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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts, answer the questions we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. I’m your host, Coulton cruise and rusty breath fuller. We are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tumbling Tulsa today’s topic is going to be a fun one. Uh, it’s, it’s, uh, what, what’s our topic for today?

Today’s topic is about us, the dynamic duo that is Colton and rusty. We wanted to give you an idea of what we’re all about, where we came from, Tumbling Tulsa and why we love tumbling so much.

Now we’re going to be hitting points such as who we are, what we do, why we started tumbling in coaching, when we started tumbling and coaching where we’re from and how we got here. So rusty, my long time best friend, my business partner, my brother from another mother. I’ve got some questions for you. Are you ready? Yes. My heterosexual life made Colton. I have answers. I believe I am ready. Okay. Okay. So why don’t you take a minute and tell us who you are?

I am Rustin the brown color. I go by rusty. I hate how rustin sounds. Tumbling Tulsa, I’m the part owner of justice tumbling company. I am a father. I’m a husband, a coach, and all around nerd.

Amen. Amen. Okay. So what is it you do at justice? Tumbling company?

I am the operations manager.

What is that?

That would be anything if you’re in our gym, in the back of House involving the gym, how classes run, who’s coaching what, and if we’re at a school, how that school tumbling is gonna run.

Okay. So structure, structure of classes and everything like that. All right, cool. Cool. Um, now why don’t you tell me where you are, where you’re from and how you got here.

I was born in Missouri, Tumbling Tulsa, came to Tulsa for the Tulsa Cancer Treatment Center because my father got sick, uh, ended up in bixby and

grew up there. All right. All right. So did you go to school in Bixby, bixby high school? Yes sir. Nice. Okay. Okay. Uh, now when did you start tumbling?

Started Tumbling A. Yikes. I got into gymnastics when I was about six. I was terrible in gymnastics though. I didn’t learn really anything. Got last a pretty much all six years and switched into cheer, learned a lot and ended up loving it.

Yeah. Yeah. What got you into cheerleading? Did you, do you like the girls are.

It was actually Tumbling Tulsa After I quit gymnastics, I still wanted to tumble around, so I just went to a little German or cheerleading Jim that went by the name of cte. Why cheers to you for anybody back in the day?

Yeah. Yeah. We got some people who might remember that we ran into Shannon

and ended up. You’re doing big speech here. Around the same time I started doing competitive

at CDX, I believe, right? CTY. Then CDX and tribe and on down the line. The rest is history. All right, so when did you start coaching?

Got Into coaching at 2010 when twist and shout Tulsa first opened up. Tumbling Tulsa I started out there a left because I was very young and dumb and had a lot of growing up to do. Got back into it at Max. All stars that became Lux and went from Lux to twist and shout and then made the wise decision to open her own business.

There you go. Now here’s an easy question for you. Why is it, why do you do what you do?

Tumbling has always been my passion. It was my first love before I met Kaitlin, my beautiful wife. Uh, it still is my passion. It’s the one thing I loved about gymnastics. The only reason I continued it into cheer and the same reason I do what I do now, coaching, it’s Tumbling Tulsa, I want the kids that I coached to find the same passion I do and more than coaching the mentoring side and seeing kids grow. Um, and seeing them grow into adults and seeing some of the stuff I taught them as a coach in their life as adults. It’s the best part. Yeah. I mean, Shannon Young and Stephanie Blackwell, my all star coach and high school code.

Yeah. Now we know we’ve known each other for a long time. Tumbling Tulsa, and rusty and I have a lot of the same coaches that we worked with throughout the years. Um, and, uh, so shout out to them. Hopefully there’ll be, there’ll be listening to us. Um, okay. So now I’ve got a bonus question of why I’m a little nervous. I might have an answer. Bonus question. Should I plead the fifth? So whenever you first met me, I believe it was my freshman year of high school. You were a sophomore and uh, uh, I was just getting into cheerleading. What were your, what were your first thoughts on me? We have this talk quite often, uh, was not a fan, not a fan. I think the first thing I ever said to you as I don’t like something similar or anything along those lines. Uh, I don’t know what it was. I know we shared all the same close friend Dwayne forward. Yep. Uh, maybe I felt like you were stepping on my coming in on the friendship and then on the cheer world. I mean we were totally opposites in high school were totally opposite now. And you know, what makes, I think that’s what makes it a great partnership is where, where I fail, he succeeds, and where he sees a, he fails, I succeed. So we work really, really well

together. I’m the your. And I guess he would be the tigger. There you go Tumbling Tulsa

Uh, I wake up with my tail wound, like I don’t need coffee. All right. So now it’s my turn. You got some questions for me.

Same questions going down the line. Okay,

I’m ready. I’m, who are you? I am Colton, cody Cruz. And I am the other part owner of justice tumbling company. I’m also a husband. My, my beautiful wife, cassie. Shout out to her. My kids. I got three children. Um, I, I love tumbling, I love coaching. I love owning a business. Tumbling Tulsa, this, this has been the greatest adventure that I could have ever asked for.

He has three kids. I don’t know how he does it. I have one and that’s enough for me. We call him machine gun babies because they just kept coming out and they’re all around the same age. And so moving onto the next, crushed them. What is it you do at or for justice? Tumbling company?

I am the business manager, so like rusty as the operations manager. I’m business manager. I’m in charge of all the business side of our company. So, so rusty is back of house. I’m front of House bills, all that boring stuff. I’m good at it. I take pride in it. I love doing it. I also go to schools. We teach classes here. Um, we work together a lot. Rusty and I do

give a shout out to Colton if you’ve seen our logo, business cards, things like that. He did come up with A.

appreciate it. Appreciate it. Yes. Tumbling Tulsa I did. Uh, I try not to brag about my creativity but I, I, I take pride in it. I do.

And where are you from and how did you get here?

I was born in Mcalester, Oklahoma and grew up in bixby. Was raised in Bixby, graduated from bixby and um, went to or you for a short time. I was cheerleading there and I just thought like I had a greater calling, was not wanting to sit through school. So I decided to go and join the Marine Corps. I went and I was there for four years. That’s where I met my wife and we had our, our daughter, their first child. I was in California than North Carolina and stationed all over the place. But Tumbling Tulsa, that was our, our home there in North Carolina, moved back here to Tulsa and five years later decided to start my own company with you. The rest is history. The rest is history.

The next question, uh, when did you start tumbling? I started

tumbling back in middle school. I, uh, my parents took me and my brother to a gymnastics competition at Osu and I wasn’t interested in it at all before then, but after seeing what they could do, man, that blew me away. So I got started in gymnastics in middle school and uh, really didn’t care much for the other events in gymnastics. I just love the tumbling. And then I, I think I was getting into high school freshman year, like the meeting my teachers and rusty’s mom runs up to me and grabs me. She said, are you Coulton cruise? Tumbling Tulsa I was like, who’s this, who’s this Italian lady who looks like she’s gonna kill me, who is this lady? And she said, you’ve got to try out for the cheer squad we were needing. We want more boys. And uh, and so that’s kind of how that got started.

I cheered, I tumbled and cheered it CDX as well as well as cty for a short time. Um, but yeah. So. And when did you start coaching? I started coaching, uh, back in high school, just helping out the middle school teams. I think you did too. You were there too. I forgot. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, and we didn’t know what we were doing, but, uh, as I got in through high school, I was working at the smaller Allstar gyms around the area, a jinx, gymnastics. I worked there, Tumbling Tulsa, I had a lot of experience working with younger kids, backhand, springs, things like that. Uh, and then after I got out of the Marine Corps, within those five years that I’ve been out, that’s where I’ve really focused on, uh, the, the more advanced skill levels. So the big one, the important one. The one that everyone wants to know, why do you do what you do?

Well, like I said, I, I was in the Marine Corps and I will tell you that other than my parents, the coaches that I had while I was in cheerleading, um, gave me the spine that I had to take to get all the way through the Marine Corps and deal with everything that the marine corps kind of throws at you. Um, and made me the lessons that they taught me, made me who I am today. Uh, and that’s another shout out to a coach Blackwell, Stephanie Blackwell at Bixby. And then Shannon young who’s at his ice ice ice all stars now cargo. Yeah. So he has his own gym and um, it, you know, Tumbling Tulsa, as you know, being a, being a coach, it draws you into these kids’ lives. You, you want to do everything you can to help them become that masterpiece that they will become one day. And so that’s why I do what I do.

Bonus question for Colton. Cody careers don’t have to use the same one, but you can. Tumbling Tulsa, I had one, but I’m curious to hear the answer. Same question and then I’ll ask you the one I did have. Okay.

Okay. So, uh, when I first met rusty, he was, he was like the, Tumbling Tulsa, the guy that nobody wanted to talk to because everybody was afraid of because he wouldn’t talk to you, but he would give you this look like, like he’s staring into your soul. Uh, and. But I wanted to be friends with him, but he did. He just seemed like it

jerk. I was still at least a little bit, still a little bit of a jerk. In fact, I used to be like a mute, an awkward child. Cheerleading definitely brought me out of my shell and that conversation that way.

He had a when I was like, because I asked him, I was like, rusty, I don’t think you like me, why don’t you like me? I’m very honest. He said, you’re right. I don’t like you because you never shut up. And, and I took that as, okay, well I’ll leave you alone. We were on the bus. We, I think we were at nationals. I think we had just won nationals and that was his attitude.

That’s my motivational speech to get them pumped up. Okay. What’s your, what’s your second question? US both being nerds. It’s in our title. That’s one of the reasons it was named justice. We are both nerds. Suck one. My wife came up with the name she did just because in my jobs in the past, I’ve dealt with a lot of injustice in this career. Tumbling Tulsa, we’re both nerds. Who is your favorite Superhero and why?

Hm. Okay. Well, I have two but one more than the other. Uh, and my, my all time favorite is aqua man. And everybody laughs whenever I say that because Aquaman’s not, not just aqua man, but he’s awkward man. Not Anymore. Not Anymore. No. He’s personable. No now. But, Tumbling Tulsa, I like the classic Aquaman. I’m in the comic books. He’s very, uh, he’s very honorable. He’s the king and he, his word is his bond and I love that because that’s not present in today’s culture. You don’t have to stick by what you say. And I love that character because he does. What about you? What about you? What’s your favorite?

Anybody who knows me, any of my long time kids would be able to tell you dare devil and the main reason it is daredevil is in the comics, right underneath his name. It says daredevil, the man without fear. That’s why I got a tattoo. That’s why he took the kids. Try to be fearless in your tumbling.

That’s you. That’s you to a t. all right, well, I’ve had. This has been a fun podcast. Has been an easy one longer than I thought it was going to go. Um, if you are interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company, please visit our website justice tumbling co.com.

Or you can also find us on facebook and Instagram, or if you have a google account or heard of this thing called Google, we would love for you to leave us in objective Google review and let us know how we’re doing.

We’ll see you next time on justice.