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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts, answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We’re your hosts, coulton cruise Tumbling Tulsa

and rusty breath fleur,

and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now, most of the time our podcasts are more serious and geared towards deeper topics of tumbling, but today is different. Today we’re going to be diving deep into the mysterious realm of dreams. What kind of dreams you ask? Well, the tumbling kind of course Tumbling Tulsa

now Colton. Have you ever had a dream involving a spouse, a friend, a family member were in the dream. They do something that really makes you mad and it seems so realistic that you wake up and the rest of the day you’re just kind of mad at that person.

I have, yeah.

Have. Have you ever had that? When it comes to your tumbling?

I have actually, yeah.

Where are you? Tumbling Tulsa, you’re dreaming. Everybody had dreams where you’re falling and you wake up when you feel like you’re in a fall. But when it’s in tumbling and you’re doing a certain pass and it feels so real because you’ve done that path so many times and then you fall and you wake yourself up and then you go to do that path when the next time. And it just like, well, it felt so real,

right? Well, when I was in the military, I had, I, you know, we were training to fight and whatnot and I would have these dreams, um, where I was trying to fight somebody, but I couldn’t fight. I couldn’t buy. My fists weren’t going fast enough. Tumbling Tulsa, and I actually did the same thing in my tumbling. It’s, it’s like I was tumbling through water or something.

Oh No, I should really shut out my wife on this show for this one because a lot of these stories involved her. She’s the one who always fills me in on whatever craziness I did the night before because if anybody knows, I don’t get a lot of sleep. I tend to stay up late. And especially now that we’re waking up early. Tumbling Tulsa, so when I do sleep, I am a deep sleeper. I am just dead to the world if I’m asleep. Lucky you now you know, you’re a little obsessed with tumbling when you start having dreams about either tumbling or in our case because we spot so much and this is our full time job dreams about spotting,

so it tumbling dream that I’ve had often. So it’s like I’m at a competition or out on the football field or something I don’t even know and I’m, and I’m running and like I said earlier, I can’t get enough power because it feels like I’m like running through water and whenever I try to throw my full or whatever it is I’m throwing, I’d never get like I’m nowhere near the right height. And so I come crashing down, waking myself up like right before I hit the ground. And that’s terrifying waking up, right?

No, I’ve had a dream about spotting before and this definitely involves my wife. Tumbling Tulsa, there was a time when I first started coaching, me and Caitlin were taking a power nap. I was laying on my back. She was laying on my arm cuddling and next to me, but facing away from me in the dream I was spotting an athlete and mid, mid skill. She bailed on this skill. So in the dream I will move it as fast as I could to catch her. But in doing so in real life, yanked my arm up with my head’s, my wife’s head and almost snapped her neck. She woke up freaking out. She definitely wasn’t happy about that one. I remember that one in detail because she was scared to death

well and the, uh, the chiropractor bills didn’t make things easier either after that. Now I can’t say that I’ve ever like hit cassie in my sleep that you know, of, that I know of. She may have, she may just like that tell me, um, but I know that I have talked a lot in my sleep. Tumbling Tulsa, and most of the time she says that she can understand what I’m saying. Uh, but whenever she can, it’s some type of tumbling corrections or something like that. Not Get your feet together.

That leads perfectly into my next one. One morning I woke up in bed and I was by myself, so when I went out into the living room, Caitlin was on the couch and when I asked her why she said all night, I would just keep having conversations. It started out where she would just hear a little thing as me saying, get your arms up or keep your feet together, just like whispering. Um, but then the final straw was when she felt finally fell back asleep and then I just started yelling up, Tumbling Tulsa, like trying to get a kid to set and that was the final Straw. So she had to go out on the couch

and having a baby. That doesn’t make life easy.

Yes. When I came to the baby, that’s why I’ve had to sleep in the separate room because the baby sleeps with her until starting next month. He’s going to be sleeping in his own room. Finally, finally get to go back to being married. Couple Tumbling Tulsa

you, you need to do some sleep studies or something. See exactly where you’re at, sleeping, because you may not be getting the rest that you actually need. If you’re like yelling at people,

well I couldn’t make sense. Definitely being a wife of a tumbling coaches, not an easy job

for sure. So like we said, we’ve, we’ve all had those dreams where you fall and you’re failing and you’re tumbling. Let us know if you have those dreams because they’re funny stories and it just kind of lets you, it lets us know a little bit more about you, but according to dream interpretation.com, Tumbling Tulsa, to have a difficulty as you’re doing tumbling or some type of gymnastic exercises in your dreams, it means that your health will be fine and you won’t have any health problems for a long time. That’s a quote taken right off that website. That’s good news for us. So I guess we’ll all live long and healthy lives. Of course. I’m almost 30 and I have some, a lot of pain in my body from tumbling. So if you’re interested to find more about us justice, tumbling company or myself and rusty, you can look us up at justice tumbling co com,

or you can find us on facebook and instagram or if you have a google account, you could leave us an objective google review and let us know how we’re doing it. Tumbling Tulsa

We’ll see you next time.