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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we are Tulsa tumbling experts, answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breadth, and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now today’s topic is a different topic, usually Tulsa tumbled talk. We’re always talking about tumbling. Today. We’re going to touch base on a different topic. What’s that in today’s topic is stunting coed stunting as well as group stunting from stunt technique to fly body positions. We cover it all. That’s right, so we take pride in being the highest, most rated Tulsa tumbling Jim and Tulsa tumbling classes, Tumbling Tulsa but we also take pride in our popular stunt class as well. Rusty and I run it along with our newest justice team member, drake burns.

Shout out to him. He’s here, he’s cheered at many reputable colleges. Tumbling Tulsa, and he’s also worked at a few nationally recognized all star gyms as well, and we have athletes from schools. We work with. Boys come in and help out as well. Now the three main things are going to work on in the stunning class is coed stunting, group stunting and basket tosses, so whether you’re getting ready for high school or college trials or you’re just younger and one to learn how to fly, we’ll make sure you’re learning new skills with proper technique and in a safe environment. So we’re going to start out with coed. Stunning and what exactly is coed? Stunning. So coed standing is often referred to as one manning and it is the skills associated with one base holding one flyer in the air. It’s common to have a side spot that will only brace the stunt or catch the flyer if needed.

So Colton, you said coed stunting, but can a girl come in to learn to throw up another girl as well? They can actually. We will train anybody how to do a one man stunt because as hard as it is to believe, it doesn’t take an insane amount of strength to perform a coed one man’s done. It definitely helps. It helps, but it’s just like tumbling. If you have good technique, it makes it a lot easier. Tumbling Tulsa, something that’s very important is the timing on the stunter and the flyers part. We see it all the time when guys are learning to stunned, they’d try to muscle the entire thing and ended up exhausting themselves before they even get the stents stable. Then they’re not able to hold this done for any amount of time and that also puts the flyer at risk because it becomes a much less stable for her to stand on.

So to begin a stunt, the base will hold the flyer at her waist and then, oh boy, I guess the boy can be a flyer to. Yeah, no, no, no discrimination, discrimination or free judgment free zone. So the center will hold at the flyers waste and then the flyer will hold this stunters wrist with a firm grip. Now the stunter, we’ll call one two and then it’ll give the flyer the timing for the stunt and proper snot and counts are one, two, and then go up on your toes and then on three you’ll dip. Tumbling Tulsa Prepare for the jump with chest up and then on for the flyer jumps with all of her power. Staying in her tube, mostly we see toes going forward or heels kicking back, which is not something you’ll want to do to your boy. That would be. That’s a painful thing.

We want safe stunting here for the boys and the girls. We go over training safety training before each class on how to fall safely, how to make sure no matter what, a flyer does not hit the ground. Now I mentioned tube and it’s even in quotation marks on our outline and when I say tube, I often tell kids have a. have you ever seen Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory? Everybody ready? Okay. So you know when that kid falls into the chocolate and get sucked up that tube. That’s Husky man is. He’s a Husky, Husky boy. Uh, that’s how I kind of described the tube. So your flyer is in her tube and the stunter Tumbling Tulsa actually steps inside of that tube. We don’t want her to actually have to kick heels back and try to jump on top of the guy for the stunter. It’s important to allow your Florida jump on her own and not overpower her.

Let her do her job and then at the top of her jump, that’s when you’ll toss and flick straight up. Now when we say flick, we mean the stunter should flick out the top of his toss and point fingers to the ceiling. Flyers will also flicked down at the top of the toss with fingers pointing back down toward the floor. Rusty, I’m hearing you say the term flicking a lot. Can you go into more detail on what flicking is? There’s really no other term for it, right? Tumbling Tulsa, being a, you run an explosive tiles, but there’s really not another word that you can use this to describe flicking. So if you’re like flicking water at somebody that maybe the, the best way to describe her, like flicking water off your fingertips. It’s the same flick to the top at the top of the sun. Yes.

Now at this point, timing has to be nearly perfect between the stunter and the flyer. That’s why being a well rounded flyer and stunters so important. Every stunter is different. And every flyers different. Tumbling Tulsa Just like in tumbling. As long as you stick with your strong, strong foundation of technique, everyone will have their own style of stunting and flying, but it may take you some time to get used to your different partners. All right, so now we’re going to be going over the ways to catch or be caught in a coed stun has there are multiple ways. First we teach all of our athletes who are new to stunning to catch or be caught at hands, which is what some people call shoulder level or prep level catch, and from this position

you’re able to transition into multiple different extension level skills. So we’re going to be going over those extension level skills and also each of these skills can be tossed straight up to each skill, which means you don’t have to catch it hands. So the first one is extension. Now with the stunters arms extended, they’re holding each foot in each hand, feet apart. Then the next one is very similar. It’s called target and the stunters arms are extended holding both feet together in both hands, creating a wide platform for the flyer to stand on. And then everybody’s favorite. The liberty or Lib is when stunners arms are extended, holding one foot in both hands while the flyer hits a lib motion with her knee up and her arms and a High v and there are also many variations of body positions for this skill, like he’ll stretch why scale arabesque, Scorpion, et cetera. There’s a lot of them which are more advanced than the regular liberty. Now, next is the awesome or qp, depending on where you’re from. This is where one arm extended. Tumbling Tulsa The stunner holds the flyer with one hand and feet together. Um, there are also other variations of this one with one handed stunts, like one on liberty, one armed, he’ll stretch, etc. Like we talked,

there’s a ton of different stuff, skills that can be worked on a different variations. Tumbling Tulsa You can get very creative when it comes to the coed. Stunning.

Yes. And come to our cLass and we can go over each of those and show you what

those body positions are now resolved. There were the other two aspects and the stunt class thought we would be working in that. His group stunning, which has a lot to do with the same coed stunning body positions, skills, but with four people under them instead of just one.

So for the flyer, things are going to be very similar. It’s just going to feel different because you’ll have multiple hands on your foot rather than just

the two or the one from the boy. And the last part is basket tosses. My favorite part I actually enjoy when it comes to basket tosses will be working highschool baskets, all star baskets, college baskets, whatever the athletes needing to work on. Now colton, Tumbling Tulsa let me ask you a question. Were you ever find me in the gym doing a stunt private?

Tumbling Tulsa, I don’t think so. Uh, I know that stenting isn’t your forte is not something that you enjoy doing. It is something that I enjoy doing. Um, but with our older bodies, you know, it, it, it takes a toll and it’s tough.

It’s terrible on my body and I, anybody looking for privates, I refer them to colton or now drake burns both are great options for your athlete. They know what they’re talking about. They will not let your athlete gets injured and they will follow the progressions the same way we do with our tumbling boom, so just like tumbling try to master technique, your toss and catch as well as your extended grips. There are a lot of cool stuff you can learn, but if you don’t have a solid foundation where we can hold those skills up long enough or solid enough, there’s no point in moving on to those elite skills.

That was my mind getting blown

knowledge. Bomb drop. Just sit and marinate.

Absolutely. There’s no point in moving on to those elite skills if you don’t have that solid foundation and that goes along with all of our tumbling techniques.

Exactly. So you should never be doing a full or working on a full as you haven’t mastered a backhand spring.

So if you do not have a backhand spring solid, should you ever be working on tax?

No, absolutely not. Just like if you don’t have a toss hands mastered, you probably shouldn’t be working rewinds and followups. That’s not safe for you or your stunter. Absolutely. Because have you seen my nose comb? I think, I think it’s hard to miss resting, not, not quite straight, and uh, some of that comes from stunting, so it’s not my favorite.

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