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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tumbling Tulsa show where we are Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breadth, and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

All right, so today’s podcast is going to be a cool one. Something that we haven’t gone over really yet and it’s going to be transitioning from being a gymnast to being a cheerleader.

Yes. Tumbling Tulsa That is something I think me and Colton both did. We both started as a gymnast and ended up in cheerleading and now we own our own little tumbling.

Yeah. Yeah. You know, I think that uh, they have, there’s a lot in common with the tumbling aspect of gymnastics, but just like the way we train you in tumbling for cheerleading, there’s also like ways that they prepare you for other things in your, in your tumbling from basics, from the very foundation and some things or techniques that they teach you in tumbling in gymnastics. If you’re transitioning to cheerleading, you won’t need that and it’s not really going to benefit you at all.

Two things that really stand out is sometimes their approach into things and their landings. Tumbling Tulsa I mean the landings and gymnastics have a lot of flair arms up. Like really? Uh, I don’t know what would be the word for that,

shelly? I Dunno. I Dunno. I mean for one, gymnastics is an individual sport. Even though you do collect points as a team, every time you’re on the floor or every time you dismount off of the bars or the beam, you know, you’re expected to salute the judges. Well that doesn’t happen in cheerleading. So you’re finished. Needs to be more geared towards training into that next skill rather than finishing all pretty with fingers flared and Tumbling Tulsa, and trying to show for the judges

or even when we land on cheerleading, it’s more of a stick. And Stan gymnast always have an issue with that because they are so used to landing with their arms up in a show he position and they step up Tumbling Tulsa back usually to kind of brace themselves. I’m in cheerleading, we train that you stick and Stan and we should not have any stuff

whatsoever. Gymnast are always physically strong and their technique is usually there, so it’s easy to transition a lot of those skills. Um, the hardest part of transitioning from gymnast to cheerleader is the standing tumbling. The standing tumbling is something that gymnast don’t do a ton of. Tumbling Tulsa if it is, it’s on a balance beam. So the approach and technique on a balance beam is going to be a lot different than on a floor.

I’ll tell you though, whenever every gymnast that we’ve ever worked with is committed, they’re dedicated, they’re hard, they’re disciplined, they’re insane, they’re respectful and respectful. My God, and they know, they know that I’m being coached, you know, tough is part of the sport. Tumbling Tulsa so they take it. So they’re, they’re very resilient athletes,

um, when it comes to standing tumbling a lot of the gymnast one to start with their chest down, arms above their head, throwing their chest to the ground to give a whipping effect, which is great for a balance beam because the balance beam is only a certain length.

Yeah, that long it is, but I know it’s only four inches wide.

So on a floor when we’re trying to stretch out our tumbling for these advanced standing tumbling skills, Tumbling Tulsa, I’ve had athletes who can do full web doubles and running tumbling, but then when it comes to standing tumbling struggle on backhand springs, which is very common. So it takes awhile for those athletes to get the muscle built up. The technique built up to where they’re just as strong in their standing tumbling as they are running.

Now. We were talking about the beam something that we do see all the time and the finish for, um, for any type of tumbling skill actually is instead of a, well during their rebound or instead of like a rebound, they’ll stick a, a stand position with those arms up and like thumbs pointing together with aren’t with fingers spread way apart. And uh, you know, that’s that foundation of teaching athletes or gymnasts to be able to tumble on a beam so their fingers are spread out. So they’re able to feel when that beam is coming close to their hands that is not needed in a, in a, in know floor tumbling. And in fact, it actually hurts the athlete because we want their arms to be shoulder width apart. And whenever they’re trying to reach for a four inch beam, it brings their arms really, really close together. Often their head is out. They’re not able to because their arms are so close together. They’re not able to get their head in between their arms. And so it kind of gives us that, Tumbling Tulsa, that arched back motion rather than trying to stay as tight as possible.

One thing I noticed with working with a lot of gymnasts transferring over to cheerleading is they don’t really get spotted on skills as much expensive. It might be weird for them to, sometimes they’ll freak them out. They might be spotted when it comes to like bars and all that on dismounts. But a lot of the time when it comes to running tumbling, um, most gymnastics facilities have a pit that athletes can kind of just learning these skills into the pit without fear of injury. Tumbling Tulsa, a lot of cheerleading gyms don’t have the value of the pit, or if they do, they don’t really know how to use it like the gymnastics coaches do. Right? Right.

If you are a gymnast to cheerleader athlete, Tumbling Tulsa, you can go ahead and check out our podcast on progressions and we really go deep into the starting positions of all the different skills as well as podcasts on backhand springs. We have podcasts on layouts, we have on Tux and fools. And those are the techniques that we’re looking for in cheerleading and that’s what they’re going to be looking for in your tryouts as well.

In the second part of the biggest issue that Jim have transferring into cheerleading is we just did a podcast on jumps. So it would be great for that gymnast to go listen to that. A gymnast don’t really work with jumps and if it does, it’s more of a sachet type transition skill more than just a hitting skill. And a tight skill. Gymnast always have issues rolling their hips, they want to do more of just a split and that can only get them so far to where they’re going to be able to see their legs underneath everybody else’s.

And sometimes these things bring frustration to these athletes. Um, so our, our best encouragement is to just keep working at it, you know, you’ve come a long way, uh, in gymnastics and that takes a lot of work, a lot of hours in the gym. We know we’d been there, um, but gymnastics is, is a completely different sport. Tumbling Tulsa so when you’re stepping into cheerleading, it’s not a step down by any means. It’s not like a dimmer, down version of demurred. Dumber doesn’t even, that sounds pretty dumb. It’s not a dumb down version of gymnastics. It’s like I said, it’s a sport within itself, a all on its own. And um, it, it does take time to, to understand the techniques.

Absolutely. The performance aspect of gymnastics and cheerleading is different too. In gymnastics you’re more serious. Um, and cheerleading, they expect you to have that big smile, goofy face making facials. Um, so it’s a whole different world when gymnastics gymnasts get into that. Tumbling Tulsa, sometimes they find that it’s funner for them. That’s not a word either,

which sounded dumber and dumber and dumber.

It is early. It is early morning, but we can do this. We can keep pushing through. Yeah, I know when I transitioned from gymnastics and cheer, uh, I definitely found my passion. I was a lot happier. I was more motivated to go to practices and work hard. Um, gymnastics might be for some people, cheerleading, might be for some people, but I think that it’s definitely good for gymnast to consider cheerleading at Sport and give it a try. Tumbling Tulsa, sometime

we did. We did and we loved it. So if you are a gymnast or a parent of a gymnast and you’re looking for more information about justice, tumbling company or myself and rusty, you can go to our website. It’s justice tumbling co.com.

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We’ll see you next time on Tulsa. A couple talk with Justice Campbell and company.