Today we are going to be going over our frequently asked questions and this is number 10. Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we are Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis where your Jenks tumbling lessons hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breaths letter. And we’re the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma frequently asked questions 10. Today we’re going to be going over some questions that we get about the Admin side of the company. So we’re going to go over some things that, um, we get asked about payments or signing in or a enrollments and things like that. Uh, just to give you guys a better understanding of why we do well,

because if one person’s asking it, I’m sure there’s other people thinking. Yep. All right. So question number one is my daughter was in an intermediate class. This session moving forward is she already has her spy held moving forward for that intermediate class.

Um, and it, it actually is. So if she doesn’t get unenrolled or if you guys don’t stop coming, um, or if you guys don’t go on vacation or something and just take a break,

or if you don’t evaluate out to the next Friday,

wait out to the next class, uh, then yes, that spot is yours. So if you sign up for one membership Jenks tumbling lessons, um, that first month, then a, you’re on a reoccurring system. Um, and the only way to get out of that system is to let us know that, hey, we don’t want to be reoccurringly charged. And so it’s as simple as a phone call or call up here and leave a voicemail and our ladies will get, uh, get in touch with you and get that taken care of. Um, and with that being said, you know, some kids will for summer go on a long vacation or they go to stay with grandma, or are there other, another parent or something like that. Um, and they’re going to be gone for a month. So holding that spot for the month, uh, that you’re not here is not something that we can do. We have a lot of people who are on a wait list to get in our classes. And um, if you’re not able to make it to that class, then either a, you can hold that spot by paying the paying like the monthly costs and then just letting us know that you’re not going to be here or um, jump when you get back, jumping back into a different class. Hopefully hoping that one will be a spot will be available.

Either way you have to communicate with the front desk. Communication is key. Yes. Jenks tumbling lessons, the reason being is even not over vacation, not over summer. Just if you are, if you miss two consecutive weeks without any communication to the front desk, why then you will be unenrolled from that class. Because like Colin said, we do have a wait list of people trying to get in. So if we don’t have that communication that you’re going to be on break or you’re going to be at grandma’s, um, we will move that spot. So if somebody can get in that class. Absolutely.

And, and we were doing that just so on our admin side. We can stay, keep a clean house and um, and making sure that people who want in, there’s able to be in there and in the right classes that they need to be in. Now, um, moving on to that, it’s a perfect segue into the next question is who do we contact? Jenks tumbling lessons, a lot of you guys have our personal phone numbers, um, through privates. Uh, I will tell you that Caitlin and Cassie are much better at the system than we are. We, we can, we, they know the ins and outs. We can do a little bit, but they are on top of it. So they know exactly who is in what class almost without even looking at it.

Who’s in water class, who’s coaching, what class, what classes are full. All that goes through the front desk and moving, moving forward. Eventually we’re going to be more behind the scenes to where, especially when Jenks tumbling lessons have multiple locations, you’re going to have to contact the front desks of those young patients anyway. That’s not come through.

Even if you have Caitlin and Cassie’s personal cell phone number, Jenks tumbling lessons, that is not the, the line to make those changes. Um, it’s all on that front desk number, which is nine one eight, seven, six, four, eight, eight oh four. That number will not change. It’s going to stay the same. And if there’s nobody here at the time, leave a message, you have to leave a message and we can get taken care of without even contacting you back. Really. But they’ll, they’ll send you a courtesy call to let you know that they made the changes, but they can, they can make whatever changes right then and there when they’re coming in to set up for that night. Um, it’s a much easier and much cleaner process than getting a bunch of text messages in reviewing those text messages and, and remembering who to change and whatnot. So just remember to contact the front desk. That’s who all those changes go through and, and notify the front desk, hey, we’re going to be on vacation. Little Sally is going to grandma’s or wherever it might be. So

using, involving the rec, whether it’s classes, enrolling camps or anything like that, absolutely go through the front desk. Right. As of right now, the only thing that should be coming through me and Colton is private. It’s, and even eventually that might be through the front desk. Yeah. Yeah. That way, that just even less off our shoulders. We are very busy. So you have, believe it or not, we are here. I, I

think that you guys, uh, think that we’re just doing privates here and there. Uh, but with every one private, you know, you have to have multiple texting conversations with multiple parents for us to take off or because you know, one of the kids are sick or we’re sick or something. We have to at least contact, um, for one day at least, like 10 to 15 parents, um, and, and change schedules around and move that stuff around. And so, uh, in the future it might get to where we are running privates to the front desk. Um, but you’ll still be dealing with us for the private, uh, or, or are just certified justice, tumbling coach coaches. Um, now into the, onto the second question. I’m sorry. Third Question. Third question is why do we sign in? Why do we have to sign in? You always talk about signing in. Why do we have to do it? Uh, no

question. Yeah, that’s one of the athletes actually asked why, why do we sign in? And there’s no such thing as dumb questions. That’s a good question. Let’s, it is, yeah. Especially it’s, it’s hot out where all the garage doors open now. So some people won’t even come through the front door by the front desk. Sometimes I’ll come through the garage. So we have to run the front, uh, the sign in sheet out there, um, Colton and give him a few few reasons why it’s important.

Well, first off, we do have to pay insurance and, and to record who is in every single class is very, very important for our insurance policies. Um, if, if someone is saying, oh, I got hurt in this class, but they’re not on the sign in sheet, we’re not seeing them on the cameras, then they were never there for that class. Or if, um, if continuously, like we said, if you’re missing classes, we, we look back on our sign in sheet to see who is in those classes. Um, for our numbers, for our numbers and also, uh, holding our coaches accountable. So if rusty and ise classes are booming, um, but one of our other coaches classes are like staying really, really low in numbers, then we know that there’s something that needs to be addressed there. So admin wise, there’s a lot that we, a lot of information that we can collect just by seeing who is going into what class continuously. So that’s the reason why we want you to sign in. Um, and uh, it keeps us aware of who’s in our building and it’s just, it’s just good business practices.

Yes. For our ratios, we need to know how many are in the class if you’re showing up. Um, we do memberships here too, where you get a certain amount of classes a week, so

we have to make sure people aren’t just taking advantage and tumbling everyday, both times or when they’re only paying, not paying attention. Yeah. So it’s very important to us for mostly back of house. Um, so that’s why it is important at the start of each class that you sign in. And if you don’t, you’ll see us out there, one of the front desk ladies out there. I’m going to hunt you down. Yeah. Trying to get those names because it is important. So make our job easier, make their job easier. And uh, go by the front desk if you, if you come in through the garage, swing by up there and just throw your Jenks tumbling lessons name out. And that has been our three questions for, for that frequently asked question number 10. And if you’re interested in finding out more about us, you can check out our website. It’s just as tumbling or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if Jenks tumbling lessons have a Google account where we’d love it if you left us in objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing

and we’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with the one only justice tumbling company..