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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we are Tulsa tumbling experts, answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, coulton cruise and rusty breath fleur. And we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Now it’s a new year. And to start the year off, right. Tumbling Tulsa, we wanted to start it off by trying to better ourselves. And the way we did that was we had every school athlete give us an evaluation a on us as coaches. So today that’s what we’re going to be going over in this podcast is going over those evaluations. Why we did them and what they were.

Does evaluations, had athletes rate us and a scale from one to five are spotting our attitude and our overall coaching with one being the lowest. And uh, that’s like the worst human beings ever. And then five being perfect and we’re key. Just need to keep what we keep doing, what we’re doing.

No, they were also required to leave a comment, regardless of what they scored us Tumbling Tulsa we told them to be brutally honest and their comments, uh, Colton, why wouldn’t, why would we do that to ourselves?

That is a great question. Rusty. So in the tumbling coaches world, there’s really no way to hold anybody accountable for what they know or what they, what they experiences they actually have. Um, there is no certification that is needed to become a tumbling coach. Tumbling Tulsa with that being the case, you kind of get a lot of stragglers that come in who don’t really know what they’re talking about. Maybe have never even tumbled before. I know of a few coaches in Tulsa right now who have never tumbled ever in their lives that are teaching it and you don’t

necessarily have to have tumbled. But it definitely helps, especially when you’re trying to relate to a kid and an experience that they’re going through. And uh, definitely helps to have that perspective of doing the skill yourself.

Because how do you, Tumbling Tulsa, how do you deal with a mental block if you don’t, if you never dealt with the fear of tumbling and what Kinda got you in tumbling in the jump to being a tumbling coach in the first place if you’ve never tumbled. So here at justice trembling company, we believe that is important for a coach to humble themselves and be able to take criticism, um, and there’s really no other way to be held accountable. So these evaluations help us in our goal to become the best Oklahoma tumbling Jim, as well as the best national American tumbling Jim in the United States.

I like it was important for the athlete, parent and coach to realize that we are wanting to get better. If there is an issue or concern, um, this was the chance for the, to voice it so we can do something about it.

Tumbling Tulsa believe it or not, every time that we’ve brought it up to the coaches that were doing this evaluation, they are actually pleasantly surprised that we’re doing it. And so that shows that we are doing our part to make sure that we have the best product that is available in Tulsa, Oklahoma and then onto the United States in the world, the universe. And I am.

It does say that the dynamic duo that is rusting, Colton didn’t score anything lower than a three on any of our evaluations from our many schools.

That is right. And the majority of the scores were three fours and fives and we only had about two. One or two threes were so pretty good given to each of us. There wasn’t a single athlete who completely hated us and we understand that we can’t please everyone and they’re going to be those athletes who just for whatever reason don’t vibe well with a certain coach, but at least we’re able to do our part and trying to be the best tumbling coaches that we can be. Now when we get those scores, we actually, Tumbling Tulsa, what’s that word? Average average them up. We average them up and then we put them on our board, which is our goal board. We had talked about it in a couple of podcasts and so everybody’s actually able to see our average score. I think I’m at a four point four recipes at a four point nine, something like that.

Just like our athletes goals, holding them accountable, our scores up there kind of hold us accountable and we always want to continue to better ourselves and raise those scores. We’re going to continue to do this throughout the year, um, probably about twice a year just to see where we’re at and see what the athletes are thinking about what we’re doing.

And then we’ll ask, Tumbling Tulsa, you know, try to remember what you wrote last time and see if it’s changed this time. If it hasn’t been. We haven’t, we haven’t done our part, but if it has a reflect that in, in your comments at least

now Colton, what were some of the common or reoccurring comments we heard from our mini school athletes? Tumbling Tulsa this is from 250 athletes divided between eight different schools or teams.

Something that I got, I think probably three or four, maybe more times in these comments was that I was allowed counter and that sometimes I can be rude or negative Tumbling Tulsa

and that goes for both of us. We both got the root or negative we did. We did on the attitude portion. That was where we scored and maybe the lowest.

Yeah, I think that, um, I think that a lot of the way we react is more of a reaction to how the athlete is reacting. We are working to change it if we have that negative attitude or that rude attitude. Um, but whenever it comes down to my, like my background, Tumbling Tulsa, I was in the Marine Corps and I’m pretty straightforward and maybe not always meaning to be, but I am willing to work on that and, and we’re being so honest and open about it that we’re making a podcast about it. So I mean that says something about our integrity.

This is our passion. We absolutely love tumbling. This is our full time job. We don’t do anything else. So when we drive long distances to his school and we’d see people either warming up, lazy or just goofing off, not that we don’t want you to have fun, we absolutely want everybody to have fun, but it gets Tumbling Tulsa be a respect thing where it is something we respect so much that when we see the athlete warming up and after us correcting it or asking the same athletes to correct it, they almost don’t even try. So that’s the only time where our attitudes will reflect a negative attitude. But like I said, even with the comments on those, we are still trying to better ourselves to, if that happens, the approach we go about it to where kids don’t think we have bad attitudes or grumpy.

We and we do make promises to our athletes that are on those long drives. We use that time to kind of unwind from the rest of the day so that whenever they, whenever we walk in the door to work with them, Tumbling Tulsa. We don’t let anything outside affect us. Just like nothing outside should affect them. So, um, though we do work with lots of schools, we never let them, I’m kind of combine with how we treat the other one or the other, so whenever they get us we’re brand new and, and we start out with a, with high attitudes and try to keep it that way through the entire practice.

Tumbling Tulsa uh, the other common one with the loud counting at just like you said, he has a marine background. He’s, I’m not a loud person if anybody knows me. So my accounting usually is more mellow, but it is what it is. It’s not going to change if anybody knows Colton just when he talks he is more vocal and loud. And um, so as was counting is going to reflect that as well. Uh, some kids thrive off that though. Some kids absolutely need that energy.

He just had a private last night where his is counting, just wasn’t, wasn’t motivating them enough. So they asked me to come count and I’m happy to do that. But some kids, I don’t know what it is. It’s just loud and maybe Tumbling Tulsa

shocks them a little bit of. They’re not prepared much shock him,

but with every comment we get, whether it’s from athletes or just parents, we also have a comment and concern bowl at our, at our gym in the lounge so anybody can write it in an anonymous comment and kind of let us know how they’re feeling and we will always look at it objective and decide if we want to make that change. We, we are always open to that, so if you’re interested in finding out more about us, Colton and rusty, you can find us on our website. It’s just as Tumbling Tulsa dot com or you can find us on facebook and instagram and if you ever google account, you can leave us an objective google review to let us know how we’re doing.

We’ll see you next time on Tulsa public health with justice.