Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Okay. So we’ve been getting some Jenks Tumbling Lessons questions from parents and after his theory is from actual questions and this one is one that’s been, we’ve been asked a lot lately

if you’ve been trying to get into classes or anything, I’m sure you’ve found it hard cause we are filling up, we’re opening more classes, we’re going to update our schedule, we’re going to keep updating our schedule,

adding more classes. But our intermediate classes, we have three, four intermediate Jenks Tumbling Lessons classes now and, and even the fourth one that we just added a week ago is already almost full. Um, all of our novice classes are full. Um, all of our hard floor classes are full. Our beginner classes are almost full. Fill it. So we are, it’s working. What we’re doing is working and people are seeing it throughout Tulsa and even further than Tulsa. So, uh, we’ve been getting questions about, uh, what are we gonna, what are we going to be doing? What’s, what’s justice looking like in the future? And you’ve heard us talk about it before on our podcast where we want to be able to franchise, we want to be able to, um, give our own athletes another option other than college to where they can maybe go to school and then come and get a justice franchise and write it themselves. Or maybe they don’t go to school and they are just really, really, really good coaches, really hardworking, diligent people. And they can start their journey, their own justice franchise

flared before franchising. There we will be opening a second location and then possibly a third location and then from there deciding the franchising. But the second location is probably going to be happening sooner rather than later, especially with how things are progressing, how things are moving. Um, so when that happens, uh, me and Colton are only two people. We can only do something.

Oh yeah. And so of course parents are asking, what are you guys going to do? You’re going to hire somebody and then our, our, our kids are doomed. They’re not going to get what you guys teach. And, uh, we, that’s why we come to justice because we like you guys. Well, here’s, here’s the kicker. We can guarantee at as a justice coach that we will not let anyone take over any class unless they are 100% certified by both myself and rusty.

That’s why we are doing the handbook. Um, we are being very structured. Things are the way they are in the gym for a reason. That’s why when we do open locations, it’s going to be a lot of like it’s going to be the same.

And here’s the thing is that this is kind of how we’ve talked about it, is that um, we will both work both locations. One day rusty might be at the north location and then one day he’ll have classes at the south location. Um, and so you’ll be getting both of us, um, and it’ll just be on different days.

But then down the line of eventually, I mean we want just like our athletes are, justice athletes are pretty much our legacy. They continue to grow at, uh, they really represent us. Um, our coaches are, we hire and train as well. I want to leave a legacy of strong coaches behind absolutely where I can take days off and spend time with my son and not have to work 73 hours over spring break, right. Um, be able to take vacations. Uh, but I’m not going to do that until I’m comfortable. I know I have coaches that will continue to develop athletes, continue to mentor.

So, so with every other job, um, every other career, most people have portfolios. Um, you know, whether you’re in financing or, um, construction or you know, whatever it might be, you have like a list of or a, or a book of projects that you’ve done or things like that. Uh, the amount of money that you made, whatever it might be. Um, we don’t have that. We don’t have books and all. We have our athletes, but we don’t want to just be in the business of training athletes. We want to be in the business of training coaches who train athletes. Whenever I was in the Marine Corps, you know, it was one thing to train to be a marine, but then there were also those select few Marines who trained marines and worked in in bootcamps. Um, and you know, our Jenks Tumbling Lessons training, one of the world’s finest fighting forces. It’s the same way with justice. We, we will have an already do have that high quality standard for our athletes and uh, we will have that same high quality standard for our coaches. Um,

bombarding, I’ve just been coaching eight, eight or nine years now and I already just counting last night, I think I have six athletes that I used to coach that are now coaches themselves at out of state at different gyms. And that’s awesome. I love that. Um, but especially with the way we are doing things that justice now, I want to be able to develop coaches to do things exactly the way we want done in our business. That’s why we opened our own business. That’s why we’re not doing all stars. Um, so it can be a certain way. We want these athletes and parents to have a certain experience when they come into the gym. Uh, whether we’re or not

and whether he, whether you’re coming to a justice tumbling company in Tulsa or you’re going to HSS tumbling company in California or wherever are our franchises and are our companies will take us. Um, even if even once we do get into franchising, the same quality will be a must there. There we will not waver whatsoever on quality of our coaches and the technique and the process that our coaches give your athletes or if you are an athlete, you, um, so here’s our process. We’re going to make sure that anybody who has the desire to be a justice tumbling coach will first have to volunteer hours, um, who will be not teaching their own classes but shadowing,

volunteer shadowing and then yeah, it’s volunteering, seeing if they can run a class by themselves and not just a cost by themselves, but doing it the justice way. Absolutely.

Part of the requirement will be that every one who works for us, we’ll have to forget everything that they knew or what they thought they knew about tumbling. Um, we, we’ve talked like I’ve said it before, we don’t, we’re not in the business of tumbling theory and what we think tumbling should be. It’s tumbling fact and what we know tumbling is and what we know works and what we know is proven and that is our process. So if they have any, uh, doubts whatsoever, then, then they’re not who we’re looking for when they’re not a going to be a justice tumbling coach.

Absolutely. No matter what background they have, whether it’s from tumbling or not or coaching already. Um, we’re going to train them to be, they’re going to have to go through training is they’re going to have to do things our way. Uh, I’d, it almost be easier to get somebody with no experience who doesn’t have bad habits or their own coaching habits because we can teach exactly those people. If they’re coachable and good with kids, I guarantee you we can make them better than 90% of coaches out there. Yeah. Easy. So without a doubt, our guarantee, uh, we have a game plan. We have meetings constantly. Uh, we know what we want for this company and we’re going to push for it nonstop and we’re not going to leave it in someone else’s hands or these athletes and other people’s hands until we’re 100% sure we know it’s going to be the way we want it.

Here is, here’s the justice guarantee. The justice guarantee is that if rusty and I, uh, get abducted by aliens and we’re just not able to, um, be there in the gym, that justice will have the same quality, the same drive, the same goals being taught as if we were right there. And so if, if we ever get the slightest thought that a coach is not providing that, um, they get one chance and then they’re gone. We’re going to be extremely strict and, uh, we’ll, we’ll fire you. If you yawn, if you yawn in your class, you better, you better be ready to pack your bags and go. Not really, but well we would expect the best from our athletes. So we want the best from our coaches, how to hold them to the same event, even a higher standard. They are going to be expected to be nothing but the best, the highest quality of human beings found.

So expect big things coming. The future of justice. Uh, just know there is a plan. Yup. Uh, God has a purpose and he, everything’s hazing controllers for us so far and it’s going to continue to go that way. So and keep your eyes open. And for those of you who come to justice tumbling and are from like South Tulsa or Bixby or jinx or Colin Powell or even Henrietta as far south as we can go, uh, no, that in the, uh, the short future you will be seeing a justice camp tumbling company coming closer to you. So anyway, if you are interested in finding out more about us, Colin, rusty, you can check out our website. It’s just as tumbling coach.com or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram and if you have a Jenks Tumbling Lessons Google account, we love it. If you left us and objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing, we’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice tumbling company.