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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts, answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We’re your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breaths. We are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now, the topic of today is what you hear in our intro on every podcast. We are going over specific questions that we’ve gotten from parents and athletes, so the first question is rusty, go ahead.

Tumbling Tulsa In a class or clinic setting or why is my child or athlete doing as many drills if not more drilled and stations than actually working with the coach.

We get this question from parents who are annoyed with the process of what they think is not progress, something that they think isn’t helping and it’s just keeping their kid busy when that is not the case whatsoever. The drills that we pick out, it’s handpicked by us for each individual level of tumbler.

That’s true. Every class we have A Tumbling Tulsa. There’s certain requirements to do in those classes and usually the clinic will have a basis of what that clinic is going to be about a, so we definitely want our drills to mimic that even in privates on one on one lessons, we still resort to drills and things like that because it’s. It helps kids learn to be taught without the hands on 24 slash seven, so the kids not becoming used to the coach or using the codes using the coach as a crutch or as a safety net too much.

So our next question is, my daughter has been complaining about risk pain. Why is that and what would you recommend for doing that? Rusty,

we get this question a lot, especially for a hard floor tumblers. If your wrists are hurting, more than likely you can aim it at your backhand spring. If you video your backhand spring from your side, from the side angle, and when you are catching the weight and your backhand spring. If your arms are in front of your ears at all that’s required, that is the danger zone and that is going to add weight to your risk. That is definitely going to feel uncomfortable. Tumbling Tulsa It might not hurt right away, but over a period of time, if you continue to do that and you never fix your technique, you’re definitely going to have wrist issues.

I tell my athletes at that, if their wrists are hurting, it’s the opposite end, which would be their toes and or their legs aren’t doing their job properly. If you’re having ankle issues, it’s because the upper body is not doing its job correctly. So keep that in mind.

If you’ve had that same technique issue and it’s over a period of time and your risk, do you get to that point where no matter what your do, what you do in tumbling is hurting. You’re gonna have to resort to wrist braces or tape. Uh, the best risk races out there, our tiger paws, Jim misuse them. It definitely relieves a lot of that risk. Tumbling Tulsa. They’re goofy, but they help. And our third question is, why is my child still in a novice class if they can do a backhand spring already?

We have class requirements for each level of tumbling class that we have. So in order to graduate from that class, you have to test out of it, if you will. Um, so just a backhand spring is not enough to move on to intermediate. There’s many more skills that are needed to properly progressed to the next class.

Now, Colton, if the athlete has all the skills that are required to get out of the novice class and we still keep them in that class, what is the reasoning for that

in our valuation? We’re not just looking at the skill itself, we’re looking at the technique and the safety of that skill. So your child might have a backhand spring, but if that backhand spring is not done properly, and if it’s actually creating a safety hazard, Tumbling Tulsa we will not allow them to move on until that backhand spring has the proper technique.

Because if you don’t make those corrections, if we go ahead and just move you to that intermediate class, you’re going to end up hitting a wall to where you get stuck and not progressing out of that class

and there’s not much you’ll be able to do anyway. So the next question is, what is the benefit of my athlete doing a silver membership, which is twice a week, and then two free open gyms instead of the bronze membership, which is just once a week and no free open gyms.

That’s a really good question. And we teach on that and the schools we go to, we preach that if you’re tumbling more than once a week, you’re more likely to get skills and get skills quicker. Um, it’s really hard to progress your tumbling if you’re just going once a week. Tumbling Tulsa If you’re doing tumbling once a week, you’re going to generally stay around the same level or it’s going to take a long time to move on out of that level.

You know, now that it’s the new year, everybody’s talking about going to the gym and getting fit. It would be like I’m going to the gym one time a week and expecting to see results you will see some slight improvement but not enough and not quick enough.

So you’re telling me if I were to go to the gym and workout just once a week, I’m not going to get like six pack abs and muscles.

Well you do already, but unfortunately most people would not see any results from going to the gym one time a week. Rusty, go ahead with the next question.

Yes. Question number five, and you’re going to like this one, Colton, this is for you, Tumbling Tulsa, what are your class sizes and why?

That is a great question because other gyms that we’ve worked at, we’ve seen class sizes that are way too large and too much for one coach to handle. So we keep our class sizes at a low eight athletes per coach and that is simply because whenever there’s more than that, it becomes a waiting game instead of the athlete being able to stay motivated and stay moving. Now our next question is, what is the first month for only a dollar all about rusty. Go ahead.

Yes. Starting in January, we are offering our bronze membership, which is the one class a week. We are offering that membership for just a dollar. We don’t accept cash or checks, so it will have to be on card and then going into the next month if you want to continue, you can make that decision if you want to pay the full price. Tumbling Tulsa Colton, why? Why would we offer it for a dollar to begin with?

Another great question. Um, I’m going to have to say that within a month you’re able to see our character. You’re able to see what whereabout you’re able to see your child progress and if it’s up to your standards, you get to decide if you’re going to stay with us or not. Um, there’s no other gym that I’ve ever heard of ever in, in the, in this country doing a deal like this.

Amen. It’s right after Christmas. It’s only a dollar. So how can you beat that price?

Absolutely. Okay. Rusty, what’s our next question?

Yes. Our next question comes from one of my privates. She asked if my daughter is only a school athlete, a school tumbler. Why is she working on the spring floor at all?

Great question. So Tumbling Tulsa whenever we have our, our heart for class, even though it is a designated hard floor class, we still work athletes on the spring floor and that is because whenever they are comfortable on a spring floor, we can tweak their technique and then allow them to bring it down to the floor. We would never use that technique on the spring floor as the end all for that skill. We always tell them, okay, now you’re going to have to throw it on the hard floor.

Definitely. You don’t want them becoming reliant or completely used to just the spring floor. Tumbling Tulsa when we say hard for, for people who don’t know what’s right underneath the hard floor is nothing but concrete. So as you’re trying to get comfortable going for a new skill or that first time throwing a, especially at advanced skill for the first time, having that spring floor or some sort of craft. Matt definitely helps build up that confidence to go down on the hard floor and know what to expect without a coach’s hands on you during that full.

Alright. So this next question is the big one. What is the difference from your gym than all the other gym is my child has been to.

That is a great question. We like to believe there are a lot of changes, Tumbling Tulsa, that our gym is different that you won’t see anywhere else. The main one I’ll say is when you walk in, this is a family environment. We both have families. We want every athlete that comes in to feel comfortable at home. We want to know every athlete on a kid by kid basis. We don’t want your athlete just to be another number or a known name athlete that’s in the gym.

We definitely take pride in the fact that our business is a family ran business. Both of our wives work up here with us and we make a point to not only know every athlete, but also know their parents, their families, their brothers and sisters. We have a children’s area for the kids to kind of stay in so they’re not so bored sitting, waiting on big brother, big sister working out. We have cameras in every corner of our gm so that you as a parent can either be in the gym watching live or you can be in our lounge and seeing it on our TV. Tumbling Tulsa, if you are interested in finding out more about justice tumbling company, please visit our website@justicetumblingco.com.

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We’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumbled talk with justice

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