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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tumbling Tulsa show where we are Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breadth, fleur, and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, now today we’re going to be going over a topic that we’ve been asked a lot actually. Um, why does justice tumbling company not have an all star program? That’s a great question. We, we chose specifically to focus only on tumbling and not have an all star program. So the question is why? Why did we decide that

now? You’ve heard us say it a lot in almost every podcast that we are not affiliated with an all star gym. Tumbling Tulsa that’s not to say that we don’t have any all star experience. Me and Colton both come from an all star background and we’ve worked at multiple all star gyms and in our experience we’ve seen how the All star program can kind of dominate and take over to where the recreational tumbling gets kind of pushed to the side and it’s kind of an afterthought.

We’ve also seen school programs become, you know, second or third in line in priority because of the things that are going on in the all star world and not to take away from any allstar gems, but that’s their focus. That’s their billboard, that’s what brings people to their gym. So they’re going to focus on that. But what we wanted to do is focus on the individual rather than teams. We wanted to see an individual athlete and say, what can we help you with? Tumbling Tulsa um, what is it you need for your school, for your all star, for your college, whatever it might be.

Yes. We’re training athletes on an athlete to athlete basis. We want what’s best for them, like Colton third, whether they’re all star or school. Uh, we are still training the same technique that we taught when we were out all star gems, so there’s no reason that there shouldn’t be any conflict there. Tumbling Tulsa, we want to have a good relationship with every all star gym in the area so we can have open lines of communication to where if I know an all star athlete I’m working with goes to a certain gym that I can contact that coach and say they’re doing great here, but when they’re at practices there anything and they’re struggling on that, we kind of need to focus on when they’re at our gym.

Right. And you know, if we had an all star program, we wouldn’t be able to do these podcasts. We would be so packed with time, we would have so much going on. But this allows us to focus on one subject, one specific part of cheerleading and we can expand that and magnify all those little details. So I, Tumbling Tulsa I’ve become a better coach just since I’ve owned my own gym. I haven’t had to worry about other things such as who’s competing this weekend or whatnot.

Justice, tumbling companies, school program is very important to us and we’ve noticed when it came to all star, when we would, when we worked for all star, when we would go to school tumbling, um, we would get a great response from half the kids, but if from the other half of kids that went to a competing all star gym a, they almost wouldn’t even listen to anything we say or acknowledge any of our corrections just because they know that we worked for the gym that they compete against. So now us being justice tumbling, focusing only on tumbling and the school when we were at that school were a 100 percent behind that school. We’re not interested in one athlete who’s the most talented and trying to get them to come beyond an all star team. Uh, we tell our athletes at all the schools, we don’t care where they tumbled, we’d love for them to tumble out our gym obviously. Tumbling Tulsa, we just want them tumbling as much as possibly as long as it’s in a safe and fun environment.

Tumbling Tulsa that’s what really sets us apart because we don’t have that all star program athletes who are allstar cheerleaders at other gyms around the area. They feel comfortable with us because they know we’re not trying to recruit them or you know, we, we’re not competing with them on that bent upcoming competition.

We’re not trying to get the inside scoop on what their routines like.

Right? Right.

And you’ve heard us say it time and time again that this is a judgment free and stress free environment. Um, we want athletes to be able to come in and tumble a knowing that they’re not being watched by maybe their all star coach and having that in the back of their head out with every pass they do that, Tumbling Tulsa, my coaches watching me do this and if it’s not perfect, they think they’re going to get yelled at. Or the coaches are going to remember that in their next practice and bring up, well, why were you working in this and our private when you’re not able to hit this in a routine, or we just want athletes to be able to come in, find their passion for tumbling cause. That’s what tumbling is supposed to be about. It’s supposed to be fun. It is a sport like everything else, but it should be your getaway. If you have problems at home or if you’ve had a tough day at school, anything like that, you should be able to just come in, leave your stress out the door, and just enjoy a hobby of tumbling.

Let your tumbling effect your life. Don’t let your life affect your tumbling.

Boom. That is a mind blower right there and you know whenever you go to these big allstar gems, they usually have lots of coaches. They have coaches from different backgrounds, from different experiences, and with us at justice tumbling company, you’re getting just us and anyone who we have given that seal of approval from for teaching tumbling.

You’re not going to have one coach tell you to do something and then go to a different coach and then tell you to do almost the complete opposite. Here at justice. We follow a certain guideline that we work on weekly to where we’re always trying to better ourselves, but we have that core guideline that we stick to no matter what. So anybody we hire, Tumbling Tulsa even if they’ve coached in the past, they kind of got to adjust their coaching to our style.

One of our very first podcast is progressions. And that’s something that as much as so many gyms preach it, that’s not what they actually teach. We actually just had new parents that came into the gym yesterday and they brought both of their daughters in, Tumbling Tulsa, and they’ve been to multiple other gems in the past. And so after they, um, the class was done, I kind of sit down and talk with them and asked them what their thoughts were and how they felt about it. And you know, they said that they could tell that we’re not just trying to rush them through skills. We’re trying to give them good. Uh, a good foundation for tumbling, which is so awesome because that’s exactly what we talk about in our podcast about progressions

here at justice tumbling company. Our main priority right now is our school tumbling program and our rec classes. That’s not to say down the line that we won’t change some things because we have a lot of ideas for the future of this company and what we want it to be Tumbling Tulsa, if we do end up having an all star program, it’s going to be its own separate building. It’s own separate business because we never want to be like anybody else and have all started dominate our lives.

All in all, we don’t want it to sound like we’re bashing all star programs. They do have a specific place in cheerleading and we love all star gyms and if we ever open up our own all star gym, like we said, it will be separate, separate coaches, separate buildings, separate businesses altogether. Tumbling Tulsa we want to focus on athletes individually and then send them over to our all star program so that, that those athletes can succeed as a team. So if you’re interested in finding out more about us, justice, tumbling company, or rusty and Colton, please visit our website, which is justice tumbling co.com,

or you can visit us on facebook and Instagram, or if you have a google account, we would love it if you left us and objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing.

We’ll see you next time on Pilsen tumbled. Talk with