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Stunt the sport. We know you’ve all had questions and we’re going to give you some answers about it.

Yes. Or if you’ve never heard of it before. Uh, this is a good introduction to kind of get to know what it is. It is something a little bit different than normal school cheer or competitive cheer. Uh, something that colleges are getting into. You can get scholarships for stunt the sport. Now. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, so we work with a lot of school athletes that will be heavily involved in this. So we’re going to really go over it, kind of explain what it is and then go into the scoring process for it.

So first, uh, if you’ve never been to a stunt a game before, it’s where there’s two teams side by side on the same Matt. Now, uh, the team on the right, we’ll have formats and the team on the left, we’ll have formats. And then there’s one mat in the middle that is kind of like out of bounds. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, so in the, in the this sport of stunt, you have two t competing teams that are being judged at the same time while performing the same exact routine. Now there’s stunt routines one through six. There’s pyramid routines one through six, and then there’s a tumbling routines one through six. And then at the end they, uh, for the last quarter that gets, they’re broken up in quarters for the last quarter. They have to kind of do a Mashup of, of all of those. So, um, depending on the level one through six, it just gets more difficult as you go up. Uh, like I said, there’s, there’s, they’re being judged at the same exact time and they’re looking for minors, majors, and then double majors, which are the big ones.

And that’s, those are what are going to determine the scoring for stunt. The sport I’m stunt is very hyper detailed. They want everyone to look identical, the exact same. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, from the point where the tumbling technique is a little bit different than what we normally teach. So when we’re working with the school and we just thought there and drill a certain tumbling technique for so long and then when it comes to stunt the sport, um, whether it’s the sticking is different or the arm placements, I’m really going in and being detailed on all of that.

Yeah. So everything from the jump technique to the uh, the actual students themselves onto the, the tumbling, it’s like rusty said, hyper detailed and that that’s a really, really good term for it because that’s exactly what it is. They want you to stick and stand everything, no rebounds. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, the detail in how much movement you have after you do your jumps or you do a even a cartwheel matter. And so if there’s like a little step that will be a minor, then you take, if you take another step that’ll be another minor and then your third minor becomes a major. Or if you take like a big hop or you fall or you know, you touched down, that would be considered a major as well because uh, three minors equal one major and a, and then for the double majors is when something goes so crazy so far off where it actually, um, risks injuring the team as a whole.

Yeah. So if there’s any safety issues for the athlete, that’ll become a double major.

Okay. And that’s obviously two majors, which would be six minors. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, and that’s how Russ like rice, he said that’s how the scoring gets put into place. That’s how a one team will get one point or the team, other team, we’ll get the other point or there’s a tie and they’ll both get a point.

Yeah. So a lot of the times I’m working with all star athletes who are trying to get ready for stuff. A lot of all star athletes are so you still landing and then popping their head up and while they’re popping their head up or popping their body up, they tend to do a hop. Our feet, feet pop back to where it is just a habit because they are drilled on that. They’re trained in that for routines. So when it comes to stunt the sport, it’s completely different. Planting your feet, not moving. And Lady said the minors, majors, all that goes into the tumbling, the stunting. So looking at the rules, the miners include a bobble of a skill. Um, like Colin said, taking one step and a tumbling, a mist or incorrect emotion, Jenks Tumbling Lessons, off count from the eight count sheet or any technique issues that don’t involve a level change. So those are all the things that could be required, a minor in their eyes.

Now here’s the, here’s the thing, don’t take our word for it. Um, we are reading off of a specific website which is stunt the sport.org. And if you are, whether you’re a coach or you’re an athlete or even a parent wanting your kid to get involved in that, uh, check out that website again, that’s stunt the sport.org and you can go to resources, you can look at the rules, uh, right there and as a pdf you can print it off. And what’s cool about it is it gives you the breakdown of, uh, of every detail about it. So, uh, that’ll, that’ll kind of give you some, some more in depth knowledge about it. It’s especially what exactly a major minors, all that stuff actually are.

And major errors include skills that lower from intended height, Jenks Tumbling Lessons, a modification of a skill or an omission of us required skill.

So a modification of a skill would be, uh, something like they require you to do it this way and then you’ve modified it because maybe you guys aren’t actually able to do it that way or whatever the case may be. Um, and then omission is obviously if you don’t do that skill, uh, so be aware of that. And then like we said, the double majors is whenever you are putting somebody at risk, maybe a stunt actually falls in the flyer, actually hits the floor. Um, whether it’s a basket toss or whatever it might be. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, maybe someone gets in the way of someone else’s tumbling and they run into him, that would be a double major. So we, we work with a number of schools that do stunt the sport, but then we also work with them a number of schools that don’t. So what we’ve been trying to do is kind of, um, give them the tumbling basics of it because the stunt portion, it’s the technique stays fairly the same, but they, it’s just more detailed, uh, much more sharp. Uh, but the change in your tumbling technique is a big, big difference. So we’ll go over some of that. Um, if you are a left tumbler, they’re going to make you do a right round off. And if you are a, if you are a right, a right tumbler, they’re going to do make you do a left cartwheel. So yeah,

that’s always awkward for kids. But like we said, everybody wants to look the same. Everybody has to be uniform, everybody else to go the same direction. So it gets very detailed. And athletes who throw foals struggle going the opposite way. Cartwheels and roundup,

it’s weird and there’s nothing that ever comes out of that round off. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, so it’s only, I think, I believe tumble one routine is where they, where they do that. Um, but it looks uniform. It looks really good. It just feels weird for the athlete. Uh, also stick and stand, not a stick and pop with your chest up. It is sticking. Stand in that bug position until you have to move again. Uh, be aware of that. You know, whether it’s a cartwheel or it’s a round off or it is a roundup back hand, Spring Tuck, you have to stick it and your, your chest kind of stays bugged down until you have to move. So that’s, that’s where all star athletes do you have a kind of a hard time with that pop up.

And when he says stick it and also different than all star or even normal school competitions, they would prefer you to land with. If you do land with your feet apart to not totally pull your feet together cause that’s considered another step. So if you land with one foot forward, you plant both feet where they’re at. So it’s only,

oh is that a, my name is a minor. So if if you are landing with those feet apart, Jenks Tumbling Lessons, that is a minor, but stick and stay there. Don’t, don’t try to pull your legs together real quick because that next movement is considered a minor as well. Um, and then a lot of times kids are trained to land with their feet together. So like, like we’ve talked about, they’ll pop backwards if there is any movement after you’ve landed that skill, even if your feet stay together and you pop backwards, that is considered a major, a major. You cannot, you cannot do that, which is, which is crazy to me because I’d think you would think that they’d want you to keep your feet together. That’s better technique, but they don’t see it that way in stumped the sport. So, uh, we are at the judge’s discretion and, uh, something else to be aware of is that there are only three judges.

So when, when those three judges are watching two teams, it does get difficult. So it may be a, there may be a time where you’ve made a mistake but the judges don’t even catch it. Um, but the, the whole point is to eliminate that, um, in its entirety so you don’t have to worry about, oh, I hope they didn’t see that. Or maybe they didn’t see that, oh my gosh, I’m, we’re in trouble. And then the other team gets one point for that one other minor. Uh, because if one team has to minors or six miners and the other team has five, that that theme that has five is going to win no matter what.

So stunt is something that’s very different. It’s new, it’s a becoming very, very popular. I know some schools we worked with that didn’t do it last year are actually interested in doing it this year. So I think you’re going to start seeing more and more teams get involved. It’s going to be a longer season. Um, so listen to this podcast, go to the website, really look it up because it is something that is really cool to watch. It’s competitive and kids are starting to love it

and Jenks Tumbling Lessons, girls can get scholarships for it. It is, it is a title nine sport, uh, which means it’s a girl only sport. Boys aren’t allowed to, uh, to participate in it, which kind of sucks, but uh, it is what it is and a and girls get scholarships for it. So, uh, if you’re looking for a way to pay for college, it’s sport. Scholarship could be a great way to do so. And from what I’ve heard, there’s a lot of money in it, but this was just kind of a breakdown on what the stuff, what stumped the sport was. We wanted to give you guys some insight, uh, for those who don’t know what it is, we can kind of refer back to podcast number one 15 for anybody who doesn’t know anything about it. And we’ll, we’ll let you guys know.

So this is a quick introduction and the website has a ton of information because it is so detailed and they go very, very in depth because of it. Like you said, it is a college sport where they’re giving away a lot of money. So they kind of have to be very, very, very detailed. Absolutely. So looking at the website, it’s Kinda cool to see all the different stuff they have from like uniforms to all the things they have,

the map of the mats and everything. We’re, we’re looking at the, the rule book and I mean there’s 17 pages, but I mean those, those 17 pages are just full of articles and sections and rules. So a go educate yourself cause it’s, it’s gonna be good to have print that off just so you have it. And then you’re, you know, you’re educating yourself. So anyway, uh, if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company, you can check out our website. It’s just as tumbling co.com

or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if you have a Google account, we would love it if you left us and objective Google reviewed a, let us know how we’re doing.

We’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice tumbling company.