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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we are Tulsa tumbling experts, answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, coulton cruise and rusty Brett Fleur, and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, Tumbling Tulsa, today is a nother weekly update. This is our third weekly update to let you know what’s new with the team of justice and some of our experiences throughout the week

with our promotion of a month of tumbling for just a dollar starting this month. Our classes this week have been packed. We love seeing all these new and old the old athletes come into our gym. As we mentioned before, we do an eight to one ratio. That means eight athletes for one coach. Tumbling Tulsa, so classes are going to be filling up very quick. So call or visit our website to register for your class today before the classes are all full.

Now when we say that our classes are an eight to one ratio, we are talking about every class except for open gyms, they run a little differently and it’s just an opportunity for kids to come in and use the equipment while having coaches there to kind of help guide and teach them to use proper technique. There are a lot of kids that come to our open gyms, but we were able to focus on each of those athletes needs well enough to see kids make progress within that hour. That’s why open gyms are just cheaper now. Tumbling Tulsa, we have this weekend we’re going to Missouri for a tumbling clinic. This will be our third visit to this gym for a clinic. I’m in the five months that justice tumbling has been opened. If you want to know more about booking with justice tumbling company for a personalized clinic, then again you can give us a call or visit our website justice tumbling co.com.

Now Colton is somebody wants to call to register or figuring out more about cancer. What is the number they should call

that is nine one, eight, seven, six, four, eight, eight. Oh, four

this week. Also Mark Justice tumbling companies, third stock class with not only a drag burns college stunning experience, but also the help from some great people from me and Colton’s passed. Um, those people are Michael Morton and, and the night we want to give a shout out to Michael Morton shared with me and Colton and high school at bixby and in competitive cheer at CDX and Andy Night, Tumbling Tulsa, he actually coached me and Colton in stunting when we were at all stars that cdx he was our head stunk coach. So we wanted to give a shout out to them for volunteering their time and not to mention the also the high school male cheerleaders from all around the area who have been showing up for our stem classes to help out. It’s been to see it all come together. And with Andy and Michael there, it really does feel like home. Our startup cost is only $15 if you want to join.

And again, you don’t have to call for that, you can just show up, sign in and you’re good to go. Alright. So this is a, uh, this is an important week because there’s an important event happening this weekend.

Biggest event.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. For High School Anyway, the schools we work with, they’re either preparing for NCA highschool nationals this weekend or preparing for next year’s tryouts. And with those who don’t know what NCA highschool nationals are in, ca stands for national cheerleading association. And it’s the biggest competition of the season for any school team. Everyone wants to win an NCA jacket. I remember, I remember whenever I was, I was in high school, like that was the thing to have. That was the thing to have. Tumbling Tulsa, so with the school’s getting ready for NCA, we’re not exactly focusing on learning or trying new skills. We’re perfecting and cleaning up any tumbling that is in the routine as well as working with the choreographers in the head coach, um, to clean up their nationals routine.

Now, if a school is not going to Ncaa than we are in the process of working near tumbling skills or whatever tumbling skills the athlete is needing or wanting to throw out, try out when it comes to trial. Three, understand that there are certain requirements to make a certain team, but we as coaches never want an athlete to rush their progressions just to get that certain skill. We especially don’t want our athletes throwing skills at tryouts that they are not mentally or physically ready for it. Again, we know it is important for our athletes to make those teams, Tumbling Tulsa but it’s not worth entering yourself and having to sit out half a year.

It’s not worth it. Don’t do it. Alright. I do want to give a shout out to some athletes that I have in tumbling class as well as some athletes I have in tumbling privates. Um, this week we had a ton of new skills and classes and it does take a lot to mentally prepare yourself for throwing that new skill all on your own. Too often there are athletes who have the ability to throw the skill on their own. But are not mentally ready to overcome that fear yet, um, of having, of not having a coach there to spot them. So to athletes in particular really stood out to me because when I told them that they are ready to throw it on their own, their eyes lit up with excitement. And that’s. I love that part of coaching by the way. Tumbling Tulsa, that’s actually a pretty rare, believe it or not, most of the time, whenever we tell an athlete to throw it on their own, they immediately begin to doubt themselves. You’ll see them get like a sour look on their face. And these girls did not even when they made a couple mistakes and touchdown or landed on their knees, they kept on and on. Trying.

This week I had a couple of new privates earthly athletes I had never met before. I love these privates because first impressions go a long way. I always start out by getting to know the athlete a little and letting the athlete no a little bit about me and what to expect when it comes to working with me. The first private with a new athlete is always a skill check or any evaluation to kind of see where they’re out on their tumbling. I’m seeing what tumbling skills they already have by themselves and then seeing what they need to work on, whether it’s working a new skill or cleaning up or fixing bad habits on skills they already have at the end of every new private we like to ask our athletes, Tumbling Tulsa, if they’ve heard anything new in the entire time they tumbled with us more often than not, they say they learned or heard something new. Even if we just explained something differently that they’ve maybe heard 100 times when we hear this, it reinforces that we are doing our jobs as coaches and providing the best Tulsa tumbling classes.

Boom. I had two privates as well, um, who had never tumbled before with me. Um, they did a really good job at overcoming the fear of a new coach. Uh, and they both got new skills too. I mean, we, we totally understand it. Whenever you’re not working with a coach regularly, whenever that coach is, I’m brand new to you. It takes some trust, it takes some getting used to their coaching style, but these athletes that, that we’ve worked with, Tumbling Tulsa, the ones that receive has talked about the ones that I’m talking about, they did a really good job at stepping up and, uh, and achieving their goals that we set before the private.

Yeah. Knowing your athlete, knowing the athletes, knowing their coach is really important so that first time meeting them is the funnest part of the tumbling and it’s one of the most important because like Holton Sutton, Tumbling Tulsa most kids come into it with the self doubt and just fear or not even willing to try to do new things with the new code.

So definitely big shout out to them. If you are interested in finding out more about us justice, tumbling company or rusty and Colton, please visit our website@justicetumblingco.com.

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We’ll see you next time on Colson tumbled talk with justice. Humbling company.