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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we, your Tulsa tumbling experts answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis are your hosts, coulton cruise and rusty breath fleur. Tumbling Tulsa we’re the owners of justice tumbling company in Beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma. And my brother rusty. What is the topic of today’s

podcast? Our topic today is the importance of stretching and warming up properly, properly doing it correctly because believe it or not, there are ways to do it wrong and it happens very often. So Colton, if we’re just starting out a private class clinic, anything, Tumbling Tulsa, do we, do we normally stretch? Absolutely. We always, always, always make our athletes stretch, stretch everything from their back bends to their and their wrists. And there’s a lot that you can stretch. Obviously you can sit there, waste 20 minutes if you wanted to on stretching, but if you were gonna, if you got to get them in and it’s a private, they’re running a little bit behind. Um, what are the main things you would have them stretch? There’s definitely a lot of things that need to be stretched, but the the important ones are going to be your wrists, your ankles, and your back for bridges and you use those three things pretty much in any school you’re going to do in tumbling.

So if you have time, get there. It’s definitely important to do straddles, splits, all that good stuff, but if you’re in a hurry, definitely the big three, the wrist, ankle, and the good Britt. And when we say bridge, we, we mean that we want you to keep your shoulders overtop of your hands with arms locked out by your ears, of course. And then, uh, with straight legs and together making sure that those legs are together, completely locked out and also pushing off those toes, trying to get your, your shoulders overtop of your hands. You should feel it stretching your shoulders, no matter how flexible you are. And time after time I’ve had to tell my athletes, Tumbling Tulsa, clearly you didn’t stretch your wrists enough during the private or the practice. You need to take some time to stretch your wrists and ankles and then you’re just wasting time.

And your private or your class? Yes, and if it’s freezing cold and the gym or wherever we’re doing a clinic or tumbling, if it’s my first private of the day on Saturday morning, our gym is usually pretty cold. So I’ll usually have my private star by running laps just to warm up their body before they even stretch and warm up the rest of their tendons. And then after we do our stretching and slash or running, Tumbling Tulsa, we start every class, every school, every private with warmups. And it’s not a waste time warm up. It is a proactive get your body ready training too, in

the right technique to do the skills properly. Yes, we start with you.

A lot of basics, but the basics we do goes into everything we’re going to be doing for tumbling. Even if you have a full, um, at. We’ve seen it time and time again where a kid will come in and kind of just goof off on their warm ups or really not give any effort. They’re just trying to get through it to get to their whatever they’re wanting to work on. But then the same issues I’m seeing in the warm ups or whatever I’m having to correct in the warmups I ended up seeing in their hurdle into their round offs and their backhand springs, so it transfers it. Definitely. If you warm up with a lot of energy, you’re excited, you really focus on being tightened your legs, pushing through your fingertips on the basic skills, Tumbling Tulsa you’re definitely more likely to do that in your tumbling passes

and and a very important warmup drill that we always start with our straight jumps or what some called bounders. That’s keeping your arms by your ears in that straight body position, which is the exact same body position that we want to see in every rebound, every set for a tuck layout and full,

Tumbling Tulsa and that should be the easiest thing you’re doing all private class or clinic is just squeezing your feet together, keeping your arms by your ears and bounding or rebounding or jumping off your toes all the way down on the floor. If you can’t do that right, if you’re doing even that simple driller warmup with your feet apart, arms bent, arms away from your ears, I, it’s definitely gonna. Be Hard to get you to do that in your backhand spring

and nothing irritates us more as coaches. Then to see kids goofing off and making a mockery and joking while they’re doing these basic things, because if you can’t, Tumbling Tulsa you’re joking and playing during those times, I guarantee you I can point something out in your set for your tuck or you’re louder, you’re full. That is wrong. So don’t you need to use those warmups to practice the right drills, the right technique so that it hopefully fixes your set for your, for your skills, and we’re not saying

don’t have fun like we, we want our athletes have fun. Tumbling is fun for us. That’s the only reason we do it. We loved tumbling, so we want to see people enjoy tumbling, but we want them to respect us enough and respect their templing enough to take it seriously. Spoofing or respect the sport, goofing off, that’s where goofing off. You could have that weird back handspring and then, oh, you just talked yourself into a block that you have to work through for months now that could have been avoided if you were just having fun warming up correctly. Tumbling Tulsa Right?

And, and, and if we can take that back to any other high school sport, Tumbling Tulsa, if like football for instance, if they’re doing their, their warmups and the guys are goofing off, I don’t think that the coach would be to appreciative of that and we

want to hold ourself to the same standard of every other sport out there because we definitely believed cheerleading is a sport. Amen. Everything in warmups you’ll hear us say, involves arms by buyer years not seeing ears stretching out. So almost everybody who’s been tumbling for awhile, it can do a handstand, correct? Tumbling Tulsa should be not everybody, but believe it or not, there is a wrong way and a right way to do a handstand. A lot of the time in warmups will see the wrong handstands. So if you’re not perfecting even the first thing we’re doing, it’s gonna. Be Hard to master that backhand spring. If you can’t master a perfect handstand,

and a lot of kids will take this as an insult, but what that comes down to is laziness. If you’re doing a handstand where you’re looking at your hands, you’re not going all the way up. Uh, it’s, it’s just you’re not trying enough. And we’ve called kids out on that and they, they get a little, they get a little upset whenever we call them lazy. But rusty, you were talking about handstands. It seems like a pretty easy skill. Can you give us an example of what you were talking about?

Yeah. Examples of handstands done incorrectly. You’ll see kids start with her hands by their side and then kick into the handstand from there. That’s going to cause you to read short no matter what. So I always start with arms to the ceiling, like you’re praising Jesus. Amen. It’s good for you, good for you to start with those arms up there. That way it’s just a habit and everything you do, Tumbling Tulsa we’re seeing kids kick up and instantly just take two steps in their hands down. Like, why? Why can’t you control your handstand? At that point,

Tumbling Tulsa and it, it goes right back to round offs, we want your arms by your ears in your round off, and if you’re starting your handstand with your arms by your side and you’re swinging up to get those hands to the ground, then you’re going to do the same thing in your round off and you’re going to run and you’re not going to get those arms up and your round off is not going to be long enough to give you the power you need to finish the skills that you’re doing.

Definitely after handstands, we always moved her cartwheels or we even do it sometimes before. I always try to change it up, but same thing, you should start with their arms by your ears trying to stretch your cartwheels out because the same thing you see in a cartwheel, the same thing you’re going to see in a route off Colton. What’s the difference between a cartwheel and a round off?

The difference when a cartwheel and around off is that in a round off your legs come together at the top and they snapped down at the bottom on a cartwheel. Your arms are a little bit wider and you’re keeping those legs apart and then you finish in that a staggard feet Tumbling Tulsa

position. So they sound pretty identical, pretty identical except for the fee. So if you’re reaching shortened or Cartwheel, you’re telling me I’m more likely to read short and my ramble. Absolutely. So wow. If I’m, if I’m struggling on a round off, it can go all the way back to cartwheel.

Absolutely. That’s that foundation work that we talked about in our progressions podcast. Now, something that I tell athletes, um, we tell athletes regularly is that on a, the regular to back length of a, of a tumbling flora cheer at your floor, you should only fit three to maybe four cartwheels and how tall you are getting on your top years short one. And you might be able to fit five or six, but you definitely should not be able to fit 10 or some crazy amount. That means you’re dropping your chest region crazy short and it’s gonna cause habits down the line and it’s not something that we want you to just rush through. Either we want you to give us a cartwheel. Tumbling Tulsa Your chest should finish the way that you came and then whenever you turn your arms are still by your ears and you’re able to reach back out to another cartwheel without taking any steps whatsoever.

We see star cartwheels all the time where a kid pretty much keeps their belly button to one side and just just rolls down the mat like a wheel and handling any path, any skill. Are you going to ever have that star cartwheel never. Never, never will be turned out and state unless it’s like a side something which they do. People even do that anymore. Not Not in the sheer. Anyway. We can go into tricking. You can do all kinds of things, but just for cheerleading and tumbling purposes. If you’re going to do an aerial, it’s pretty much that skipping square your hips back to the way you came. So those Tumbling Tulsa. I know everybody thinks warming up. Some coaches just to use a to waste time or it’s very tedious. I think parents think that too. Oh, absolutely. Definitely not, but it’s definitely something that if I’ve seen it before where kids show up late and they just jumped straight into a skill and it never works out as well as if they warm up their body first, every time.

Take that time, do what you need to do. Be the best that you can be from start to finish because the moment you start to get lazy and you start to think that these drills and these warmups are not important. That’s the moment when you’ll start seeing the same bad habits in your tumbling, so let’s not make those. If you are interested in finding out more about justice tumbling company, please visit our website at justice tumbling [inaudible] dot com. Tumbling Tulsa You can also find us on facebook and instagram or if you have a google account, we would love it if you left us and unbiased Google review and let us know how we’re doing it.

We’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumbled. Talk with justice tumbling.