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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only tosa tumbling show where we are, Tulsa tumbling experts, answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis where your hosts coulton cruise and rusty breath fleur, and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now today’s podcast, the subject of today is somewhat important. We deal with it regularly, especially lately. Tumbling Tulsa, we’re going to be going over what to look for in a gym.

Now, there are three kinds of gyms. There’s all star Gins. Tumbling Tulsa There’s tumbling, just recreational gems and there’s gymnastics gyms.

Okay. So rusty, go ahead and start us off on what are some things parents and athletes should look for within these gyms?

Yes, they should definitely have the proper equipment needed to learn the skill. Meaning, if you are going to be competing in gymnastics, you probably need a balance beam at the gym. You’re going to be practicing that. You will. Tumbling Tulsa Same thing if it’s all started, you’re going to need a lot of spring floor and make that your main priority.

Now, if you’re looking for only a Tumbling Tulsa, you need to make sure that the equipment is safe. It’s in good condition, it’s not, you know, Janky and taped together. We want to make sure that whenever you’re landing on these, uh, these crash mats that you’re safe, you’re not going to be dropping down into a straight into the concrete.

They should care about you as an individual, meaning they should care about your safety and the growth of, of the athlete above everything else. Now, if you’re an all star

athlete, um, the team that you’re on, it’s really important, but you know, the skills needed for that team. The coaches should be experienced enough to know if you’re ready to throw that skill or not, and not just say, you got to throw this skill because you got, you’re on this team and there’s more of a little of a growing experience needed.

Every athlete is different and they should know the athlete and cater to whatever that athlete needs.

And we say that to say this too often, Tumbling Tulsa tumbling coaches will put an athlete at risk by forcing them to throw a skill. And that’s all star coaches, that’s gymnastics coaches, that’s regular rec tumbling coaches, um, when these athletes are not mentally or physically ready to throw this skill on their own. Tumbling Tulsa, I mean it, it really puts you at risk as the athlete, make sure that your coaches are using the proper progressions, which we do talk about in one of our podcasts about

progressions. So Colton, are you trying to tell me an athlete should not be working on a full if they do not have a one to Tuck mastered or by.

Absolutely not. If you are working with a coach and they’re allowing you to work on layouts, fools, um, and other things similar, more advanced than what you’re able to throw by yourself. That is a tale tale sign that, uh, that, that coach is trying to use you as a billboard to getting skills. And I’m using quotation marks because too often coaches are saying, oh, I can get skills really, really fast. Um, and Tumbling Tulsa they’re actually putting their athletes at risk quite often when they, when they, when they’re mentioning that,

yes, Colton said it can be used to in front of the parents look like, oh, my athlete is moving on, but if the athletes aren’t taking the time to follow the progressions and the longterm tumbling career, it’s going to be a problem for them.

Tumbling Tulsa we’ve mentioned it in our, in, in our podcasts before, we want you to master these skills. So whenever you finish a skill, you’re learning a skill for the first time. That does not mean move on to the next one. That means spend more time honing in on the little details of that skill so that whenever it comes to the next skill, you’re able to pick it up quicker than you would have if you just blindly started working on it without those progressions.

Yes, retail, our athletes here, we never want them to feel like we are holding them back or preaching the same thing over and over about technique, but we care about the, these athletes longterm career. So we explained the importance of mastering this skill and not rushing on the skills because then that’s where kids can get inside their heads a little bit Tumbling Tulsa

and we’re the kind of coaches that are proactive in our coaching so that whenever you. So when you, when you hear us say things like, keep your arms by your ears, we’re doing it for a purpose. We are not just trying to ramble on and get you to spend more time in our gym, spend more money in our gym. Tumbling Tulsa, when we say those things, it’s, it’s because it’s important. We’ve done a lot of studying, we’ve done a lot of research on our own athletes. Going back and looking through all of the videos that we take and the, the advice that we give. It’s given for a reason. It’s not just off the top of our head. Let’s, let’s try this. There’s many ways to go about teaching skills and if the way that we’re working with you isn’t working, we have 10 more ways we can go about teaching you that skill.

Another key thing to look for in gyms is that the gym should be stress free. The coaches should be tough, but not so tough. That tumbling isn’t fun. Tumbling Tulsa, here at justice tumbling company, we tell everybody this is a judgment free stress free zone where you want tumbling to be fun and not so much of a job for kids.

Tumbling Tulsa tumbling is a different type of sport. We don’t have pads, we don’t have helmets, we don’t have gloves, we don’t have any safety equipment that we’re using. And so whenever it comes to learning tumbling, it has to be a stress free environment or else a injuries are imminent and we want to avoid that as much as possible. Something that I’m dealing with right now with one of my personal athletes is at their all star gym. Tumbling has become more of a job. This athlete is 11 years old and she had a spark and she always had this, this bright personality, and now since it’s become a job, she’s lost that she doesn’t enjoy tumbling anymore unless it’s here with us just because we’re able to take that stress away and we’re able to focus on her

and that was way too young to be getting burnt out on something like tumbling tumbling should be a fun hobby and something you want to always get better at.

Something that I’ve told her is that after she graduates high school, she’s going to go to college, all star teams. It’s going to be something of the past. She’s going to cheer in college. Then she’s going to graduate college. She’s going to go on and get a nice fancy job that pays her a lot of money. And then once again, that all star team is going to be a thing of the past. So make sure that you are focusing on yourself because when you focus on yourself, Tumbling Tulsa you’re focusing on your future.

Because we always look back as nothing. Colton, as on our tumbling careers. Tumbling Tulsa, you take it for granted a little bit, you do and you do, we want a tumble now, but our bodies sometimes won’t allow it and it looks back to when we just tumbled everyday, but we weren’t really pushing for new skills or we just took it for granted. They weren’t putting in the extra work and now I wish I could go back and do it more. That’s the only thing I miss of high school.

And back in the day, whenever we were on a level five team level five teams were nothing like they are today, but we were only focusing on the skills that were required for our level five team. Um, I was up for that triple front, wherever that was. That was, that was one of the Tumbling Tulsa, but in any and all the other cases, you know, we focus so much on what the team needed rather than what we needed on ourselves. And if we had focused more on ourselves than maybe we would have gone a little bit further in cheerleading and college or. I mean, it turned out pretty well because we do own our own gym now, but everything happens for a reason. Does absolutely rusty. What are some other things that parents and athletes can do? I’m the kind of keeping heads up a heads up on the gems that they’re going to.

Yes. Parents can always ask about the coaches. The coaches should be mature and carry themselves as adults and not just another kid out on the floor. Um, most coaches have some sort of tumbling or cheer background, so it’s easy to find out about them or if anybody’s ever heard of them

that. But you can also just read reviews on the gym. Tumbling Tulsa, we pride ourselves in being the highest, most rated a tumbling gem in Tulsa. And so read the reviews, read what other parents and athletes are saying about those coaches. And if you ever see coaches being inappropriate with an athlete and is talking to parents and athletes alike, if you ever see that, make sure something is

done about it. It’s unfortunate that that has to be brought up. But in the industry we’re in, where we’re dealing with athletes, young athletes, it’s unfortunately something we got to bring it up. That’s why we have cameras in our gym. Tumbling Tulsa, me and Colton are both married. We love our wives very much. We look at our athletes as nothing but athletes were there for them in any way we can, um, especially when it comes to their tumbling

well, and I know rusty, you have a son and I’ve got a daughter myself. Um, but we, we see these kids as our own children and we look at the parents as our family. We want to take care of them as, as, as best we can. Um, so often I’m seeing coaches trying to be that cool coach that kind of fits in with the popular crowd of their athletes. And that’s not a coach’s position. That’s not where we should be. Um, now I’ve seen it before at other gyms that we’ve worked at where coaches are also bullying athletes. No matter how old or mature that athlete is. There are things that you don’t say to kids, period ever. Whether it’s face to face or it’s social media, things just should not be said. And if you are hearing are catching drift of that, investigate that. So we’re making sure that our kids are athletes are safe.

Now, Colton, I quickly want to go over every topic we had in this podcast and how it relates to our gym. Perfect. Um, first the equipment, what, uh, tell us about justice. Tumbling is equipment.

So we wanted to make sure that we got not only new or meant conditioned equipment, but we also wanted to make sure that the equipment that we have has a purpose and that it can be used for multiple purposes, not just something that kind of looks cool in our gym, but that we’re able to use every day in our classes and our privates and when we work with our schools

and we’re always looking to get new equipment. Absolutely our goal as coaches of what equipment we think we need. And that’s what we try to aim for every month.

Now, whenever we mentioned about the gym, caring about you or your athlete individually, that’s what we’re directly geared towards. Um, we care about safety, we care about growth. Um, when you walk into our gym, we tell our kids all the time here at justice tumbling company, this is a judgment free stress free zone. They need to be here to on themselves, focus and build on their own abilities. That’s why we chose not to have all star teams just because we wanted to focus on individual athletes and then every athlete and parent who walks through our gym door, we want to know them personally. We spend probably 10 to 15 minutes every time they’re in our gym, just kind of meeting with them, talking with them and it doesn’t always have to necessarily be about tumbling or their, their child, Tumbling Tulsa but that gets us on a personal level with the parent and the athlete to kind of figure them out and see what’s going on in their lives.

Whatever. Sudden man, Colton both have families of our own, but this is also the justice tumbling family that we’re trying to create here.

Welcome to the family and if you want to find out more about that family here at justice tumbling company, please visit our website@justicetumblingco.com.

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Let us know how we’re doing. Tumbling Tulsa We’ll see you next time here on Tulsa. Tumbled talk with justice company company. So yeah.