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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we are Tulsa tumbling experts, answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We’re your hosts, coulton cruise and rusty breath fleur, and we are the owners of justice tumbling company and Beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma, and today we’re going to go over some experiences that happened throughout the week, whether it be private classes or with one of our schools. Here’s a fun fact that might blow your mind rest. I don’t know if you knew this, but justice tumbling company works with more schools than any other tumbling Jim in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Do you know that? Tumbling Tulsa? Yeah, it’s. It’s a true thing. True thing. So we’ve got lots of experiences that we’re going to share with you guys and hopefully sharing these experiences will help you in something that maybe you’re dealing with day to day that no one really knows about.

Now Colton, did you have any experiences that really stood out to you this week? I have, so one that really stands out to me is a private that I work with. She’s also an all star cheer leader who has no school cheering hard floor experience. So we gear all of her privates to the all star type of cheerleading and tumbling. Now, if it’s the athlete, I’m thinking of Colton, is this athlete coming back from an injury? It is, yes. You’re thinking of the right one. Tumbling Tulsa she did. She, she had an injury and now we’re released and trying to come back. Not trying to put a lot of pressure on that injury, um, where we’re taking it slow and one of the things that she’s needing is a standing tuck. So luckily the injury that she has allows her to work standing tumbling and we’re still able to work on her mental conditioning, you know, feeling good about herself, making sure that she stays positive and able to be confident and stay optimistic in her tumbling.

So we started out with the regular warmups, you know, and then working on the standing Tux, she landed two standing tux. And uh, she just really wasn’t really happy with them. Like it was a big deal that she landed them, but she did not have that reaction that I was hoping she would. And then the next couple of weeks after she was laying, after she landed them, um, we’re just going downhill fast and it all comes back to her attitude. Tumbling Tulsa, so I tried to encourage her, make her feel better about how far she’s come since that injury. And, and to be honest, sometimes it doesn’t work, sometimes it doesn’t help it. It’s something that an athlete is dealing with deep down inside and just a little bit of optimism doesn’t really go the direction that you want it to. Coming back from an injury can be one of the hardest things.

There isn’t a tumbling career, but once an athlete does that, it makes them mentally strong for the rest of their career and tumbling and in life. And for anybody who has come back from an injury, you’ll know that, uh, to overcome that pretty much means you can overcome anything with tumbling. What about you, rusty? Now? I’ve had Tumbling Tulsa, in the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a common trend on people trying to get fulls when we started these athletes with foals, their basics and their drills into the folds. The belly drills are there. Halves looked really, really pretty. And over a period of time, whether it’s getting ready for tryouts, the nerves, they’ve gotten into some bad habits of rushing their spin or feet apart. Um, we’ve been having them go back and kind of start back where they were out there basics because if they were able to do those basic strong when they were first learning, just trying to get them back into that habit.

I’m glad you made that point because I have an athlete who’s dealing with the same thing where when she first started working belly drills and working her fools, she focused on technique and now she’s trying to rush and get ahead of herself on that full. And we’re going to have to take a step back and start working on belly drills again. Just to reinforce that, uh, that foundation that we had talked about in our podcast about foundations taking a step back is never a bad thing. It’s a lot better than reinforcing those bad habits and just doing the same wrong thing over and over and over again. Tumbling Tulsa with anything in life, whenever you step back and you look at things as a whole, you get a clearer picture and then you can kind of tackle exactly what you need to accomplish and get through it so much easier.

What about you? Do you have any, um, any private classes that stand out to you? Uh, I have three different private stock kind of stand out in their, ranging from beginner in preschool all the way to level five advanced. Tumbling Tulsa, the level five athlete I was working with, she has beautiful tumbling. Her main thing is getting comfortable with that tumbling, making sure that double is the same every time. So she knows that landing is going to be the same every time. That way we can progress and start trying new skills or specialty through to doubles. She should definitely listen to our podcast about committing and consistency. Then hopefully that’ll help her out. I also have an athlete who is needing to get comfortable with her tumbling and she’s, she’s learned really, really quickly. I mean she’s gone from round off, back handsprings to working round off, back handspring fools and only eight months.

So it’s really, Tumbling Tulsa really quick. She was one of those athletes that didn’t have to spend a lot of time on each skill and progressions kind of just came naturally to her, but now the fools have shown a little bit of a challenge for her just because she doesn’t have the experience, you know, sometimes you get competence just by experience rather than just landing the skill. Uh, and, and so that experience isn’t quite there like I wished it was, but it is time to sit back and recalibrate and look at her tumbling in a different light. And then I think she’ll help. It’ll help her get her confidence back. My second one, she is dealing with a block, so we’re trying to deal with that block was not looking at it as a problem or something that’s wrong with her looking at it as more of a challenge and this is the first week we’re in our private.

We made it through the entire half hour private with no stops at all. Wow. That’s huge. Tumbling Tulsa that was a huge accomplishment for her as an athlete, but also me as a coach to let me know that whatever we’ve been doing has been working. That was on her goal list for last private. We did and she accomplished that this week on our goal wall. Uh, yeah. Awesome. On our new goal wall at the gym by the way. Yeah. So we’re, we’re having athletes put their, their goals on this wall and then whenever it’s completed will write complete, enter it, and then the date when you visualize a goal, it holds you a little bit more accountable to doing it, especially if it’s on a wall where everybody can see it. In speaking of goals, I have a very, very young athlete. She is a level one but couldn’t be level two athlete, um, and I was working with her and one of our classes and I said it was, it was coming down to the end of the class and I said, okay, avi, we’ve got all these specialty passes that you’ve been working on today, what is it you want to do?

And she said, I want to work on Tux. And so I, Tumbling Tulsa, I said, okay, well let’s, let’s see what you can do. Let’s, let’s try it. So I started working a little bit of drills with her and uh, of course, you know, the first time she goes to actually try it, she likes to throw that. She threw that head straight back and I think you saw that too, didn’t you? Um, but, you know, it’s good to have that goal. She’s only seven years old. And so whenever she told me that, it made me feel good to know that she’s, she’s not afraid, she wants to keep pushing. And it is important with athletes right out that learning stage or that age to be really positive and uplifting. That way when they are ready to work, start working on those skills, they have a positive memory about it.

Not some negative stressful. I got yelled at because I did one thing wrong and that goes into my last experience because I rarely get to work with preschoolers anymore, but I did actually have a preschool. Private who first time in our gym. Never really done any kind of structured tumbling before. Yeah, she was. She was five years old, right? Five years old, five years old and taller than most seven year old. But she came in. So the main thing we worked on were those fundamentals to really get her ready for her tumbling career if it is something she was interested in, but making sure she had fun and a good experience to where she wants to come back to our gym. Absolutely. If you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company, visit our website@justicetumblingco.com. Tumbling Tulsa Or you can find us on facebook and Instagram, and if you have a google account, we would love it if you left us an objective google review. We’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumbled top with justice tumbling company. Yes, we will.