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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, coulton cruise and rusty breath fleur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. So we’ve talked about how to prepare for tryouts on a previous podcast and today we’re going to be talking about how to prepare for competitions. That’s nice and of course we’ll be going over both competitions with your school as well as your all star competitions. Tumbling Tulsa That is Correctomundo my friend. You know, this is a pretty important topic and with it being competition season for pretty much everyone we work with, we wanted to go over what to do and how to prepare for those compositions as well as what not to do.

Now we don’t have an all star team but we work with a lot of athletes that are getting ready for both school and competition season, so we do a lot of preparation for that. In Our classes in privates, we’ve all seen or heard crazy rituals people have to do before they perform. I’ve heard of everything from listening from one song over and over again to wearing the same socks that have never been washed before. Competition. That is absolutely disgusting. Tumbling Tulsa I mean everybody does have their own traditions that they have to do before they compete. I know Resi is kind of to sit in total silence on the bus and everybody knew not to talk to him. I’m in my zone. I still do that sometimes out at mine. Mine was just music. Um, it helped me escape and get into the zone and I also never warmed up my tumbling before, before a performance.

And so whenever I was forced to, it kind of threw me off. That drives me crazy. I have so many athletes that do that. They just don’t warm up. They just Yolo it out on the floor, you know? Now being a coach, I think that was a terrible idea for me. But, Tumbling Tulsa, but back then I was like, I’m a teenager. I know exactly what I’m talking about it I know myself, I know my body, I. I know what I can do now. We’ve also recorded a podcast about being on top of your game, which has a lot of good information that can be useful for when you’re performing at your competition, but let’s talk about what you should be doing before that moment. You step out onto that NCA floor or that long car ride or plane ride to cheer sport or before you even pack your bag.

For Disney world, this is what it comes down to. The best way to prepare is to be prepared. I think I’ve heard that. Yeah. This, this again, this again, to be the best, you have to prepare like the best and the best works on their skills all year round. A man preach it. They tumbled during Christmas break. They scheduled privates over spring and they are in the gym every day. They can be of summer break. Now, Tumbling Tulsa by no means are we trying to guilt trip you in any way, but in this world nothing is given. Everything comes at a cost and you have to decide how bad you want to win and what you’re willing to give up to get it a mind blown. Right? That’s a big one. Big One. I literally had a parent yesterday. I asked about her daughter getting skills and how fast they get skills.

I said, we never promise that athlete will get a skill or a timeframe that an athlete will get a skill. But, um, I believe that it all comes down to how bad an athlete wants to train for it. I think every athlete is definitely capable of getting every skill there is. It’s just how many hours they’re willing to put in. And that doesn’t mean put in as many hours for the two weeks before your competition. No, that’s that year round training that Colton was talking about. Tumbling Tulsa if you’re truly passionate about tumbling, it’s very easy to put in that extra work. It’s all about priority is we wake up every morning with one thing on our minds to be the best coaches in Oklahoma, and eventually the entire United States, uh, we are constantly preparing to be the best at every class where you coach. It’s almost an obsession that doesn’t come overnight.

We have to force it. We have to want it so bad that you’ll give up everything to get that title, that trophy, that jacket or that ring. I love that. We don’t want you to be the cheerleader that waits to work on your skills or cancels privates up until it’s competition time. Tumbling Tulsa, and then when you try to get in as many classes and privates as he can as possible, it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll get exactly what you need in that short amount of time and then be able to execute it safely on the competition floor. You’ll be risking your entire tumbling career by using this method. Now we may be a little biased in this because we do own our own gym, but we want what’s best for our athletes. Wherever they’re tumbling, whether it’s at home, add another gym, putting in those extra hours.

I just love to see athletes tumbling and having fun. Tumbling. Absolutely. We work with school teams and a lot of those athletes, um, their all star cheerleaders and so they only take their tumbling classes at their all star gym, which is fine because whenever we’re at their schools, we’re still seeing growth hopefully. Anyway. Tumbling Tulsa, we’re training technique. The same technique we taught back when we did work at all star gems. We’re still teaching that technique, but like we talked about, we’re always trying to better ourselves just like our athletes. We never want to get to a place where us as coaches are stagnant in our learning or our progression as coaches ourselves. So we’re always looking up stuff we can. Anything we can research, we can do, finding out new coaching techniques, drills or anything like that. And that includes coaches, conferences, anything that we can do to better ourselves.

And we want that same mentality for all of our athletes. We want to come into every class, clinic, school training a private with a purpose, a plan, not just winging it and just showing up and we want to show up and have every athlete’s different. So have that class prepared in advance. So like we were talking about before coming in and doing classes right before your competition, some athletes may be able to get that skill back for their competition. Tumbling Tulsa, but it’s definitely rare in most cases. They get the skill for that one competition and never come back to continue working on it afterwards and then have to relearn it again and again for tryouts or another competition comes around or whatever, where we are just being brutally honest. But it’s tough love. We want you to be the best and we may not always say what you want to hear, but you will always hear from us what you need to hear.

We don’t want to be those coaches that sugar coat it. And if you’re doing something that may hurt you in the long run, say, Oh, you okay, good job. You know, let’s try it again or give you false expectations of what you can do out on the floor, Tumbling Tulsa, you want to get your reps and in classes or privates and not just wanting to get that adrenaline rush because that’s where over rotating comes in or right get those reps in before your competition. Listen, you know that we love all of you and we appreciate the hard work that you put into your tumbling and your practices because that’s why we do it. We love seeing you grow as an athlete. We see teams grow as a team. We love seeing you guys winning at your competitions. And if there’s anything that you guys need from us, please let us know.

You can always email us@infoatjusticetumblingco.com. And then if you’re interested in finding out more about us, rusty or Colton or justice tumbling company, you can, you can look us up on our website. Please do. Whereas what is justice tumbling co.com or we have this thing is social media. Tumbling Tulsa. Yeah. Have to facebook or instagram or google if you have a google account. We would love it if you left us and objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing and what exactly is objective for St. it’s an unbiased review like a. It can be a bad review. We just want to know if there’s something we can improve on. Let us know. If we need to get better. Whatever it takes, we will do it or if you like what we’re doing and let us know. Yeah, yeah. That. That’s preferred to know a little thumbs up or down. Either way. Absolutely. We’re just trying to fit some more time in this podcast and read the last thing. We will see you next time on justice tumbling cup. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. That’s wrong. That’s wrong. We will see you next time on

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