh, you know, there’s going to be a couple other different hours throughout the day, throughout the day. Um, that you might have to come in, uh, that’s different from where you had been. So just keep that in mind.

Also, just a reminder, starting in May, um, your first two weeks is only a dollar. We do that because we really want you to get an idea of our character. You know, most gyms around the area is only offering like one hour for free or something like that. But with us, we want you to um, get kind of get the feel of our gym, um, get the feel of our lounge and, and how we run our classes and of course our coaches and a and that way you can really make an informed decision on whether you want to stick it out with us, um, or not. So, uh, we, we, we’d love to get more people in and uh, all you gotta do is call our office. If you want to get in or email us and a, and we’ll get you in. We’ll get you in your classes.

Yes. And if there was a clause thought was full, call the front desk and see with Codonics being on the schedule we have added them to some classes, which means we can add kids to some classes. I’m not every class. So make sure you call the front desk and find out if there are any openings in these classes.

Yes. And that number is nine one eight seven six four eight, eight oh four. Um, our lovely ladies at the desk. We’ll take good care of you, make sure that you’re in the right class and uh, and that you know all the information about the class. And so anyway, we are looking forward to seeing you now. Something that I do want to bring up. We have, we, we have a podcast over it about your attitude, your future. Um, it’s one of our earlier podcasts, but we wanted to kind of reiterate and spend the last half of this weekly update talking about attitude cause we, we see all kinds of attitudes coming into the gym and believe it or not, the kid with the better attitudes are the ones that are getting better.

Absolutely. Especially with trials being this week for some schools. Um, and with it coming up, leading up to this week, um, we’ve run into that with a lot of athletes, just kids stressing more than just coming in and having fun and trying to better their skills. Jenks tumbling lessons, when you stress, when your attitude is bad, it makes everything a million times harder, tumbling such a mental sport. But if you come into it not mentally prepared, um, it’s hard to progress.

And it’s so hard to see kids who are frustrated tumbling because like rusty said, there is no progression. There’s just recession and it just, it, I mean for that day it just goes down and down and down. And so we’ve also had podcasts about, um, about bad tumbling days and that’s a thing that’s, that happens. Jenks tumbling lessons, but if you have a positive attitude, you’ll have less of those.

Absolutely. And if you are having a negative attitude at a cost of eight people, one negative attitude can affect the whole class.

Let’s that one bad apple, uh, saying it, it’s so true

because that’s usually how it goes in class. If one could get some new skill, everybody’s hungry for a new skill, but if one kid is just having a terrible day or a terrible attitude kind of rubs off on everybody and everybody starts having a little bit of an off day.

Yeah. And we’ve seen it where one girl is like not getting her skills and she’s, she’s making mistakes and she’s crying and she, you know, and I think that the, the girls who are going up after her automatically feel bad if they’re getting new stuff and they’re, they’re doing their skills properly that that shouldn’t be the case ever. Uh, so we want to break down three different types of attitudes. Um, and these are a specific girls that we work with, but we’re not going to say their names, but, um, w w the first one is one that I’ve, I’ve had in classes who she, out of nowhere, her tumbling has just kind of a wimp. Went Downhill. She was working on a Tux and even sometimes doing some layout drills. Jenks tumbling lessons, and she went and tumbled on some trampolines and it changed it drastically. And the worst part about it is that tryouts are right around the corner.

And so she’s freaking out. She came to a class yesterday and every, every day, every time she would throw something, she would just cry a or bay mainly every time. She wouldn’t throw something if you would cry. And, uh, and like I said, it just brought down the entire group. I was trying to be a super positive as possible, but um, she just kept saying, I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do this. And, and with that attitude, she’s never going to progress. If she says that she doesn’t want to do it, then she is not going to do it. And no matter how much money you spend on privates or classes, it’s not going to help that until her attitude changes.

Absolutely. Attitudes, the first change. And that’s the first attitude we’re going to go over. Um, the next name I see. Uh, I know this girl, her and her sister actually both come in every time they come in, they have the most positive attitude. They come say hi to both of us. Yup. If they do something wrong, they say, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. They don’t have to apologize,

but we don’t want them to apologize. But that’s, that’s, that’s the mindset that they have. Like, I’m here to work for you, so if I make a mistake, I feel bad about it.

And they’ll show up first spring floor and be like, hey, can I tumble on the hard floor? Like these kids, literally, we’ll try anything. We tell them to any drill, any floor, any class, and they’re willing to give it a shot. Jenks tumbling lessons, if we give him a drill, they will do the drill. They don’t skip it and just move on. Like at some kids, do they really take pride in their tumbling and trying to get better?

Sure. And, and watching those two, uh, specifically, like even if there’s a drill that we don’t give them, I’ll see them doing handstands on the wall and I’m just like, I had never even, I never even said handstands, but they’re over there doing it because they know it’s important because we’ve stressed how important it really is.

Also the only two athletes I know that if my class is conditioning and yours isn’t, they’ll come over and say, can I condition with your class? Or vice versa.

Set. Like whenever it’s time for a conditioning, they, they, they love it. They get excited, which is, which is cool. I love that.

That’s the attitude that’s easiest to work with. These two girls have gained a lot of skills very quickly

and they don’t ever slow down either. Like they push, push, push, push, push. And the last and final name on our list, Jenks tumbling lessons, is a more positive one as well. Uh, she comes in and she’s always smiling. She is always ready to work. You know, she sometimes lets fear get in, but she, she keeps pushing to

and when she’s scared, she’s taught us a big smile on her face.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, and so, um, that’s the third attitude, just no matter a, and she, she’s actually done really, really well. She’s progressed fast. Um, she’s working on layouts now. Uh, but even when things don’t turn out the best, like she still has a positive, optimistic, happy attitude. And, uh, she never lets phage, she never lets that go away, which is a big, big plus for us as coaches. Whenever we see a girl who has made a mistake but she still like ready to improve, right, no matter what. And we love that. We love that attitude and it, and it takes kids so far. Jenks tumbling lessons, very similar to the last, uh, set of girls that we were talking about. You know, when she comes in, she’s ready to work. She’s, um, uh, maybe not so driven whenever it comes to conditioning or saying sorry, sorry, sorry.

But, uh, when she makes mistakes, um, she’s, she’s ready and she’s anxious to hear what she has to do to fix that. Uh, so that’s more common I would say, in, in our, our line of work to deal with kids like that. As long as they can stay optimistic, they’re getting new skills. And a, and just to recap, the first girl that we had talked about, and whenever you have that negative attitude or you, you know, you just land on your knees or something and you just be, oh, you’re just hard on yourself. You’re down on yourself. It is really, really hard to see progress in with that mindset. So just be aware of that, um, and uh, and just stay as positive as you can. So with that, uh, that’s our weekly update. 15. And, uh, and if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company or rusty and Colton, you can check out our website. It’s just as tumbling co.com

or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if you have a Google account where you’d love it if you left us and objective, Dougal reviewed a lot of snow. How we’re doing,

we’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumbled top with justice Thomas Company.