Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Jenks tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now today we are going to be talking about the World Wide Web, the Internet, the, you know, the social media accounts, the cheer, liberties, all that stuff that, uh, has kind of seeped into our lives and uh, made our lives easier but kind of made our lives kind of, kind of worse

tumbling side. Definitely. It’s,

it’s changed. Yeah, definitely

put some negative aspects on the tape

it has now. We talked about it before, um, on things not to do right. We’ve talked about, uh, tumbling fail videos and if, if you’ve met with us in person, if you, if you go to any of our schools, um, we talk about this, um, we don’t want you to go and watch Jenks Tumbling Lessons fail videos. Now. There’s a reason for that. Yes.

There, everybody wants to laugh and watch the, the fail videos are the falls. But subconsciously you’re teaching yourself to be scared of that skill. Especially if you’ve never done that skill before and you’re seeing those falls, um, you’re, you’re already building up a fear that wouldn’t be there before. So when we were younger there, there was internet but there wasn’t as much knowledge or videos or everybody didn’t have a camera in their phone right to where everything was videoed. So if you saw I fall, it was rare because it happened at the gym if you were in the gym. But the gym we were at was, I mean people were trained pretty well so they weren’t falling all the time. So it was something we didn’t really see. Uh, so that, that mental aspect we don’t have to deal with. Even when I did break my neck, when I came back, I was able to get right back into it cause I wanted it more than I was afraid of it. Yes, I was definitely terrified. But having to sit out for almost a year and just watch people do watch people tumble. Do what you’re, I’m passionate about, but I couldn’t even do it no matter how bad I wanted to. Sometimes athletes who think they hate cheer burnt out on Sheeran tumbling don’t really realize how much they enjoy it until they can’t do, they can’t do.

Yeah. Yeah. So just because you have a camera on your phone does not make you a professional. Um, and something that we didn’t have to deal with back then was that, uh, I feel like as soon as something bad happens, instead of going help, like people want to pull out their phones and record it so they can have like the next trending video or whatever. And as a tumbler, that is scary because, uh, the other day we were at a school and there was a girl throwing a skill for the first time by herself. And I was wondering, I was like thinking, I wonder if anybody’s recording this right now. So I turned around and I look and sure enough, one person who isn’t even friends with this girl isn’t even the on the same team as this girl has her phone out recording. Um, and, you know, it could, it could, it could have been for various reasons. It could be just so she’d have that video if she lands it. But what would have happened if she hadn’t landed that skill? Would, that video had gone on Facebook or, uh, you know, on Youtube or whatever, that that’s a scary thought that kids, we didn’t have to think about that back then, but kids have to think about that now. Like as well,

when I broke my neck, there’s not a video, not a video of it. I bet. I bet you’re happy about that. Yeah, absolutely. So I think that does put a mental aspect that we didn’t have to deal with, that kids have to overcome now. Um, there’s a lot of knowledge out there. There wasn’t really that much knowledge about tumbling when, or especially on the Internet when we were their age. Um, there is good knowledge out there, but there’s also a bad knowledge. Uh, you’ll always learn better by getting in a gym and trying it. Oh yeah. Then just looking it up and trying it on your own trampoline.

Well, there’s a lot of DII wires do it. You do it yourselfers out there who posted videos of all kinds of stuff. You know, how to build your own table. But, but if you look at like the craftsmanship of that table, it’s like mediocre. Like if you had a professional build that table, then it’s, it’s going to be top notch. Jenks Tumbling Lessons is the same way. If you go to a, a do it yourself or on online. Here’s the thing, okay. Um, just in Tulsa alone, we know that there’s people who probably, who have no business teaching tumbling, but they do. And it’s easy. It’s an easy business to get into. That’s what’s scary is that there’s no regulations. There’s no certifications, there’s no training evaluations, there’s no nothing. We’re looking to change that by the way. [inaudible] company. But, um, like, like we mentioned before, there’s people who, um, have never tumbled in their life teaching tumbling and, and, uh, I imagine if you give someone a phone who learned how to do a back flip on a trampoline and now they’re trying to teach a very broad audience on the worldwide web how to do these things and then they get millions of followers.

It’s crazy. It’s crazy. But it happens on Youtube. Um, and, and so there is a lot of misinformation out there. Um, like rusty said, bad knowledge, like not the kind you want to listen to, make sure you know where you’re going and the people who are giving you that information and nothing beats getting into a gym and doing it. A live in person. Yes,

in real life technique and learning how to do it safely and uh, not taking the shortcut to get there, like going through the progression’s, going through the proper steps and needed and following the proper technique. And we preach it all the time.

We work, we, and here’s another aspect that we never had to deal with is cheer, liberties. Um, something I don’t quite understand, but I never understood the, uh, I guess everybody else does. Who is a teenager in high school. They get it.

I graduated in 2007. I got back into the coaching at Max. Probably a cow. Yeah. Years. Years later. She has as well. 2012. Yeah. Um, and I remember the first time I went to and stay with Max, I was so confused. Girls running around screaming, wanting autographs and the girls asking me to go talk to her, got to get an autograph. I was so confused. I didn’t know there were such thing as true liberty,

the amount of Instagram followers that some of these kids have a blow my mind. It’s crazy. It’s social media and it’s creepy because they don’t know any of them. It’s, it’s, it’s weird. Anyway. I don’t understand it. Um, but I, you know, that’s what called the well, that’s okay. Um, but high schoolers do get it and that’s, that’s who we are, our audiences.

Yeah. And that’s something we didn’t have to deal with back then was having followers having that many followers or if if, cause I feel like that would be subconscious to me tumbling back then if I had 2000 followers and I busted and then people wanted to put that in front of 2000 people and then add that to main cameras aren’t necessarily one you to try skills in front of people. So it’s an, it’s an aspect we don’t have to deal with. We were always just in the gym tumbling for fun and if we felt we felt we got back up and we did it again,

you know, it’s hard to look at the Kardashians and see them as like actual people because their whole life is on camera all the time. But they are, and that’s something to remember about these cheer liberties is that they are kids, they are under age children who, you know, maybe not all of them are children, maybe seven to 16 or 17, but still they’re still kids compared to us. And, um, for, for that amount of pressure to be put on these kids, whether they’re at a competition or they’re in practice or um, you know, whatever it might be. That’s a lot of pressure. That’s a lot. Yeah.

I should just be able to enjoy the sport and just enjoy the support without any added stress or, or anything like that.

I mean, social media is a whole, like this beast that has kind of grown into something that’s, uh, changed our lives as well. We had my space and Facebook. I know we had stuff back then and it was, it was all it was, is just to kind of, I don’t know. I don’t even, I don’t even know what it was back then, but now it’s totally different. Um, so something that we tell our younger athletes who are like, like nine or 10 years old who are too young to be on a level five team on all star who want to get their full is you have to look at the risk versus reward. Most of the time, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like, so there’s a lot of athletes who only want skills just so they can put it on social media. The cool factor. Yeah. And maybe they want to be that cheer liberty that we had talked about. Um,

there’s things they could work on to perfect their Jenks Tumbling Lessons or perfect the skills that I already have that as they get older, they’re going to learn faster and safer than just rushing through skills. Just to have as many skills that young as possible.

Put It on, put it on Instagram or snapchat or whatever it might be. Okay.

Um, and don’t get us wrong and I have social media and if anybody has follow up, it’s literally my, my wife, my baby, my dogs or 10.

Uh, and you know, there’s nothing wrong with social media w and unless you are getting to the point where it becomes like an addiction, but that’s just anything else, uh, you live your life and get your skills so that you can make that team so that you can prepare for college, not to get as many likes as you can. Okay. Just, just a word of advice. I’m not hating on social media,

but stressing about little things like life is hard enough.

Uh, you know, one day we’ll all be gone and no one’s going to look and see how many views or likes we had on social media, you know, dark turns, a dark turn one. And I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Anyway, um, if you’re interested in finding out more, the more positive side about us, uh, justice tumbling company or you can check out our website that’s just as tumbling co.com

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We’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with Justice Campbell and company Cla Allegheny.