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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we are Tulsa tumbling experts, answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breadth, fleur, and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now today we’re going to be going over and covering another week of our experiences in Justice Timberland company. Tumbling Tulsa, we’ll be going over things that really stood out to us. We go from school to school as well as doing classes here at justice tumbling company. And so we’re just going to be going over those experiences and hopefully, uh, give you guys some motivation.

Now, first off, we want to thank all of our athletes we work with on their hard work these past couple of weeks. We know that coming back from a break, we just coming back from Christmas break, um, that it’s very hard to jump right back in to where you’re at in your tumbling. Tumbling Tulsa, these last couple of weeks. Everybody’s worked hard. We want to give a shout out to those athletes who didn’t take a break that came in and continued to grind even over the break.

Yes. Yes. Way to go. Way to go. And every break that we do have here in the local area, we will be having a camp or a clinic. So look out for those. Tumbling Tulsa, the next one coming up as our coop are cupids clinic. And what does the, it’s, it’s, it’s where, uh, you know cupid, the little little angel with the, with the bone arrow. Yeah. Yeah. He, so he’s coming by and he wants you to bring your crush. Uh, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your don’t even have to be a crash. It can just be a friend and it’s going to be someone who’s not really ever tumbled before. And if that’s the case, I mean we’ll, we’ll make sure that we train them the right way. It’ll be a fun experience and we find we’ll have pizza and some drinks and stuff like that. Um, so look out for those. Whenever you do have a break coming up, we’ll have something fun that you guys can get into so you’re not just sitting at home wishing you could be tumbling because we know that’s what you do.

Tumbling Tulsa all our coaches are usually in the gym doing privates all day.

Absolutely. Absolutely. So getting with your coach, your favorite coach and sign up for some privates and we’ll hook you up. Now. We do have an unnamed school that we work with. They faced a lot of adversity because they’ve lost half of their squad for mold

for different reasons, but throughout the year they’ve lost more than half.

I will, yeah, more than half. I mean they’re down to eight athletes I think. Um, and you know, other other cheerleaders are going to other sports because that’s kind of this kind of a time that happens. Tumbling Tulsa, but we want to shout out to them because they’ve stayed. I’m highly optimistic and even motivated enough to compete at nationals. Uh, so they’ve got a lot of hard work in and they’re staying motivated. And with a small group it’s hard to stay motivated on the competition floor.

It would be really easy for them to just all come in with that attitudes, especially because some of their tumbling was our very early in the morning, yes, but to still come in, the ones that are there want to come in looking for new skills and bettering themselves anyway they can. Now with it being competition season, one thing we’re seeing in a lot of our schools is preparing for those competitions, so usually around this time of the year, the way we do our school tumbling is a little different. We won’t come in and work a ton of new skills. All the skills we worked on and focus on are usually the skills in the routine and after we warm up those skills, it usually comes to full outs. Everybody, every athlete’s favorite word for Colton, for anybody who’s not in the know on cheerleading, what is a full out

well, so if you’ve never competed before, a full out is whenever you have your routine from your choreographer and you are, you are actually a performing that routine just like it was on the competition floor. Throwing every skill there is absolutely too. Yeah, and, and the skill that you’re supposed to be throwing, so not just kind of watering it down, throwing it all the way from top to bottom, Tumbling Tulsa it’s tough, it takes a lot of conditioning to get to that point. And so that’s why those full outs are really important because it is conditioning your body and learning

work with NGOs to compete. We believe that they’re tumbling scores, riff, reflect directly on us as coaches here at justice tumbling company. Um, so in these full outs at the schools, we are focusing on the athletes, not just completing those skills, but like Colton said, completing those skills to where they are going to be doing it exactly like they are.

Absolutely. Now with that, make sure you remember that justice trembling company. We’re not just tumbling coaches, we are, you’re kind of one stop shop for everything. Cheerleading related, Tumbling Tulsa, if you need stents to be cleaned up, we’ve got you covered. If you need a routine that needs some changes, no problem, we can handle it. Um, even if you have a scheduled a for a weekly time at your school, we’re there to help you and your coach with anything that you need.

Yes, we definitely pride ourselves on being the top tumbling and technique and the Tulsa area. But like you said, we can do it all.

Another pretty cool story from this week is we were working with a team on their tumbling on a basketball floor. Now we know that nobody likes tumbling on the basketball floor, but they had to because their JV and their middle school teams were using the other floors for choreography and this varsity squad had no other choice but to tumble on that would gym floor, Tumbling Tulsa, but that, believe it or not is something that we wish all of our athletes do at least once a month because we know it’s not something anybody wants to do, but it will certainly help you whenever you’re expected to tumble on basketball at basketball games.

Tumbling Tulsa it makes you a well rounded tumbler. I remember in high school I always took pride in. Everybody could throw stuff on the spring floor, even the just dead. Matt. So I always tried to push myself to tumbled people on the basketball court because nobody liked it.

Well, and and if you’re kind of a a as show off with your skills like rusty and I were the basketball gym is the perfect place to kind of show off because all the attention is on you. Whenever those basketball players kind of move off to their side to the size of the court, you can go out there and Kinda just show off your skills. That’s a very, Tumbling Tulsa, very well rounded athlete who can tumble exactly the same way on the basketball floor as they can on hard floor or spring floor.

Yeah, it’s cool to see the athletes who have really strong technique because if you have bad technique, the basketball courts definitely going to let you know. It’ll let your body know. Absolutely. Also new this week is our goal wall and it’s filling up fast with athletes weekly, monthly, and even their entire goals for the 2019 year out justice tumbling company. We believe it’s important to visualize their goals as a constant reminder Tumbling Tulsa. It holds you accountable and it makes you push a lot harder when everybody can see what you’re wanting to work on.

Absolutely. Something that I’ve been telling my athletes lately is to keep a tumbling journal. If you tumble for that day, take that journal, write in it right your experience in how you feel like it went and then kind of gives it some thought on why it went that way. If you’re able to write these things down, not just goals but things that you felt were uncomfortable in your tumbling that day at something that you’re able to overcome a little bit better, Tumbling Tulsa so make sure that you set goals and you write them down.

Tumbling Tulsa. Some of these goals are skill based. Some are just a competition based or making a certain team. The ones that are skill based. If you read the wall, a lot of them will say not just the skill, but get the skill consistency consistently, which is key, so kids will have the number seven and in parentheses, that means they’ve hit that skill seven times in a row, so the next time they’re in the gym, they’re going to try to beat that record.

I love that. I love that mentality. I’ve got an athlete who she has a goal that every private she has, Tumbling Tulsa she’s going to throw and land five standing Tux and the more we go, the more consistent that she’s going to be. And then speaking of goals, we have a notable quotable today. Rusty, go ahead.

Yes. This quote is by Michael Phelps. Have you ever heard of Mike?

I have. Is he your brother because you guys look awfully alike.

Believe it or not. I have been asked for an autograph while me and my wife are just out at dinner. Apparently. He looks like me a little bit more like my brother because my brother is taller than me, but he looks like you are. You look like him. I guess I would look like he is older than me now, Michael Phelps, he says, I think goals should never be easy. They should force you to work even if they are uncomfortable at the time. Tumbling Tulsa, that’s a good one. That’s a good one. Just because most of the time those goals are uncomfortable. It’s not something that’s going to be easy. It’s not something that you’re just going to a wake up and get it. It’s something you’ve got to put a lot of work and hours into for sure. Otherwise, what’s the point of setting it as a goal? So if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice, tumbling company or rusty and Colton, please check out our website. It’s justice tumbling, [inaudible] dot com. Or you can find this on instagram and facebook and if you have a google account, we’d love it. If you left us an objective Google review. Let us know how we’re doing. We’ll see you next time on Tulsa. Humble. Talk with justice tumbling company.