It’s summer and we know you guys got places to go, people to see and vacations to go on. But with all that, how do you keep up with your Jenks tumbling lessons tumbling

hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we, your Tulsa tumbling experts answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis where your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breadth slur. And we’re the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. What’s up guys? We know that you have summer break right now and uh, you guys, like I said, you have places to go, people to see things to do and with all of that, how, how do you keep up with your tumbling? How do you keep up with your skills? How do you keep up with your conditioning? Well, we’re going to give you some pointers and we’re also gonna reiterate on how to keep your Jenks tumbling lessons stock save. So we don’t think that you could totally ditched us.

Yeah. So we’re going to be going over how to maintain your tumbling over summer. Uh, but before that, like you said, communication is key. Letting us know or the front desk know if you are going to be, if you’re in our rec program, if you’re going to be disappearing for a month or a few weeks at a time so you don’t lose your Jenks tumbling lessons spot in that class or if you do privates on a weekly basis, let your coach know if you’re going to be gone that way. We’re just not reserving a spot where we just sit up here. That’s where we hang out up here. We get to eat lunch, but yes we can fill those times. So let us know, communicate, communicate, communicate, communicate, communicate, can’t stress enough. We know you guys are busy, you’ve got a lot on your Jenks tumbling lessons minds. Um, let us know so we don’t charge you or have to worry about refunding or anything like that.

Absolutely. Now, whenever you go on the summer break, when ever you are, uh, taking a break from tumbling or, or, you know, going to Florida or wherever you might be going, um, we want you to keep up with your conditioning at least to the point where when you’re in your Jenks tumbling lessons hotel or you know, wherever you might be, um, do some sit ups, do some crunches, do some hollow holds, do something. Or you’re trying to say that when it comes to summer that kids lose skills. Uh, yes, too often, too often it happens. Um, actually we, I just had a private last night and uh, she came back from Florida, they went to Florida and we went to Disney world and universal studios and all that stuff and that she did a lot of walking around. But at night she said that she was very, very active. She would use the gym in there, a hotel. Um, and it, I could, I could tell, I could tell that I was worried because I knew that they were on vacation for two weeks and when she came back I was worried that we’re going to have to do a bunch of stuff over again and, okay.

Well I think we talked about everybody, every kid is different. Every kid’s different. Some kids can go on summer, go on vacation and, and not affect their tumbling at all. Some kids tumble twice a week, three times a week. That when they do take those breaks at kids throws him off. Yeah. It technique wise or conditioning wise, I’ve seen it both wise. Right. Being able to last as long. Yeah. Where it’s become a conditioning issue cause they don’t condition as much or they’re just not tumbling as much or just where they come in and there they forgot how to do a certain skill or and have to do refreshers on technique on that. Um, so it’s, it can happen both ways, but like Colton said, when it comes to wherever you’re at, you can do conditioning. You can use a gym, you can do handstands against the wall. There’s definitely stuff you can do on the conditioning side to where coming back conditioning shouldn’t really be an issue. But also the, if you want about an f I think anywhere you’re vacationing I’m sure everywhere has some sort of tumbling gym, whether it’s, whether it’s gymnastics or cheerleading. I’m sure they have some sort of gym. And like we always preach, you should be able to take the technique, we train you to any gym.

And you know, it may not have to be a class, it could just be an, an easy open gym to go to. It’ll be cool though, cause you’re, you’re meeting people, meeting other, um, other tumblers, other coaches and kind of showing off what you learn here at justice and, and we’re, we’re excited about that. Um, with that being said, our technique that we teach you with our attention to detail, you should have the same attention to detail. So whenever you do come back from that summer break or that vacation, um, your Jenks tumbling lessons attention to details, shit and waiver at all, you should keep your Jenks tumbling lessons arms by your Jenks tumbling lessons ears. We surely hope that our curriculum is, uh, is detailed enough that you remember how important those things are. That’s how you get, um, and you how it’s, how you move up and you progress through justice and uh, and get to the next level. Um, so with every skill that you have, there’s, there’s a set of conditioning. There’s homework that we have. You guys do remember that homework, stay true to that homework. Even if you’re on vacation, even if you’re going out camping, um, that’s is going to help you get right back into the swing of things whenever you come back.

If you are going on vacation and you are one of those Alpha athletes and you don’t want to have any breaks or any pauses or any slowdowns in your Jenks tumbling lessons tumbling, ask us what you can do. We’ll, we’ll write up a personal like summer workout plan for you if that’s what you need. Um, but we want our athletes to have that drive to where we don’t want that for them to where they want that for themselves.

Yeah. We, we can’t push you more than you want to be pushed or, um, or you know, we can’t want it more than you do. You have to want it so bad that even when you’re on those vacations that you stay on it and you keep, keep her, uh, maybe not tumbling. Um, if there’s, if there’s that opportunity than great, definitely do that. But there may not always be that opportunity. So if, uh, you know, if you’re an athlete that has already mastered backhand springs, um, if, if you’re on the beach, backhand springs or one of the hardest things you can do, any kind of tumbling is hard and sand. Um, but I mean, if you’ve mastered those back hand springs, try to try a few that’s going to be really, really good conditioning for you. Or are you gonna find grass somewhere somewhere? Yeah.

There’s plenty of time to do back Tucks, backhand spring. Yet if you’ve mastered those skills, find somewhere to go.

And what’s cool is you can kind of catch everybody’s attention to at the time whenever you’re on vacations, like the people who do backhand springs, um, and flips and stuff, everybody who and all that stuff. So just keep it up and, and uh, I think that’s really, really going to help you guys out.

Some of these athletes are on two teams with being a school teams and all stars. So taking the whole summer and not doing anything. If you go on multiple vacations, some kids are hitting multiple vacations or summer camps and ended up taking months off. And when you’re on two teams, two competitive teams, especially when you just got out of tryouts, you worked real hard to make a team and then you go on vacations. Now is not the time to be like blocking him back, blocking not conditioning. Cause as soon as you come back, those coaches are going to want you to jump right back into your Jenks tumbling lessons practice

and they will expect it and we will expect it. Um, so hold yourself accountable, have that self discipline, um, and uh, and continue your Jenks tumbling lessons work out. Even if you are on vacation, a man, uh, if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company, you can check out our website. It’s just as tumbling

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and we will see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with the one and only Jessica coming.