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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we are Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breadth, fleur. And we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, so today’s podcast is going, we’re going to be going over a score sheets and the importance of performing in your competition. Tumbling Tulsa, uh, just because, you know, this weekend was in ca nationals, but I’ve never heard of that. NCA, NCA, you know, those, those leather jackets as do they get rings, rings now,

I think if you want them, you can get them. I’m sure you could order that. That wasn’t a thing. It wasn’t a thing when we were thrown out, but with the importance of looking at the score sheet, the importance of performance, Tumbling Tulsa, and stuff involving performances, 60 percent of the score sheet, the other 40 percent are a percent is actually like the raw skill that we normally talked about.

So that’s something to think about because we, I mean, we’re cheerleaders, right? So cheerleaders are supposed to have a vibrant appearance while they’re there and they were supposed to be flamboyant, were supposed to be all out getting the crowd pumped up, and that’s clearly what the judges want to see when we’re looking at this at this score sheet, it’s obvious that that’s what they’re wanting to see. So for the first part of our list that we’re going to be going over, it’s timing now they’re, they’re calling this timing, synchronization and uniformity. Now, when you’re trying to prepare for nationals, you’re, you know, you got nationals coming up and you’re having these practices at your school, Tumbling Tulsa, you know, not only do we go over those skills, but we also go over timing of those skills to make sure that we’re all synchronized. We’re all going together. Our slap clap is on seven slash eight and then we hurdle one too, you know, and those things are important and

a lot of the times in privates or classes, that stuff gets overlooked. It’s all about raw skills. Tumbling Tulsa, it is important to step back and learn timing because it’s pointless to have a full or a one to tuck. If when it comes to choreography, you can’t do that one to talk with everybody else. Cheerleading is not an individual sport, so the timing and the uniformity. You don’t want to stand out necessarily. You want to blend in with the rest of the group.

If you’re looking to get a little bit more detailed on the timing as well as all those things. In cheerleading, we do have a chair prep program which is a class that you come to and we break down in 15 minute increments. All the parts of cheerleading and that stunting, that’s tumbling, that’s a performance as well as jumps and and motions and things like that. So get involved in that class because it’s, it’s growing quick and it’s something that nobody else really offers. So we’re really proud of it. Tumbling Tulsa Now the next part of the performance score sheet is routine composition and what does that Colton there, they’re saying that that is spacing, seamless movement and patterns, execution of formations. You know, all this stuff that your choreography choreographer puts together for you if we’re, if you’re not executing it properly with proper spacing and whatnot, it’s, it’s gonna show and it’s going to show on your score sheet that is a 10. That’s 10 points,

10 points, and that’s, that must be why there’s lines and spaces.

That’s exactly why there’s lines and spaces. So whenever you’re, whether it’s a tumbling straight on the line or in a formation, it’s important that you don’t stand out because you’re, you’re off the line a little bit, Tumbling Tulsa these things may seem small and petty whenever we’re going over there and them in practice, but that’s, that’s 10 points out of 100 on the score sheet. So that’s really, really, really important.

Tumbling Tulsa the next part on the score sheet is voices the big one and they consider that the pace of the cheer is practical. The flow of words is easy to understand and obviously being allowed. We are cheerleaders so you should naturally be allowed as a cheerleader. I’m Colton. Go over voices a little bit.

Well that’s, that’s another 10 points on the score sheet. So remember stance, you know, you’re all your stunts can hit, that’s still 10 points, right? All of your tumbling can hit. That is 10 points. So if, if you don’t, if you don’t see your voice as important, that is another 10 points that you’re going to be lacking whenever it comes to the whole value of 100. Now, with your voice, I’ve always been told I’ve got this booming voice when I want to be loud and I count loud and that’s just part of who I am. But I think that it’s important that all athletes kind of have that same aspect, that they’re loud and they’re proud to be there and they’re, they’re making their voice known because if somebody is not looking at you, well now they’re going to be because you’re the loudest one in the, in the room. Um, but like we said, it’s not an individual sport. So whenever you’re training with your routines and it’s important to be as loud as possible, we see so many times where they’re, Tumbling Tulsa going full out. And then you see that one kid who is not even moving their mouth

or that kid who is just moving their mouth to try to make it seem like they are saying the words that too. When we’re working with schools, we’ve literally seen when they’re going full out, music is going, they’re hitting all their skills. The choreographers will literally stop the music and the routine sometimes just if kids aren’t. If they even noticed that, which is obviously important because like Colin said, it is 10 points. Well, Tumbling Tulsa and if at that music goes off in, in my experience, if that moved music goes off, you better be looking for a flying shoe going across the room because someone’s going to get some attention. Now the next part of the master score sheet is motions slash girls dance. Girls Dance. I’ll just seems a little sexist because I know we definitely coached some boys that are out there dancing a little weird, but this is another 10 points on the score sheet.

So the importance of being sharpen your motions, being clean. I’m not having those thumbs out. All that stuff really does make a difference for a team and even though it is dance, it is important that you are sharpen your dance. It’s not like a rap video out there. No, no, no, no. You are still supposed to be. Even though you are dancing, it looks good when you are as a team sharp and performing these dances. This ain’t Cardi b. So remember to make your motions as sharp as you can. And the next part of the NCAA score sheet is a performance slash showmanship, which is genuine enthusiasm and energy level throughout the routine. Tumbling Tulsa that was my personal struggle every time when I was growing up as a cheerleader. I could do the skills all day long. But, uh, I don’t know how many times I got yelled at or the routine stopped just because I wasn’t smiling while being a boy, you know, it’s not like I came from football.

I came from basketball. I came from wrestling. It’s not something you just do when you’re out there on the field is start smiling for no reason, you know? Uh, so it’s hard to get used to. I love that it says genuine enthusiasm because it’s different to just be out there just cracking a smile and just faking it through the whole routine. There’s some athletes that like me and Colton said when we are sitting there and critiquing these routines, some kids are just fun to watch because it is so natural for them. Some kids have to fake it till they make it though. They got to literally be coached on opening their mouth, opening their eyes. And that’s okay because every kid is different. There’s actually one kid in general that I always think about whenever I’m thinking of performance and uh, I even tell the eyes like, Tumbling Tulsa, time and time again, I would hate to be her mirror in the routine because if you’re her mirror, your, you got to live up to a lot because she’s just so, uh, I mean so bubbly and so free and vibrant.

Absolutely. And she is, she’s fun to watch. And so we want all of our athletes to kind of strive to be that, be that attention grabber. But you know, like we said, it’s still, Tumbling Tulsa it’s not a one person sport. It’s a team sport, so everybody should be doing that and energy level throughout the routine. There’s some routines that you will see. They start out amazing. The energy out, the opening of the routine is unreal, but as those skills are being thrown or you’re in the stand, that energy kind of just depletes halfway through strong teams, that condition all the time can have that energy throughout the entire routine

and believe it or not, that means lots and lots and lots of full out kids hate throwing full outs, but listen, if if a, if a football team didn’t practice full out with full out hits and full out throws and everything, they’re not going to be worth very much whenever it comes to game day and that’s the same way cheerleading should be. It’s the same standard. Cheerleading should be held to, you know, every other sport. If you don’t practice full out, you’re not going to perform full out. So as much as it’s hated to throw those full outs, be proud of doing it because it is two minutes and 30 seconds of of your life that you’re not going to be able to get back and and you’re gonna look back and say, man, I wish I had. I wish I had tried a little bit harder. I wish I had gone. Tumbling Tulsa I wish I could remember more of our routine or something like that. I, I’m, I’m speaking from experience.

Those full outs will carry you a long way when you’re really, really tired and a routine or like this weekend, I know some of the athletes that performed were sick, like had the flu, some sort of service. Some of them were hurt. Yeah, yeah. Broken ankles and they still, they’ve done so many full outs that it’s muscle memory. Their body knows how to do it even when they’re out there worst. So it is important. Now the last part of the NCAA score sheet is school representation. That is image sportsmanship, performance integrity Tumbling Tulsa.

Now this is another 10 points like everything else has been. And so it’s important to remember that tumbling and stunting is not everything. It’s not everything you’re sportsman ship your represent, you’re, you’re there to represent your school, your team. Tumbling Tulsa so if you, if you’re not proud to be there, if they’re going to see that on your, on your faces, so make sure that you are 100 percent there all the time representing your school. Now looking over this master score sheet as a whole stents, the maximum value is 10, but it splits. There’s difficulty and technique. Same thing with pyramids. Same thing with jumps and same thing with tumbling. Now we are a tumbling gym. We take pride in getting new skills for athletes, but everybody wants to focus on getting that new skill so they can either throw it in their routine or they can throw it at tryouts, but listen, difficulty that the difficulty of that skill is only five. That five points on the entire score sheet, so focus on, but the technique is five. So focus on the technique part before you get that difficulty. Trying to throw those new skills because you can be throwing a five difficulty on a full, but if it looks terrible, you’re only getting half of those 10 points.

Absolutely, and that’s why parents, athletes hate being hounded on technique or where that seems like their kid is being held back, but when you’re sitting here looking at a score sheet, absolutely it doesn’t matter what you’re throwing. If the technique is bad, it’s going to almost counteract where it’s not worth it to throw that skill. You might as well throw the next skill down that you’re going to score a five and a five on technique as well. That’s a great. Yeah, Tumbling Tulsa

so much so that I’m. I want to print this score sheet out and have it in our gym so parents see how, how important the technique side of it is and then you know the technique side of tumbling is five points. Your voice, your motions, your performance, all those are tin. So do not. Do not for any reason think that it’s less important to work on voices and projection and performance and smiling because it is. Tumbling Tulsa It is just as big of a deal, if not bigger, of a deal when it comes to competitions. Now, if you are interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company or meeting me and rusty, go ahead and check us out on our website. That’s justice tumbling co.com,

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We’ll see you next time on pulse tumbled with justice tumbling.