Hello and welcome to Jenks Tumbling Lessons with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Welcome to another podcast, another edition of Tulsa tumble talk. Ah, this is Colton and rusty here and we’re going to be going over the topic of maturity. Um, and uh, this would mainly pertains to tumbling and cheerleading, um, maturity. Um, and uh, we wanted to go over some things that we’ve noticed that we want to touch base on just to, so everybody knows that, um, that this is another aspect of moving up to the next class, the next level, um, as well as getting skills and conditioning. But maturity level is, is an important part of it as well.

Very important. A tumbling is supposed to be fun, but it’s all supposed to be focused. You shouldn’t just be in the gym goofing around. So maturity on when we’re talking about our classes, um, wall of some kids who are ready to move out of that beginner class, we’re ready to move out of that novice cost because of their Jenks Tumbling Lessons skill, but their maturity level for the next class or to learn those next skills isn’t quite there. Um, so if they have all the skills they need, they might have to spend one more session in that class and talking to the parent that just the maturity level that it won’t, when you have a class of all everybody on the same page, everyone the same skill level, everybody the same mindset, it’s very, very easy to develop tumbling and move kids into the next class. But if you even have one out of eight kids that they’re either in the wrong cost, they’re not in their correct cost because of their skill level or like we’re talking about their maturity, it can kind of throw off the whole atmosphere on the rotation of the clock.

And that’s not fair to the other kids who are paying for that next level. Um, that, uh, and the parents who are there watching, you know, parents see that stuff as well. We’re by no means I’m drying to belittle anybody who is younger. Uh, but whenever you do mow, move up, like we have big beginner, a beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced and elite. And as you move up those levels, a lot of times you do see a, a median age level. Um, not that it’s required because there are really young athletes in our advanced classes, um, and so on and so forth. But if that, if their maturity maturity level wasn’t up to par with that median age level, um, then it kind of does bring the class down. So, but, but it’s not only, it’s not only our classes, it’s also your teams at all star. It’s also your teams for high school. Um, you need to do whatever you can to make sure that you are carrying yourself appropriately. Um, and when you’re at practice, you know, it, it’s, it’s okay to have fun. It’s important to have fun. We want to once you to enjoy the sport. But we also want you to know that if you are, um, kind of distracting, that you’re not only holding yourself back, but you’re also holding your peers back as well.

Yes, I did have a parent, uh, pull me aside after class the other day and said she wanted her daughter in the Wednesday costume stuff. When I asked her why, just curious. Um, and this is an older athlete as well as she just said, because in the class she is, and she has so many of her friends that when that group of friends get together, they’re just wild like that. It turns into more of less focus, more goofing around to where they might be mature if their friends aren’t there, but the second their friends or their, that maturity kind of goes out the level or out the window and then they’re not focusing on their tumbling as much as they should be so that they’re still progressing but not progressing as fast as I definitely could be. So it’s not just young kids, older kids, high school kids, if they are together with certain other high school kid that we’ve at schools, we’ve had to separate athletes when we’re warming up like high school kids, you guys go on opposite sides of the floor because you guys seem not to be able to talk if you guys are by each other

and, and it’s the same we want you to see are tumbling classes and whenever we’re there working with you and, and t let us teach you the same way that they teach you in school. Um, you, you wouldn’t just be talking and uh, you know, disrupting the class in, in, in class at school. So we would really appreciate it if you didn’t do that in our classes. Respect our time and respect our knowledge of the sport. Please. Um, it will, it will, it will take you places we promise.

Yes. Like I told them, I, I mean I love her to death. One of my favorite athletes when she was warming me up, she tends to just goof off when she warms up and we have cameras in our gyms. So when you are doing that, parents are watching you out in the lobby warmup like trash and it makes us look really bad. And because we are sitting there critiquing you, but you’re kind of just doing your own thing. So especially when their kid is working really hard and they see this one out, but he just kind of goofing off. It just makes the whole class look bad. So come in determined like we said, we want you to have fun. We’re not saying don’t have fun, don’t smile, don’t laugh, nothing like that. No, we want it to be a fun environment. We want you to enjoy yourself, but you also have to be focused. There has to be some sort of focus on whatever you are trying to do.

So here’s some, some numbers for you and we’re going to talk about money. We’re going to talk about prizes. Um, not money because w because we love money but money because your parents are spending that money. And so here’s the thing about your maturity and something to look towards. Whenever you know that your parents are paying for you to go to classes or um, open gyms or uh, privates, you know, once a week. So if you do one class a week at our gym for an annual price of $1,020, now that’s nothing compared to the price that Jenks Tumbling Lessons parents pay for all star. Um, that’s just a fraction of what parents pay for all star. Uh, but they’re paying $1,000 for you to come to one class a week for an entire year. And so that means that our technique that we’re teaching you is pretty expensive. It. And, and if you’re not using that technique and retaining that technique and keeping that technique, um, it’s, it’s, it’s a lot of money going out the window. But if you are playing around and not focusing, then that’s still a lot of money going out the window and you might be distracting. And other, another athlete who really, really needs to be listening, um, and whose parents are watching them. And you don’t want to get them in trouble too.

Yeah. Some athletes can learn when they’re goofing off or not focus. But there are some athletes that have to have that light laser focus or if they’re in a class with a kid who is goofing off, it can be very hindering to that athlete who has to have a lot of focus. Just like some athletes don’t like music blaring because it throws off that focus.

Some, some athletes don’t like classes for that very reason and they’d rather go to privates, which is a much more expensive option. Um, but you know, some kids feed off the energy of others, but that’s not to say that you can be distracting.

Yes, we love privates, but, um, we love our classes more. Like I would rather kids be in a class, I would hate for a kid to have to switch out of a class into a private just because there’s so much goofing off or something or they feel like they can’t get that focus. So we need our classes to be fun, encouraging, focused and ready to work hard.

One thing that we do video reviews and uh, that means we sit down with an athlete and most of the time their parents and we just asked them a couple questions about us and what makes us different. And a lot of the times I hear that I, that the athlete loves Justice Tumbling Company and what makes us different is that we don’t scream, we don’t yell. We don’t belittle you. And because we respect you in that way, please respect others learning process. Please respect us in that same way where, um, where that would never even have to become an issue to where you know, you, you are getting in trouble in your classes. Um, so just respect other people’s time. Uh, as much as we know that you respect your own. Now with that being said, we as a parent, if you’re listening to this, we take note on all those athletes who might be, um, in a different maturity level than other kids in their class.

And we try to fix that as soon as, uh, we realize that. So don’t let that stop you from getting into one of our classes. Putting your athlete in one of our classes, we’re going to make sure that they’re getting the top tip top a technique training, um, in Tulsa that is offered period. So if you’re interested in finding out more about us, you can check out our website. It’s just as tumbling co.com. Or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if you ever Google account and you can leave us an objective, Google reviewed a lot of snow. How we’re doing, we’ll see you next time on Jenks Tumbling Lessons. Talk With Justice Company.