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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we are Tulsa tumbling experts, answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breadth and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Welcome to update weekly update number four, weekly update number four. Now I’m on these weekly updates. We go over some things that we, that really stood out for us for that week. Tumbling Tulsa the big one for us was we had a, uh, a tumbling clinic in Nixa, Missouri at Allstar patriots

three hour drive, three hours to get there, but it’s definitely worth it. Group kids, great group of kids, great coaches, all around fun experience.

Now of course, this is also the same week as NCAA nationals. Tumbling Tulsa, so we had some teams that were there. We want to give out a shout out, shout out, give a shout out to uh, Waso varsity. They took home the jacket, uh, twice actually in two different divisions. And so a great job on their part and all the other teams that competed. Um, we are, we are proud of you and your performances.

Yes. The Tulsa area, Oklahoma definitely represented out in ca. I think it was about like six or seven different teams brought home in ca jackets this weekend. So congrats to everybody.

So now we’re going to be going over our tumbling camp in Nixon, Missouri. Tumbling Tulsa, kind of give you our thoughts on, on how it went and why we think that going over this will benefit every body we work with and every team we work with as a whole.

No, like we said at the beginning, we want to give a shout out to the all star Patriots coaches there. Majority of them are all women. Tumbling Tulsa, they definitely are doing their job though. Teaching technique. One thing we see in every level that we worked with, his strong technique, especially in those basics which we love here at justice tumbling company. Because if you’ve listened to our podcast, we touch on basics quite a bit.

Now. This is our third time going down and working with the all star Patriots. It’s kind of a every other month basis that we’re able to go down and work with them. Um, and the first time we went we were absolutely blown away. All of their timing was incredible. I mean just from slap clap to step in and all the way through, their timing was just always on a as well as their sets. They have some of the highest sets that we’ve, Tumbling Tulsa that we’ve seen and they have the sets that we train here at justice tumbling company.

And the reason that is, is there levels is the highest level out there. Jim is I think a senior level three. Yep. Tumbling Tulsa, so level three as, as high as they go. So when we go down there, we get to work more of those advanced skills and bring a lot of the technique we teach in the advanced skills to these girls that are already being drilled, beginner technique. So it’s very easy for us to come in there and develop skills quickly.

So, I mean, I think it’s awesome that these girls have such high level skills with technique and even even they’re hot, they’re senior level three, like some of them would be able to walk into any at level five program and I think that coaches would be very impressed with their technique. So, uh, they’re, they’re doing a great job over there, so we love going to all star Patriots and working with them.

Now when we’re at these camps, we break it into four different groups. Tumbling Tulsa, we do two hours each and every group, so it’s a very long day for me and Colton. But it is definitely fun for us. It’s a group of kids. Um, we’ve seen new faces every time we get. It seems like every time we’ve gone the clinic has gotten bigger and bigger. Uh, so in those four groups we do beginner and these are the younger beginners and then we do second group is kind of the older beginner kids. Then we go intermediate and advanced.

Now with the first group that we worked with that was going, that was beginner and they were the young beginners and they, they had been taught proper technique and uh, you know, they’re still young, so they’re, they’re trying to understand their body and how it works. Tumbling Tulsa so we had to kind of go over a little bit of that, but most of it was them just picking up, picking up back handsprings and throwing those back handsprings and uh, and they had the, they definitely had the skill. I think it was just the confidence that they didn’t have, that they were just kinda lacking just a little bit. And um, as, as we all know, confidence is a big part of tumbling.

Mike Reset at the beginning. These coaches are great at their jobs. So for us, if a kid did get something new, it was probably, we probably said the same thing their coaches did. Just having that different pair of eyes or maybe we worded it different or we did bring some of our equipment, maybe the equipment. We brought in some drill. We set up really a registered with that kid to get them confident with that skill, but that beginner group was a really fun group to work with Tumbling Tulsa and the next was the, the older beginner group

and that’s a little different because some of these girls are older. We did a podcast on it, kind of about older kids starting in cheerleading. It’s awkward for maybe like a 16 year old who’s as tall as me and Colton to be in that first beginner group with kids that are literally up to their waist because some of those girls were babies and uh, so these older kids might require a little bit more of a hands on spotting which they might not get at their gym otherwise, Tumbling Tulsa, before we left. One thing we did go over with that group is drills that they can set up on their own with the equipment they have at the gym. That way when we’re not there, they’re still using the drills they would use if they were coming in and doing a class or a private with us. That way when we do come back for our camp, hopefully we get invited back, um, when we do go back that they were still able to work on some stuff, on their own.

Something I did see from that second beginner group, which is the older kids, was that they were very comfortable throwing stuff on the tumble track, but whenever it came to throwing stuff on the mat or on the floor, even with the spot, they were uncomfortable with it. They, Tumbling Tulsa was out of their comfort zone. And um, and like I said, their confidence was kind of lacking there. And so something to remember, it Kinda goes back to something we’ve touched base on a lot. Do not get so comfortable with the tumble track or the trampoline that you’re trying to use the same technique on the ground because it’s not going to work for you. It’s like, it’s like I said before, if you’re lifting 200 pounds underwater, it’s going to be easy. It’s gonna feel like 20 pounds. But as soon as you pull that, that 200 pounds out of the water, you’re going to have a hard time with it. Tumbling Tulsa it’s the same thing with tumble tracks and trampolines.

Yes. I love that analogy. Great analogy. I’m moving on from there. Where the intermediate athletes, these athletes were mostly kids who are really strong on their beginner in their backhand springs and just learning to flip. Um, there were a few in that group that actually got to move on to layouts and got to work the layouts for the first time ever. So a lot of new skills in this group. But one thing I noticed in this group, I remember one girl exactly got a round off Tuck last camp. We were there, so that was a month and a half ago. And the first thing I said to her was awesome. I remember you got that round off talk. Have you continued to be throwing it? Tumbling Tulsa she said she hadn’t thrown it or worked on it since we left. So instead of that athlete being able to come into this new clinic and moving onto one to tax or hopefully the way out, we had to spend almost that entire two hours again, getting comfortable throwing that round off Tuck. So we tried to remind those kids out, whatever they learned, whatever they gain with us though, it’s important that they maintain that and continue to condition it

and that’s something that our high school at groups have heard from us over and over and over again. We we’ll get a skill and then that next week we’ll come back. It will be like, okay, time for warmups, go ahead and throw your new skill and there’ll be like, Tumbling Tulsa. I need a spot again. And then we’ll spend that entire practice trying to get back, get them back to where they were learning that skill for the first time. And so you have to. You have to keep up on your skills. It’s something that you constantly have to do. Now in that intermediate group last time we were there, that same intermediate group, there was a girl who had never thrown around a backhand spring tuck before in her life and she was able to get it while we were there working with her now

and while we were there working with her, she threw it probably like 10 times

perfect. Tumbling Tulsa maybe even 20. She had thrown it over and over and over again and yeah,

prettiest one to talk to you. What I’ve ever ever seen it. Just that last one. As soon as we were getting ready, we were kind of doing our show and tell for the parents. Colton, go ahead.

Well, unfortunately she was that first pass to go and I’m in that show and tell at the very end and there were lots of parents around. There were lots of cameras out, you know, everybody was really hyped and there was a lot of pressure on her and she went to go throw her roundup up back hand, Spring Tuck, and she sat probably higher than she had that entire day and instead of pulling her knees over, she kicked heels to butt and that one thing that happened that felt differently than it had before, Tumbling Tulsa all the other times that she had thrown it it, it freaked her out and she completely bailed in the middle of our tuck and it was definitely a catastrophic fall.

Definitely been doing this a long time and it was one of the worst bail falls I’ve seen in a very, very long time. It was, she didn’t show back up at this clinic though, smiling, ready to go, but in that warmups that as everybody started flipping a, I went over and talked to her a little bit and not jumping right back into it. Just trying to have a rebound up into her arms, preparing for the flip. Even the, uh, almost had a breakdown, like she started shaking crying and we get it. We understand it’s definitely a scary, especially coming back from a catastrophic fall, but after the two hours, that kid was definitely comfortably throwing that one to tuck again. Tumbling Tulsa.

Yeah. Big shout out to her. She overcame a lot of fear by throwing the past again that she had fallen so hard on. Tumbling Tulsa, and that is a lesson to all the tumblers out there who have taken falls, who might be stuck in mental blocks. It’s not, it’s not a physical wall. It’s not an actual barrier keeping you from throwing that, that tumbling skill. It’s in your own head. And if you can get out of that space, out of that spot, you’re going to be able to throw these skills and, and like I’m sure your coaches had told you it’s not that you can’t do it physically, it’s that we’re not able to do it mentally just yet.

Yes. She could have easily have spent that two hours just blocking the entire time. But literally after warmups she was hungry for that skill again. And she really pushed herself to get it.

Every time I would go to spot her, I could tell that she’s like talking to herself. She was, her mouth was moving through her, through her hurdle and everything while she was running. And I asked her, I said, what are you, what are you saying to yourself? And she said, just do it. Tumbling Tulsa, just do it, just do it. And she kept repeating that over and over and over again. So, um, I think it’s awesome. I think it shows her character and I think that that is not only going to take her far in tumbling, it’s going to take her far into adulthood.

Absolutely. Absolutely. And the last group is the advanced group and this group, like we said, they don’t get to work a ton of advanced skills. So a lot of this group was just foals, foals drills for Phil Fools, a lot of belly drills. But also, I know this, Tumbling Tulsa, Jim’s goal is to have a level four team. So one, one corner was working nothing but fools the level five. And then the other corner was really trying to perfect their, all their level four skills, uh, whether it as the specialty passes or the standing that way that if they do have that level four team, they’re tumbling is already at that level.

Tumbling Tulsa remember, this is, this is a senior level three team and there are some girls on this senior level, three team working doubles, so punch front through to double. I don’t know anybody around our local area who’s a level five team who would be humble enough to drop down to a level four team and work their butt off and still compete. And they have a full team of girls. It’s just incredible. The attitudes of these athletes are incredible. They’re humble, they know they’re good, but they’re not, they’re not overconfident. They listen and they take every single, um, critique and correction to heart and they apply it to the next time that they go. We, we just really love working with all of these groups.

Said, me and Colton are good at our jobs, but we’re not miracle workers. The reason that every group gets new skills when we go down there is because that, that attitude, he said like where you go in there, we have two hours and those kids know we’re only there for two hours. So they sit there and work their butts off for two hours. A lot of kids we work with at our gym or maybe we’ve worked with for quite a long time are comfortable with us, so they almost don’t respect that time as much as these kids do, Tumbling Tulsa which is awesome for us to see.

Yeah. Like we say at the end of every podcast, we always mention it to parents and athletes as well. We love it whenever people can give us an objective google review and we went from 88 before that camp, um, to now we have 115. And so yeah, yeah, we, we surpassed our goal. Our goal was to have 100 google reviews and, and we went way beyond that. We weren’t expecting so many parents to leave those reviews. Tumbling Tulsa, and so I think that goes to show that what justice, tumbling company stands for is unique compared to any other gem that you might be working with or working at. We are able to go into other allstar gyms and teach camps and teach a technique and get athletes new skills without the worry of bias against other gyms. So we love that. We can do that and we hope that there are other gyms around the Tulsa area that we can do the same thing for.

Absolutely. So if you’re at your next allstar competition, Tumbling Tulsa I recommend looking out for all star Patriots, watch their level three team and I promise you will see the technique we are talking about.

So if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company or Colton and rusty, go ahead and check us out on our website. That’s justice tumbling co.com.

Or you can find us on facebook and instagram or like we said, if you have a google account, we would love it if you left us an objective Google review and let us know how we’re doing.

We’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumbled talk with justice tumbling company.