Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, now today we’re going to be going over our weekly update Jenks Tumbling Lessons number 13, a been there, done that. We’ve, we’ve done this over and over again so you know what it is. Um, we’re kind of kind of being going to kind of be going through our week, uh, what things have changed, what things are new, what things, uh, kind of stood out to us. It made a difference and hopefully it, um, some of the things that we, that we bring up make a difference in your tumbling and kind of change your outlook.

So anyway, we’re going to start with, um, justice tumbling company hiring now we, yeah, yeah. We, um, we’ve been looking for new employees. We’ve done a few group interviews, getting people in. Uh, we have, uh, found one that kind of takes a step a little bit further. So, um, his name is [inaudible] and uh, if you’re in our gym, you’ll see him. He’s now in the shadowing stage. So that means he’s got to donate a little bit of his time to come check out and see what we do, see if it’s something he really wants to do and see if, uh, he’s someone we really want to be spending that much time with.

Yes. Just to make sure he can coach the way we want him to coach our athletes. Um, we will be doing a Jenks Tumbling Lessons podcast, kind of getting to know Kadana us a little bit. Uh, we still are going to be doing group interviews every Saturday. Um, cause the town, the line, we are going to new new locations which was going to new coaches. So we would like to continue to find people that fit our needs and that have the same morals and goals I, me and Colton do.

And, and of course, if we find someone who is as good as [inaudible], then they’ll get the jump into the, uh, into the shadowing stage as well. And it’ll be like a little combative fight to the death. Not really. Of course I’m speaking figuratively and we don’t want anybody to die. But anyway, we’re really excited about it. Um, we, our classes are growing our, so our new leads coming in are getting more frequent. Uh, I, we had four more people just last night sign into, uh, the dollar deal, you know. So anyway,

um, with us hiring and now we can open up more, any classes that were full, we can open up more classes. So if you had been trying to get an a class but that class was full contact, the front desk. Cause now there’s eight more spots, but they will go quick. Yeah.

Yeah. So, um, another new thing is, is it’s as April 2nd, uh, currently right now. And um, with April comes new schedules, new ideas, new thoughts, seeing how we are of, you know, evolving as a company. And so something that we are announcing is that for anybody knew the dollar for your first month, um, that is has expired. So we did that for our first 100 athletes and now moving into April, we’ve now hit 100 athletes and we’re doing it for your first two weeks. So it’s still more than anybody else in the industry. Um, your first two weeks is only a dollar at justice tumbling company and, uh, and so if you’re interested, let us know. We’d love to hook you up with ideal.

Yes. That’s still more than a lot of people offer them. You’re still getting a lot of bang for your dollar. Getting to classes to kind of see what the costs are all about. See if it’s something you’re into. Um, and we love to have everybody.

Absolutely. Also starting in the month of April, we’re going to be going to our original prices for the first 100 athletes in our, in our program, we had a discounted prices for our memberships. And now we’re going up, uh, since we have our past those hundred, and it’s going to be 85 for the bronze membership, which is one class per week. We have a 135 for two classes per week. And then you also get to open gyms per month, and then also $300 for our gold membership, which is unlimited everything. But that is closed. Um, we are full on our gold memberships. It’s kind of a VIP package and we’re not allowing any more in that, in that package as of now. So when somebody moves out of that, then, uh, then that will become open again. And if that’s the package that you want, then you are welcome to take it.

So, um, anyway, that’s going to be new starting in April, uh, 85 for bronze, 135 for silver and 300 for gold. So something that kind of stood out to, uh, to us this week. Um, of course privates were doing privates all the time, which were both kind of reaching our limit to what we can do. Um, so it is good to have another person in the gym that’s always going to help. Um, but also something that stood out to me was, well actually rusty and I both had a bunch of privates from this one particular school. Um, this one particular school has been very, very uh, uh, high pressured whenever it comes to tryouts, what they want for tryouts. They’re very, very demanding. Uh, not to mention there one of the best schools in this area. So whenever it comes to athleticism skill, they are top quality and these athletes know it. But tryouts are coming up. And the first thing that we heard a whenever we had that day where we had so many in the gym was that tryouts are two weeks away. Tryouts are two weeks away. That’s what they kept saying. That’s what kept in the back of their mind. And that really does not help their private, uh, process.

No, it is trial time for any school. There’s always that nerves. But when, when they do have set requirements, it’s not just like calming, everybody makes the team when it’s, uh, you have to throw certain things where you don’t make the team. Yeah. There’s that extra pressure

which is important. We, we understand that they don’t want everybody on Varsity or they don’t want everybody on Jv. They want to pick and choose who is going to perform the best. And that’s understanding

well that’s how it should be. Honestly it is competitive. Sculptures is getting very competitive so that’s exactly how it should be. Um, it doesn’t train kids to be mentally strong. Uh, a lot of kids have been tumbling differently cause it out though. And that’s something you don’t want to let happen is you don’t want to every pastor drawing them to the first thought to be about that possible. I, I, it’s in two weeks. So now you just got to still focused on technique tumble like you’ve been doing, put in the time. Um, like your girl said that she was stressing and then her mom told her to just pray about it, which was awesome to hear. She did. And then she comes in happy. Now stress-free. She knows it’s two weeks away, but it’s whatever’s going to happen is going to happen.

It’s kids see it as a ticking time bomb like, you know, two weeks away, one week away, three days away. Oh my gosh, it’s here. What am I going to do? The thing is, is that every time we work with kids, we teach you the proper technique. We teach you the right way to do things. Now, when you let that stress get to you, and that’s all you think about you, you resort to this old way of doing your old technique and you’re not using the technique that we give you. Um, so it’s important to focus on that technique because that’s what’s gonna keep you safe one too. That’s what’s gonna get you to throw that skill on your own and landed on your own.

And remember, if you ever think, if you do your round tumbling with me and Colton and if you ever think we’re being hard or pushing you too hard, um, we never want it to be, we pushed you that hard. So it’s a year tryout type deal. Yeah. We want you to be able to walk into tryouts, stress free. That’s why we pushed kids so hard throughout the year. You don’t want to just train really hard for that few weeks right before tryouts and hope everything works out as if you’ve been working with us year round and we’ve been doing our job, pushing you going through progressions. It should be a really comfortable chair.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And the thing is is that we work with a ton of schools. So when we work with these schools, we hear it all the time. Well, she threw it at tryouts. She’s not throwing it now. She threw it, he threw it at tryouts. He’s not throwing it now. We hear it all the time. And so that’s what we want to try to avoid that we want to try to get away from that. Don’t just get a skill to throw at tryouts, you have to be able to throw it year round and keep it up. And I told one of my athletes last night, we had that, I had her in a class, um, and she’s, she’s landed fulls before. She, whenever I spot her, her fools are, are nearly flawless, but as soon as I step away, she loosens up. She goes to this like, uh, you, she what Rusty Calls Yolos it and uh, kind of just flies through the air and then her landing is very loose and she just kind of flopped on the floor.

It looks like she’s Hula hooping [inaudible] right. So, and she knows better than that and she gets, you know, it’s obviously very stressful when she lands like that. Um, another big pressure that we’ve talked about it before was pressure from parents. Um, I know, I know moms and dads want your app, they want their athlete to make the varsity squad, um, if not more than that athlete does sometimes. And that’s a lot of pressure that whenever a parent is watching their kid and they’re like, okay, I know these trials are coming up, I’m paying a lot of money for extra privates and this isn’t working, then that’s putting extra pressure on your athlete and a, and it gets into their head and it’s really just going to make things worse for them. It makes it harder for them to focus in land those skills that they know that they can land.

So with the child’s coming up, just keep putting in the word, be diligent. Um, God has a plan. Whatever’s hot, whatever’s supposed to happen was going to happen. Just go out there and have fun. Do your best. I remember tumbling as a small portion of a score sheet at the small portion of your trial. You still have to learn your cheer. You still have to have good jobs. So go out there, perform, be loud, make your coaches happened.

I’m so glad you brought that up. You should go check out our podcast on performance, um, and uh, and check it out because it kind of breaks down the same thing. And that is podcast number 38 performances. Check it out. Um, so something else that has changed for April is that we’re no longer doing open gyms on Wednesday. Over the summer we’re moving though the open gym to Friday. We wanted to make some extra room for classes. So we do have classes on Friday. Uh, we also, um, started an elite class. So elite is going to be, um, bulls and doubles. Uh, advanced is layouts now

and have to, to get into the elite, you must have a full by yourself on whatever surface. If you’re a hard for athlete, you must have a full on the hard floor with nobody’s standing by you or on the spring floor with nobody standing by you. That class is really just to perfect fold and really push those elite skills.

Exactly. So it’s almost a invitation only class that we, we want to see grow with kids who don’t normally do classes because they, they feel like if they’ve got their full well, they’ve reached their highest potential. And I promise you, you have not even the most highest, uh, skilled cheer liberties, if you will. Still have room to grow, still have ways to work on techniques and still have a lot that they can, they can accomplish. So that’s important to remember. Uh, and then last thing, because we’re past our 10 minute mark. Uh, I mentioned open gyms, they have changed. We used to run open gyms very similar to a class with a lot of people in it. And now with the amount of people that we have coming in to open gyms, we are keeping it, uh, very, uh, drill oriented so that you’re working and cleaning up the skills that you might already have. And then we’re, we’re able to work on some new skills here and there, but because there’s so many people, uh, it’s just a cool time to get in and meet people and see skills, getting skills and, and, and cleaning stuff up and seeing that, that right there is what it takes to get some extra time into the gym. So, um, we’re not running it like a class anymore. It’s going to be rusty and I’ll still be out there. Uh, our coaches will still be there helping but we’re just not running it as, or

it is not as structured. So don’t come into it thinking it’s going to be a house or not signing up for classes and just trying to use open Jenks Tumbling Lessons gyms because opened and I was like you said, aren’t necessarily for new skill. There’s a lot of just cleaning up. So take advantage of our classes. Um, on a finishing note, I have been hearing a lot this week that people are actually listening to our podcast. It’s exciting. That is really cool. How would one of my old friends, that’s a coach calls that he actually listened to him, which is pretty cool. It’s an APP, but also just parents telling me, he texted me that they’re them and their kids are listening to it on the weekends. Um, never really thought about it. Even when we were recording them and we were just kind of doing it because

we listen, we, we knew that we needed them for our website. We wanted to do it. We were excited about it. And for the first, I probably say probably first 50, maybe 60, they weren’t even on our website. So there was no way you could find them unless I emailed them to you, which I did do a couple. Um, but for the first 50 or 60, nobody, not one soul listen to it. So, uh, we’ve, we’ve grown a lot in the way we’ve done podcasts. We’ve, uh, I feel like they become much more efficient. We’re able to do them in a much quicker time and, uh, and we really enjoy doing this. It’s fun, it’s fun. It really breaks down. It helps us as coaches kind of, uh, like get up with a microscope in every little detail of what we do so we can make your athletes better.

So if you do listen to the podcast, please let us know. We’re, I love hearing it. Let us know. Sure. Uh, we’ll, we’ll love to hear.

Yeah. So if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company or Colton and rusty, you can check out our website. It’s justice tumbling co.com.

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