At justice tumbling company, we use a roadmap to success. The steps themselves are pretty easy, but diligence is pretty hard.

hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. And so the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis where your Tulsa tumbling hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breadth slayer and we’re the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now when we sat down and we would say we decided to write a book as a workbook, the justice method for each of our athletes, we wanted something clear and easy for them to see and kind of work their way through it as they progress. Um, and so whenever we were dealt with that task, um, we wanted to start with some questions and those questions that, uh, those are questions that every athlete needs to ask themselves and decide how much they really, really want, what they’re, what they’re trying to achieve.

They’re pretty simple questions, but like you said, actually answering them and sticking to them, that’s the hard part. Yeah. Um, and this roadmap, like you said, it’s in the work we’re broke. We’re going to be using, if you follow this, if you’re putting in the time, um, the end result is going to work every time. Yeah. That’s where you’re going to be getting those new skills, all that. And right now it went from just a, just a pdf, you know, working something, something on the computer to print out and we’re going to eventually have these, um, as posters all over our gym because we think that, uh, seeing that every day is really going to help you as an athlete or you as a parent understand, um, the steps and how to get there and how you should be holding a yourselves or your Tulsa tumbling kids accountable.

Now, the first question, which is, it’s a, it’s, there’s six boxes. The first box is why you have to ask yourself why, why are you wanting to tumble? What is it? Is it school cheer? Is it all starts here gymnastics? Or maybe it’s just for fun. You know, we have kids in our program that don’t do any of those things. They just want to do it for fun. It’s direct tumbler. But once you know which one of those you have a goal you have is a target and you can kind of aim for that. That’s right. That’s our starting point. That’s our why. If you don’t know the why, everything else that we’re about to talk about is really irrelevant. Yeah. And so I want you to take that why and I, and what’s really cool is we do it here at justice is you can take a dry erase marker that you use for a whiteboard, um, and you can write on your Tulsa tumbling mirror.

So, uh, you can go in some people’s why you might have two, you might have a school cheer and all star, but if you do have both, you almost need to have, uh, a roadmap for both. Yeah. It won’t be the same roadmap because they’re going to take different paths to get to your Tulsa tumbling goals for school cheer all start gymnastics. So find whichever one, if it’s multiple, make multiple roadmaps and really hold yourself accountable too to those roadmaps. So write these down, right? Why? What is it, why are you wanting to do this? It could be, well, I am a school cheerleader, but I want to be the best. I want to have the last pass. I, that’s why I’m doing this. Um, now box number two is your Tulsa tumbling goals and there’s a three parts to this goal. This box it says, where do you want to be?

And goal number two, goal number one is in three months. Goal number two is six months. And then goal number three is one year. And right now with this timing, if uh, say you didn’t make, you didn’t make varsity this year, um, or uh, maybe you didn’t throw the skills that you wish you could have thrown at tryouts or whatever it might be one year from now would be try out time again. So, um, maybe that could be your Tulsa tumbling one year goal. Six month goal could be, okay, we’re, we’re going to this competition. This is the skill I want to throw this. I want to be, um, maybe I want to be last pass or whatever it might be. That’s your six month goal, three month goal. I need to have this skill in order for all of those others to, to, to happen. So take those, write those down so you can see them every single day.

If not on your mirror, keep a tumbling journal. If you’re keeping a tumbling journal, you can everyday you tumble, you can look back at it, you can write into it and say, okay, this is a bad tumbling day. This is what happened. This is where my mind was. I just wasn’t focused. Uh, Colton said this, rusty said that, um, this is how he’s feeling or it was a great tumbling day. You can go back and you can see that dated and um, and it went right. I landed this many folds. Yeah, I threw my back hand spring for the first time. That is a really, really good way to visualize everything and keep it, uh, so that you can look back on it and see how you overcame these things. So box number two is goals. And that’s three months, six months, one year. And if you, if you write a three month goal and your Tulsa tumbling accomplish accomplish that faster than three months than ride a new three month goal, you might not some of these out quicker than a year.

And, and something that you can do when you achieve these goals is celebrate. When you achieve those goals, do something. Um, each girl should ever reward or something to exactly. That’s why a lot of times whenever a kid been working on a new skill for a long time, um, we give them a shirt whenever they land that skill and uh, and, and so there needs to be some kind of reward. Maybe some self reward. Um, maybe, uh, I don’t know. Work it out with your Tulsa tumbling parents were going out with your parents. It’s been ridiculous. I’ve heard like I get a new cell phone if I get the sort of something or whatever, whatever’s going to work. Sometimes as simple as, uh, my parents are going to take me out to get ice cream, something like that. Um, but those things are important and it really does a lot for your confidence whenever you’re able to reward yourself for the things that you, you’ve accomplished.

Now moving on to box number three is the number of hours willing to work in the gym per week, per week. So, uh, it’s like a, it’s like a job. Most people work 40 to 60 hours a week. Um, and uh, and that’s nowhere near the amount of hours we were expecting you to put into the gym. Um, but consider this your job right now. You are, you’re an athlete and, um, you’re on your, most of the time, most of you guys are on teams and, uh, and so it is part of your job just to keep up with your Tulsa tumbling skills and, and better yourself. Um, and if not for a team, just do it for yourself. Think of it as a job. Absolutely. And whatever your why was and goals were may require you to have more hours in the gym. And some people, um, the hours in the gym, that can be a private, that can be a class, that can be their camp, that can be classes and privates and camps for those, uh, for those Alphas out there that we’d like to talk about.

So it’s, that’s why you have to, that’s why the why is so important. The goals are so important because that all determines on how many hours you have to put in the week per gym. And once you’ve come up with that number, you have to hold yourself accountable. And we understand that financially that has something to do with that. Um, but if, if that’s the case, then we might need to take a step back and read and look at our goals, revisit those goals and say, okay, let’s, let’s start someplace else and then we’ll eventually get there. Let’s turn our three month goal into a one year goal and a kind of bump it, bump it from there. Now the next box is the number of hours you’re willing to work at home per week. Now the reason why we put that on there is because every athlete who visits justice stumbling company is given homework.

We want them to take stuff home so that they can, uh, not only condition, but prepare themselves for their confidence that they need to, uh, to achieve the goals that they’re doing in the gym. So the number of hours that you’re working at home per week is a, is totally free. You at that stuff that you can do on your own that’s listening to these podcasts, that’s, um, conditioning, that’s stretching work, that’s jumps, working on motions, stuff that you’ve already, you’ve already mastered backhand springs. You can do all that stuff at home in the grass, or maybe you guys have bought your own equipment and you can use it there as long as it’s done safely. Um, but really write out that number and hold yourself accountable to that number. Here’s the thing is that we’re, we’ve been taught and something that we’ve found in owning our own businesses that if you don’t schedule these things, they don’t get done.

Um, and it’s hard, like we said at the very, very beginning, it’s hard to stay diligent and stay motivated. So you have to create that own your own motivation, make that happen. Absolutely. It’s the same as people who say, Oh, I’m going to lose this much weight that’s awesome and let, but you’re not writing down, I’m going to lose this much weight by this. I’m going to lose this much weight by doing this like goals and pudding. So you have to write down the goals, the hours you’re willing to do to get to those goals in the gym at home. And then going down to our second to last box, Colton is second to the last box is the fifth box and this box you’ll, you’ll hear us talk about these in almost every podcast we do. Um, because it is crucial to being a successful tumbler and it is fearlessness, determination and coachability that those are the keys to success.

You have to have those, you have to focus your mind, your body on these three keys to success. And um, with all the hours, the goals, the why that you set. Um, that’s how you will achieve this next box. The last box, which is this. It’s the, it’s the rewards. It’s the outcome for following the following the roadmap. It’s new skills, confidence, gratification and success. And what’s so cool, and I was just sitting down and talking to a parent about this just yesterday, that tumbling has so many, like the, the, uh, requirements for tumbling has so many aspects of success in real life. Uh, you have to overcome scale. You have to overcome adversity. You have to overcome, um, doubt in yourself. You have to gain confidence and, and that’s what is required to be successful in real life. And so, um, I think that that’s why we are who we are today.

Me and rusty, because we had the coaches, we had the, the, the ability to tumble and look at, at a scary things and, and rise above it and a change. Yeah. To set goals and actually sit down and try to accomplish, accomplish those goals. Yeah, and like I said, I was running our own business, scheduling out, writing things down, holding herself. It really does hold you accountable. It does. It does. Like you said, if things aren’t scheduled to, things are written down. If things aren’t on paper in front of you where you see them every day, they will not get done. They won’t happen. And we want you guys to stay on top of everything and be the Best Alpha athletes that you can possibly be. Hey Man. Yeah. So with that, if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company or Colton Rusty, you can check out our website. It’s justice tumbling or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if you have a Google account, we would love it if you left us and objective puke or reviewed to let us know how we’re doing and we’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice

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