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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we are Tulsa tumbling experts, answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We’re your hosts, coulton cruise and rusty breath fleur, and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now in this podcast, Tumbling Tulsa we’re going to be going over our company as a whole.

We wanted to give you some insight into our business and what to expect from the best Tulsa tumbling to them and the best tumbling classes offered.

So just to give you a little insight about us, we started justice tumbling company back in September of 2018 and really ever since we were young, all we ever dreamt of was to open up our own gym and running it together.

Yeah. We grew up together, Tumbling Tulsa cheered together in high school, all through college. I stayed in contact and ended up coaching together at different gyms before we made the decision to open our own place together

and and now that dream is reality and we really couldn’t be more proud of what justice has become

and we decided to call it justice because as sad as it is to say we’ve seen so much injustice and the cheerleading and tumbling industry and here at justice tumbling company, we’re looking to change all of that

and the way we plan to do that is by sticking to our core values, which is family leadership, integrity and passion. Does that spells out flip, doesn’t it? It sure does. F, L I P, m now, our promise to you, our customers is that we will never veer away from those values.

That doesn’t matter if we end up opening another gym or multiple, both locations. Tumbling Tulsa We want every location to follow those core values.

Absolutely. So now we’re going to be going over the structure of our business and our classes, our memberships. Rusty, go ahead.

Yes. Uh, here at justice we have monthly no commitment membership options just to make your life a little bit easier. Tumbling Tulsa, those membership options are the broken into three groups. The bronze, silver, and gold. The bronze membership is $70 per month. And with that you get one general tumbling class or one specialty class per week. With the silver membership, it’s $120 per month. You get to general tumbling classes or specialty classes per week with also to free open gyms per month. The gold membership is that unlimited everything that’s for our gym rats out there, unlimited everything, or most popular is definitely our silver, but for the kids that just live in the gym, the gold membership is definitely the way to go.

Now we chose to use a membership model for our business simply to make it easier for parents, whether that’s switching from one class to another or if they want to add a second, it puts them in that next membership category and it just makes things easier for everybody. Now, Tumbling Tulsa earlier you heard us mention general tumbling classes and specialty tumbling classes. We will be going back over that to tell you what the differences are.

No Colton or classes. What is the coach to athlete ratio?

It’s eight athletes to one coach and we will. We will never go past that number unless there is a second coach on that class.

We do that so the athletes aren’t standing around and wasting a lot of time. We want the athletes to always be moving. So parents see that they’re getting the most for their money.

Absolutely. Alright, so now we’re going to be talking about general tumbling classes and we’re going to explain what they are and it starts off with tiny tumbling. Tumbling Tulsa Then beginner tumbling the novice than intermediate, and then advanced. Rusty. Go ahead and give us some detail on tiny tumbling.

Yeah, it’s tiny tumbling. It’s our preschool level athletes. This is their first experience into tumbling. So the main thing we want our tiny tumblers to focus on is having fun while learning the fundamentals. That way when they go home, Tumbling Tulsa they’re telling their friends about it, getting more athletes in that class with them, but just because it is their first time, we want it to be a positive experience. So they continued to want a tumble.

Absolutely. We’ve got games and we’ve got Hula hoops, we’ve got things that keeps their, their little minds active and um, that’s the only class that has a age requirement. So, um, once they get to six years old, they then graduate into beginner tumbling,

unless it’s a very rare occasion where it’s a four year old that has very advanced skills that. But that’s on an athlete by athlete

basis. Absolutely. Now next is beginner tumbling. It’s probably the most important class that we have because you learn your foundation for the entire, your entire tumbling career that takes you on from your beginner tumbling class is on, into college. Tumbling Tulsa We go over mastering things like handstands, cartwheels, round offs, forward rolls and etc. Backward rolls.

So pretty much the thing is they’re going to use in every school you do, you got a master to get out of that class.

And then once you master that, you’ll Be able to graduate into novice tumbling. Go ahead, rusty.

Yes. A novice tumbling this class. We’re going to start learning to flip using your hands during your standing back, handsprings running back handsprings and front walkovers, and you have to master those skills to get into the next class. Tumbling Tulsa like we talked about, we want maStered skills, not just being able to somewhat do this skill. That way when you get into the next class, you’re not having to waste time trying to correct those other skills that should have been mastered in the previous class.

And then the new skills that you’ll be learning come much quicker and easier. So after you’ve been evaluated and you move on into the intermediate tumbling class, that’s where we’re going to be going over tux and really honing in on your round, off tux, round off, back handspring, tux standing tux, and even front tumbling for punch fronts. Now rusty, Tumbling Tulsa go ahead and fill us in on advanced class,

the advanced classes for our most elite tumblers. In this class, you’re going to be focusing on layouts. Fulls doubles the advanced specialty passes and then trying all those specialty passes through a fuller double.

Now I know we went through these classes really quick where we’re at a minute and 34 seconds and we want you to know that this does not happen overnight. Going from beginner to advanced, it’s a long process, Tumbling Tulsa, most of the time anyway, so some athletes are different than others, but we want you to stay focused and know that you’re going to gain experience through every class that we teach you and even if it’s not at the pace that you’re wanting to have patients and delay gratification just a little bit until you’ve worked your way through these skills.

We never want the athlete or parent to feel like we are holding them back. If we’re telling them that they need one more session in whatever class they’re in, it’s because we want them to master that skill because we want what’s best for that athlete. We don’t want them moving on and then wondering why it’s taking so long to learn that next skill.

All right, now we’re moving on to specialty tumbling classes. That’s going to consist of hard floor tumbling cheer prep, one and two stunt classes as well as boys classes and ninja classes and open gyms. Now our first special

class and my favorite is the hard floor tumbling class. The hard floor cloth focuses all on dead man tumbling. Just the carpet with the concrete underneath that the school athletes are going to be tumbling on whether you’re middle school, varsity or college athlete.

Now the reason why we call it a specialty class is because we don’t split it up by skill level, so anybody who needs help with their heart for tumbling, preparing for maybe middle school or even getting ready for college, no matter what level you are, you are still invited to come to this heart for class and we’re going to help you out the best that we can. Now, our next speciAlty class is cheer prep one and two. Tumbling Tulsa, cheer prep is for athletes who not only need to work on their tumbling, but also the other aspects of cheerleading such as jumps or emotions or flexibility. I’m also stenting a cheer prep one. We split them up between one and two chip prep. One is for a younger school, athletes maybe who don’t have a backhand spring or just got a backhand spring, but I still have other things to learn and then cheer prep too is for a little bit older athletes maybe who have made it on varsity or looking to make it on varsity.

In cheer prep class, we break it down into 15 minute increments for each of the aspects of cheer, so that’s 15 minutes for working on cleaning up your tumbling. Now you may not actually get spotted just because it is more for cleaning up and working on timing for your routine and then 15 minutes for jumps, 15 minutes for stunting and then another 15 minutes for either motions or stretches or conditioning. Now our specialty classes stunk cloth, which is pretty self explanatory, but in this class are going to be doing not just coed stunting, you’re going to be doing group stunting and also working baskets, flexibility and working on body positions in the air. A lot of athletes like to focus on this class, right as they’re trying to do tryouts for college, but we really liked getting athletes in, um, to understand the concept of coed stunting whenever they’re a little bit younger, maybe eight or nine is like the perfect age.

So they’re comfortable in the air and that prepares them for a good solid flying career. Now colton, can you explain the boys’ class and ninja classes? those lump exciting. They are there. They’re fun. So our boys classes geared directly towards boys. Tumbling Tulsa, obviously we’re boys ourselves. So we knew what it was like whenever we have other boys around us kind of making it a competition to who can land that next skill. That helps out a lot for that motivation. I’m also seeing what other boys are doing through the local area. Brings boys who may be going to sapulpa and boys who might be going to a waso together and they kind of work off of each other to gain new skills because let’s be honest, boys will be boys the good, easily distracted. So havinG only boys in the gym at the same time, make it an easy learning experience for everybody.

And then next is our ninja class, which we structure that class like an obstacle course. We have our young boys and girls run through these obstacle courses that are full of proactive drills and obstacles that kind of teach them about their body and teaches them what they’re able to do with their body and what they’re not able to quite yet. Tumbling Tulsa so this helps us as coaches kind of gear them towards the proper class that theY need to be guided into in the last specialty class we have as open gyms and it’s not as structured as our regular tumbling classes. There Are coaches there to work them, but it’s more of a free tumble. The kids get to use full access of everything in the gym and the coaches are there just a spot if needed. So I’m sure you’ve heard of camps and clinics.

Um, and you might be wondering what the difference is. But here at justice tumbling company, we do offer all kinds of camps and clinics for every age and every skill level, their clinics throughout the year that focus on certain skills and then there are kind of fun clinics and camps that focus on like an event, whether that be christmas or valentine’s day. NoW colton, some at home might be asking what is the difference between a camp and a clinic. So a camp is a class that lasts a few days and you co for two or three hours per day and then a clinic is just like a one day short class, but it still lasts for two to three hours. Tumbling Tulsa then we also traveled to do camps and clinics. Now we’ve got a fun fact today rest to give us our fun fact.

The fun, awesome fact that most people don’t know is that justice tumbling company provides tumbling for more schools than any other chair tumbling program in the tulsa area. So we’ll be doing a podcast about our school programs and how we run those. So keep an eye out for that.

And if you are interested in finding out more about us, justice, tumbling company, or myself and rusty, please visit our website justice tumbling co.com.

You can also find us on facebook and instagram or if you have a google account, we would love it if you left us and objective dubar review to let us know how we’re doing.

We’ll see you next time on tulsa. Tom, talk with justice.