Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Welcome back to another edition of justice tumbling. Uh, uh, wow. Tumbled Tulsa tumble talk with justice stumbling company. Um, this is, uh, our frequently asked questions. Number four. Um, we’re going to be going over three questions that we get, uh, regularly, um, and uh, answer them for you and give you the best and most professional answer that we can give. Um, especially the first one. Uh, I have gotten this especially now because it’s tryout time. Um, and the question is rusty, do you think I’ll make varsity or do you think my athlete is a, is enough to make varsity?

Yeah, good question. Good question. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, just like we don’t promise parents or athletes skills, Jenks Tumbling Lessons, same thing. We will never promise a kid that they’re going to make a certain team. Uh, every kid’s different. Every varsity is looking for something different. So even if you have all the requirements that they want for Varsity, um, they have to build a team. So if, if you are hitting all the tumbling required but they can’t really use a you first stents or jumps or anything like that, um, you have to have everything they’re looking for. So it kind of depends on the school or the team. It’s, it’s going to be up to your coaches. Um, remember that these coaches aren’t stupid, so they do watch you year round.

It’s not, they see your attitude.

Yes. It’s not all about what you do on tryout day. For a lot of these coaches, it’s kind of what you’ve done all year that all kind of make the decision or help make the decision, which is smart because if you just give everything for just one day for tryouts and then you really kind of just slacked the rest of the year, you don’t continue up your tumbling or continue it and your gems or working on stunting and stuff like that. It’s very easy for the coach to see. And it’s really hard to have a successful team like that.

Yeah. Well, and to be honest with you, send some teams. I’ve already had tryouts. Uh, we know who have made varsity on some of the of the other squads. And to be honest with you, we are, we are surprised. Um, sometimes, sometimes a kid makes varsity that we did not see that coming, but then, Jenks Tumbling Lessons, someone who from a different school goes and try outs, we were expecting them to make it and, and they don’t. But then again, we’re not there with them year round. We’re not seeing them on the sidelines. We’re not seeing those athletes. Um, early in the morning whenever they have an, they’re having to do, you know, wake up early to do some routine stuff. You know, we don’t see that side. Um, so all we can really judge is by your skill level. But like we talked about before, performance is 60% of everything.

I mean, skill skill level is only 40%. So if you have an awesome full or you know you have an awesome layout, uh, but your attitude is just a booboo that and you don’t represent the school properly, you’re probably not going to make the squad that you’re wanting to make. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, you, I mean you might, you might wear it depends on the coach, the coach and it depends on the school. So for when, when parents ask us that, that’s kind of the answer that we give them. I might say, uh, from what I’ve seen in your athlete, I feel like she has a good chance. Um, but like rest he said we don’t promise anything. I can say, uh, you know, I have a, I have a good feeling that we’ll be able to get this back hand, Spring and two or three weeks. And then if the athlete completely changes something that that kind of goes out the window. Um, and so depending on the athlete, depending on the coach, the school, there’s a lot of variables that take place and it’s important to remember that. Now the next question, go ahead. Rusty.

Yes. The question we have come from pants cause we are evaluating a lot of our athletes and moving them up to different classes. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, does my athlete half to move to a diff, uh, move up to the next class?

And so we get this when we get this question. Um, it’s mainly either a because uh, they have a friend in that class or B, they really liked the coach in that class. Um, or this works better with their, their schedule or schedule the schedule. Yeah. That’s another thing too. Um, they like the hour, the time where it fits. Now it’s uh, it’s, what’s difficult about that answer is that if, if we’re having to move athletes out of that class, then we are having athletes moving into the class that they’re currently in. So if there are eight kids in the class and there’s one coach, Jenks Tumbling Lessons, if we’re having novices who are needing to move up into intermediate and we’re not having enough, any intermediate moving up into the next class, it, uh, it makes it difficult because then it kind of holds up, holds up the train, if you will.

Um, now of course, we’re not going to push an athlete into the next class if they’re not ready, we’re not in that business and we will never be in that business. Uh, an athlete will not move up until we 100% know that they are ready to move up. And um, with that being said, if we, if you’re one of those athletes who are asked to move up, sometimes that guy, this, there’s a little bit of a nervousness and, and, and some unwanted pressure. But pressure is good. We actually just did a podcast on pressure. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, and so take that pressure and, and run with it because you as an athlete, you’re going to be a performing under pressure a lot. So it’s important.

So yes, we would like you to move into the correct class that you’re supposed to be in. Because when you have a class full of people that are in the correct class, it runs very, very smoothly. So you, that athlete who doesn’t want to move up because they want to be with their friend or something, um, it’ll probably be better for that athlete if they are in the next class because they’re going to be around like minded athletes working same skills, kind of pushing that kid to get those new skills as well. So yes. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, if we ask you if you’re worthy enough to move on to the next class, we would like you to go ahead and move on. That’s where, cause I mean the next question, we do have people wanting to move up. So it is kind of a reward. You’ve kind of mastered the skills in that class. So yes, I’m, the doc goes right into the next question is why hasn’t my athlete moved up to the next class yet?

So this question we get from athletes or parents who are seeing other, other kids move up and maybe they’re half fleet hasn’t. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, we have specifics on what we want in that next class and what they need to have for that next class in order for them to continue to progress.

Absolutely. And like Colin said to every class has a certain amount of skills to do that you must master to get out of that class. So what we’ll run into sometimes as athletes have are throwing the skills required of that class to get into the next level of classes. But they may be held back or we might ask them, hey, we want you to do one more session of the class you’re in. If they need to clean up those skills a little bit more. If the skills they’re throwing aren’t clean enough or tech technique, uh, technically sound enough to move into the next class, we will ask them to give one more session of just cleaning up those skills.

And consistency is a big part of that. We want the athlete to be able to throw that skill consistent consistently no matter what. Even if we ask them to throw it, they don’t need a spot for the first time, you know, stand

on the floor and it should be where they’re pretty much able to warm up with all the skills required to move into the next class. Absolutely. We don’t want an athlete to throw away a beautiful one to tech, like best technique ever. And then we move her up and then whether it’s a new coach or whatever, she just starts blocking on the round off back handspring. So we can’t have that. That ends up throwing off the whole other class. So consistency is key. Technique is key. There’s a reason we preach techniques so much. Jenks Tumbling Lessons, so make sure you’re not just flinging your body over trying to get to the next class. Really take time, master your skills. If you have the correct technique, if you’re consistently doing your job, I promise you we will not hold you back. We will be the first ones to tell you that you need to be in the next class.

Absolutely. And we get excited whenever kids are moving up. Like it’s, it’s, it’s good for our business, but it’s also really, really good for our athletes and, uh, gaining confidence and, and, and continuing to grow. And so we want to see that. We love seeing that. And that’s what we’re all about at justice tumbling company. So with that being said, if you’re interested in finding out more about us, you can check out our website. It’s just a stumbling co.com

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