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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we, your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, so today’s topic, today’s podcast topic is being a justice school and what exactly that means.

That’s, we love our justice schools. We love our school programs. Uh, we used to be heavily involved in all star and it took a big turn to where the majority of the athletes we work with now are school cheerleaders. Absolutely. It’s a whole different ballgame.

It does. You know, I, I love working with schools because most of the time, Tulsa Cheerleading , you’re, you’re dealing with kids who, you know, all they’ve known as hard for it. Not all the time, but some of the time all they learned as or known as hard floor. And so when they go to spring flow, like it’s weird for them. Uh, every now and then you’ll get it. Get some athletes like that, it’s just weird. And so they like working hard floor because, and that’s great because whenever they get into college, that’s what you’re going to be focusing on.

And a hard floor takes a lot of muscle, takes a lot of technique, a lot of body control. Um, the spring floor in those springs can Tulsa Cheerleading , give you a shortcut sometimes, uh, give you a little help.

Well, and that’s exactly why we started our hard floor class was for athletes who, you know, have no use for spring floor. Um, and so they wanted to only work hard floor getting ready for competitions for their schools, getting ready for tryouts or even college.

Yeah. We just had to open another hard floor.

We did growing going on like crazy. Uh, so the whole point of this podcast is to kind of give you some information on how to become a justice school. And we understand that there are schools all over Tulsa that are already working with a, a tumbling coach from other, another gym. Um, but even, even so, we offer a one hour for free. We come to your school, you check us out, you see what, what that justice difference is all about. And uh, in our last podcast, it was weekly updates, number six, and we talked about a new school that we had gone to. Now we’re getting to the point where schools are actually like asking us to come and, and check out their tumbling, um, and, and work with them. So that’s really exciting for us.

It always used to be we would have to reach out and then get out there, get our names and our faces in front of athletes, but Tulsa Cheerleading , from just word of mouth and just looking us up. Yeah. We’re definitely getting people looking out. So we are going to be getting very busy.

Oh yeah, yeah. Uh, but we love, we love it. We couldn’t be happier with where we’re at and where we’re going and, and uh, and so with, to, to be a justice school, you can, you can go to our and you can type in your information and uh, it’ll have like a little comment box and type in that comment box that you are a coach or you are an athlete and you want us to come and give your school a free tumbling session, um, with the flipper ruskies Colton and rusty. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. And uh, and we’ll come to your school and we will show you exactly how we run every school that we work with. Um, if nothing else, you get a free tumbling and tumbling out of it. Right? Even if you are working with somebody else, let us come show you that we, uh, we offered different, different things and, and we are not a one size fits all program. We tell every coach that because every school is different. Every school we go to is different. They have different, a different direction or they have different competitions or they have completely different schedules. And so, uh, we will, we will mold to pick

your guys as needs. And we’ve touched on this a little bit on some podcasts cause we have done 51 now. Um, but we’re going to go and do a really deep dive on what it means to be the school of what we do at those schools and not just tumbling. We can offer anything that the school needs.

We tell before we, Tulsa Cheerleading , we schedule a time with a school. The school, the coach knows that whenever they’re getting us, they’re not just getting tumbling coaches. They are getting the highest quality of cheerleading, uh, expertise in Tulsa. We know everything from jumps to cleaning up routines. We know what the judges are looking for for these routines. We know what, Tulsa Cheerleading , what judges are looking for at tryouts. We’ve done it, we’ve been there. Um, and uh, and so we can help each individual athlete reach that. Uh, their peak for their performance is for the competitions are the, the tryouts or you know, going on to college. Uh, and, and so whether it’s tumbling or, or stance, we work status, we’ve, we’ve worked all that stuff. Um, and so that kind of sets us apart.

Yes. When we’re there, we’re whatever the coach needs. I mean, we’re just there to take some stress off of them in any situation they have.

And we, we, you know, it’s, we’re, we’re kind of proud to say that we have coaches that whenever we were in their gym, like they go in and they lock themselves in the, in their office and they’ve got, they’re super busy. They’re dealing with, so if you, if you think one of our school has, has like 68 athletes, um, that’s at least at least one parent per athlete that this coach is having to deal with. So, uh, the amount of people that these coaches have to, um, you know, I do direct dealings with on a daily basis is a lot. So whenever we’re there for them to be able to kind of relax and um, and do something else other than pick what they got to do for that, that day. It takes a lot of stress off of them.

So like Dalton said, uh, before we even get a tumbling, we’ll meet with the coach. We want to sit down and let them know what we’re about. Get in front of their athletes, will give them that free tumbling. After that you can a, we’re the only gym around that has the option of bringing equipment to the gym. Some gyms, some schools don’t even have mats, like basic cheer roll now and provide that and we can provide that. We’ve uh, we’ve bring our air floor, the cheese mats. It’s easier for kids to learn on our hard for when they have some mats to land on. Um, easier to build confidence. So we have that option to bring. Um, we started out $40 to work with, uh, work with the school. If firstly, per athlete, if the school has another program, like a Jv, eighth grade, even younger than that, we can do every age group there is, we do take $5 off the monthly price for every program they give us. Yeah.

So if you, if you have a JV varsity and an eighth grade, you’re, you’re not paying 40 per athlete, you’re paying 30 per athlete. Um, and, uh, that’s just a little incentive, you know, to, to get those other groups to come in and work with us. Uh, and, and you know, we have VIP and then we have VIP plus VIP means that you guys are important to us and um, and we come to you, uh, we’re coming to your school with your, with your gym and we bring the highest quality of coaching, um, uh, comparable nowhere. So, and then, and then we have the VIP plus, which means, uh, we come to you, but we also bring a, a Cornucopia, you like that word. I like a Cornucopia of, of equipment and a that helps athletes pickup, uh, skills, new skills even quicker.

And for the VIP plus it’s just an addition, an additional $10. So if you’re, you do have the three programs, you’re paying 30. If you wanted everyone to have the extra equipment, you would just be paying $10 more,

which is the 40, which is where everybody kind of started off at anyway. So, and, and you get a ton of equipment. We’ll even, you know, drive as far as an hour drive time away. I mean give or take, give or take. We thought we have some schools right now that are a little over an hour. Um, but you know, the distance doesn’t matter to us. It’s working with these kids and a, and you’re not going to charge more just because we’re driving further.

Absolutely, yes. If they have the numbers and the attitudes, it’s, it’s definitely worth it.

But for us, so that’s kind of what, what it takes to get us to come to work with you. But we also have options where you as your school can get on a bus or you know, car pool and work in our gym. We understand that some cheer programs at schools don’t have an actual cheer facility. And so if you need someplace to hold these practices, we will accommodate you 100%. Um, we we love working with, with all kinds of schools and we’ll do whatever it takes.

No. If a school wanted to come use our gym and not even use us as coaches, just wanted to rent out the space for the gym, how much would they have to cut,

pay. So to use our floor without the coaches. Now of course we’ll be here, but we, we won’t be, you know, directly impacting the, the practice. The coach kind of runs it. Um, and it’s only 50 bucks, not per athlete per hour. So $50 an hour that that’s all the school needs to um, pay in order to come work with us. And we’re not far from a lot of the smaller schools that, um, that may not have it to your gym. And with that $50, you know, you get to use our equipment as well. Um, so all the equipment that’s here in our gym, you’ll get to use it.

Oh, when we’re working with the school, if it’s the tumbling, the coach really wants us to focus on, uh, the first time we ever go to a school. We always do a skill evaluation just because we might not know every athlete there. So it’s good to see where every athlete is in there running and standing tumbling. Um, after that first time we can, it’s really easy to see if the team, when we come back and he’s a work heavily on standing heavily on running or heavily on drills. So we can do a little bit of everything

in some of the schools that we work at. Uh, we’ll have two lines where, uh, I’ll be spawning in one and rusty will be spotting in the other. And one line is to get, uh, you know, t really technique focused on the little things in your tumbling. And then one line is to work on those new skills. And so with that, we’ve found that that picks up the pace on, on getting new skills, um, and you get to work with both coaches at the same time on the same, pretty similar suits skills. And that kind of get to know us both.

And in between those two lines, they’ll have a line where they have to do jumps or some sort of conditioning, something to keep the cardio going. And another line for some sort of standing if they can do standing, if they don’t have standing and they can stretch

bax and bak well, and I’m never opposed to making them do handstand snap boundary bounds because those are so important. Or Bridgewater or Bridgewater, they hate that. So that’s

run the program. Like you said, sometimes we come in, we’ll clean up routines, whatever they need us, but if it’s tumbling and that’s our passion, that is our, it is in our name justice tumbling

about what we do for our school programs. And at the end, uh, we don’t always do it if we ran out of time, but we always like to end with a, um, with a conditioning session, just, just to kind of build those muscles that it takes to get your body over a, it’s really important. Kids always hate conditioning some kids, but

especially if it’s not getting done at other practices. Some schools we work at with, um, their coaches condition them like crazy. So it’s something we don’t have to touch on as much if it’s done at every point

practice, but some coaches aren’t, uh, they, they don’t know what conditioning needs is needed for each skill. And, and that’s something that you get with us as well. We have a, you have our direct phone number, you can call us anytime with any questions that you have as a coach and or as a, as an athlete as well. Uh, and uh, and we can help you kind of guide your team. We’ve even talked about, um, for our school programs, um, we’ve talked about providing like once a month coach training. So you come to our gym, we provide the food, we provide the drinks, and you spend the time in there with us and we’re going over things to look for. So if, if, you know, if you’re not a coach that’s comfortable spotting, which I totally understand that. I think that if you’re a coach that’s dealing with that many parents, um, and you’re on like that, that personal level with athletes you probably shouldn’t be spotting. Um, and, and we’ll teach you how to see a tumbling pass and see what they need to fix, what they, what they could do better and you know, and kind of give that constructive criticism, um, while still loving that athlete.

Yes. Cause we come once a week for all these schools. So, um, we get very detailed when we’re there once a week, but if they’re hearing the same critiques almost every day or every time they throwing it, um, it’s subconsciously making it again,

getting instilled in their mind. Yep. Yep. So if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company or the duo of Colton and rusty, you can check out our website. It’s just as tumbling co.com.

Yes. We would love for you to contact us about being one of our justice. Do. You can also look at our Facebook and Instagram or if you have a Google account, we would love it if you left us and objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing.

Or I will cry. I will, believe it or not, I will tear up. I’m actually starting to tear up right now. Yeah. Just at the odd. If you’re not doing it anyways, do it. Uh, this has been Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company. We’ll see you next time.