Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yes, yes, yes. And another yes, we’re back with Tulsa tumble talk. We’re excited to be here again with you guys and we’re giving you the history of tumbling today.

The background of tumbling a little deep dive into what we love and that is tumbling

and where it came from. You know, we’re going to give you some ideas on who, where they think it came from. Anyway, there it’s, it obviously we know it comes from ancient Greece.

I don’t think a lot of people knew that.

Really? Okay. Yeah. Then Kim came from ancient Greece and um, even in like the Jenks Tumbling Lessons, the Middle Ages, right? The back when there were castles and kings and queens and stuff, you, there were gestures that would tumble and kind of entertain the crowds and that, but that all came from ancient Greece. Um, and Jenks Tumbling Lessons, it was not necessarily in the Olympics then, but it was used as kind of entertainment to kind of show off or even intimidate your competitor.

Yes, and I doubt it was people doing double foals and full basics. I’m sure. Like they say a lot of like athletic, like handstands, I’m sure like lifting cartwheel even back maybe backhand springs, I’m not sure it actually, gymnastics comes from the Greek word. Can you say that word? I want to say it’s Jay Gymnasium. And what does that mean? Rusty? It that literally translates to exercise naked. So tumbling back in ancient Greece was originally done naked, as awkward as it. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, that’s awkward. So it came from ancient Greece. Then when, uh, the Romans took over, it was the same thing. They used it for training for their armies and stuff for hand icon, Jenks Tumbling Lessons, coordination. And then it slowly just turned into more of an entertainment based activity. And

so what’s cool about that is that it was something that was used by almost every athletic sport that there was back then just to kind of stay in shape. And, Jenks Tumbling Lessons, and I, I even along with armies, you know, hand eye coordination and stuff being quick with your, with your hands and, and quick on your feet. It kind of like a, you know, football players use juking back and forth. Um, stare the ladder drills, you know, speed up their, their feet. Well, they could also use tumbling too, which is, which is a crazy thought. But when we’re talking about ancient Greece, we’re actually talking about like 800 to 500 BC. So that was a little bit back there, you know? Yeah. A long, long time ago. I mean, so from that time on until the 17 hundreds a d right. It wasn’t really introduced as a sport until, uh, it’s Frederick Ludwig, Ludwig Ludwig, Frederick Ludwig. John from Germany. Yeah. Yeah. Well, after a few tries, um, he is actually considered the father of gymnastics. And in the late 17 hundreds, it was gymnastics was structured as a sport and that involved the bars, the, the, the beam vault and, and tumbling as well. So from that point we have men’s gymnastics, which was introduced into the Olympics

and that was introduced in 1896 seller from the 17 hundreds to there, it just developed, continued to groove, got more and more detailed, more and more advanced to where they started having actual competition.

Yeah. And uh, believe it or not, like we said, it was men’s gymnastics only. Um, women’s gymnastics wasn’t introduced until like 1936. And, Jenks Tumbling Lessons, that was into the Olympics. Uh Huh. Um, and uh, up until, uh, 1952 men and women actually competed together. So obviously we’re, we’re in the realm of cheerleading, right. But, but tumbling has gymnastic history, so we have to pay some respects there.

Oh, and that’s what justice tumbling company, we have to pay our tribute to

history. Right, right. Right. Now we’ve done a podcast on the history of cheerleading and we talked about how it was only a men’s event, you know, back in colleges and stuff like that. And women weren’t introduced into cheerleading until about 1920 ish. They aren’t exactly sure when, but, um, Jenks Tumbling Lessons, and that’s when tumbling was introduced into cheerleading. So just to give you some insight,

so from 1920 to now, it has just continued to develop to get more and more complex to where rules are changing every year as safety skills are becoming less and less safe. There’s rural changes every year. Um, it’s come along.

It has, and even since rusty and I were cheerleaders back in to that, but like 2004, 2005 on to like 2008, I mean, that was, that was when we were in high school. And since then we’ve had to change and adapt a lot because the, of the growing, um, competitiveness of cheerleading. Yeah, sure. Liberties were not a thing. No, it wasn’t. Um, but you know, even so compared to gymnastics [inaudible] whenever they have their spring floor event, Jenks Tumbling Lessons, of gymnastics of floor, um, they’re pretty intense there. They’re tumbling passes are intense. They’re barefoot though. Um, and I think they have double matted floors. So it’s a little different than our tumbling, but when it comes down to it, they aren’t only focused on tumbling there and focused on all of these other events that they have to do, that they have to compete. And, and cheerleading is exclusively, um, tumbling jumps and stunts. Right. So W, Jenks Tumbling Lessons, whenever it comes to tumbling, like that’s the big thing that you need for cheerleading. And so even though we have roots and from ancient Greece of tumbling, you know, even jesters and, and entertainment, it’s become a, it’s become a, probably one of the most competitive sports that there is

competitive and dangerous and dangerous. We were talking to, some boys came into tumble and them picking up skills quickly that they were talking about compared to other sports they’ve done that they never considered cheerleading is a sport until they actually got in and tried it. And now that these boys are like trying new skills, like busting. Yeah. They, they absolutely will tell you that. Oh yeah. Cheerleading is a sport. It’s gotten so difficult, so complex.

Well, and, and with the way these, these are minds are changing, these new generations coming up. Um, it, it is a mental mountain that you have to overcome. You, you got to defeat something in yourself before you can even get the, the, Jenks Tumbling Lessons, the competence to go run out there and try it. Um,

so that’s a little history of tumbling a look how far it’s come and could you imagine in the next hundred, 200 years what it’s going to be run

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