And we’re back on another weekly update. And this is number 21 hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. And so the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis where your Jenks tumbling lessons hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breadth slur and we’re the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’ll write weekly update number 21. Okay. So we’re gonna go over some things that had happened throughout the week, but also give you guys some updates on, um, new things that have occurred or changed and in the justice world. That’s right. Um, first off we’re going to be talking about, um, well I’ll let you take this one. Go ahead. Rusty.

Yes, yes. I’m doing a lot of privates over the week one that really stood out, uh, working on a skill. We’ve been out of school for a long time. Um, while working that skill. Some of the basics have kind of gone down hill, so I can tell that now that she’s fixing things she needs for the harder skill. The one thing that is lacking is the strength and the basics that she needs the stronger round off back handspring to be able to, to, to do the harder skill.

A lot of these, this happens a lot whenever trout season is around because kids are working on their most elite skill that they have their most advanced skill that they have. And uh, unfortunately don’t put any, um, focus on technique of the, the lesser advanced skills.

Yeah. So I could tell she was getting frustrated. I told her, I said, you would really, really benefit from doing nothing but just almost a private of focusing nothing but your Jenks tumbling lessons basic stronger round off back handspring and she’s hurting. She said her exact words were, my mom would freak out if she saw me only working the basics, the roundup, backhand spring. But that’s the problem right there. That’s if the, and it might not even be the athlete like she, the athlete completely understood and could see the benefit of going back. But if the athletes not able to because their parents are restricting them to then we have to have that conversation with the parent, which we’re looking at what’s best for their long term tumbling career. I know to the parent it’s just they want to be working that one skill. They want to pay money for that one skill. But if what’s holding them back from getting that skill is other things, even conditioning, sometimes it comes down to conditioning. It can come down to well yeah, we can keep working the scope of it. You just need to either do conditioning at home a lot more or are we just need to do our private of conditioning.

Yeah. I do know that a few months ago we had a podcast that was um, kind of talking about this and we used a, a video of the coach. Remember which one I’m talking about? The coach who, um, I think it was, I don’t know, Kentucky or Louisville or something. Anyway, um, and he said that he’s a basketball coach and he said that if, uh, if he is watching his kids play basketball, he doesn’t say anything. He does, he kind of stays out of it. Um, it’s because it’s the coach’s job. The coach’s job is to do what’s best for the, for the athlete. Um, even though he is a, a, a highly successful basketball coach for college, he doesn’t say anything, doesn’t step on any toes. But if a, if a parent is coming in and telling their kid they don’t need to work on backhand springs, they don’t need to work on their basics.

They only need to work on what you know, what they think they’re paying for, then you have justice tumbling company all wrong because um, yes, you might be paying for a private, but that private is not necessarily to get that one skill, that private is to make you a better tumbler. Um, and help you get that skill. And if that’s, if that means going back and working on some things that, uh, you worked on whenever you are eight, it’s an, it’s not anybody’s fault but, but your Jenks tumbling lessons own that you’ve kind of been negligent on that skill. We got to continue to work those skills. That’s why we just did our podcast, um, on evaluations and we’re, we want to hold you guys accountable. Um, so just keep that in mind.

And we know coaches that justice tumbling one to be coaches that are just going to continue to take money and not do what’s best for your Jenks tumbling lessons athlete. Absolutely. I could just sit there, I could spot that skill for a years and years and years, collect a lot of money, collect a lot of money. It doesn’t mean she’ll ever get to compete that skill. Yeah. But if we take a step back and actually work on stuff that can better her condition her, um, in the long run, we know, we know it’ll work.

It’s so much better that way. And, and I think that every athlete, once, once they’ve done that, they will be thankful that they did. Um, now, next point is, uh, we’ve had, we got some new schools in our, in our, uh, uh, group of justice schools. We’re so happy that they’re there with us. Um, and we’re seeing a ton of potential. Here’s the thing, that there’s a difference between potential and then having the attitude, um, with that potential. So if you have the right attitude, we can, we can work and get tons of skills. And if you guys are coachable, we can get you guys a lot of, of, of success in tumbling.

Absolutely. We were not a one size fits all programs, so it’s awesome to see. We work with some super talented schools. Yeah. Super talented schools. But then we have these schools that are, have the most potential in the world. They might have all the skills but their attitudes and their, there’s some of the funnest schools to work.

Yeah. Yeah. And that’s, and then you have those, those few bad apples that kind of, um, kind of ruined the whole group as a whole because, you know, they might be really close to a skill, but they just have this really, really bad attitude and don’t ever throw that skill on their own or trust themselves or they won’t try. Um, and it just brings the group down as a whole. So if you’re listening to this podcast, look at, look at your, your Jenks tumbling lessons squad and think of everybody on that squad and try to point out the people who obviously don’t go say anything to them, but try to go point out the people who might be bringing that squat down. Um, and then if, if you have somebody in mind, try to go talk to them and just during the practice or something, just kind of, um, give them some, some positive reinforcement that that always helps. Uh, and we, I have this one athlete in mind, um, who actually didn’t make the squad this year. Um, but she didn’t make the squad not because of her skill, because her skill was, uh, was she had a lot of potential. Um, but she didn’t make the squad because we know and her coach knows as well that her attitude is just not the best. And she did, uh, she did not want to have to deal with that athlete. Um, and that negative, that negative attitude bringing down everybody else.

Absolutely. So in getting to meet new schools, that’s interesting to meet new athletes, um, and having these new athletes trust what we’re saying and what we’re doing. But it’s been awesome. It’s been great.

It has, we, the new schools that we work with, um, have a ton of potential and have great attitudes. And that’s why we’re kind of making this point is because, um, some of the others, not some, a couple of schools in particular, um, they could have their attitude could be so much better. And so we did a podcast on your Jenks tumbling lessons attitude, your future. I’d like you guys to go back and listen to that podcast. It’s one of the old ones. Um, but it’s got a lot of good information about how your Jenks tumbling lessons attitude like completely reflects, um, and on the, on the athletes around you, but also your skills that you gain. Nobody gets successful at anything with a, with a bad negative attitude and being pessimistic. So be optimistic. Be the optimist. We did another podcast about optimism and pessimism, so be that, be that optimist.

Um, do you have anything else moving forward? Uh, our tank tops. Yeah. So we, we took preorders on take tops that was uh, May 10th and we were supposed to have them back in two weeks just so you guys know there has been a bit of a delay and for whatever reason they’re not going to be here in which they should be here. Uh, this week. They should have been here this week. Um, so we’re expecting about another week or so at before we have those. And then you’ll get your Jenks tumbling lessons tank tops back and there’s cross keep your eyes on our Facebook for updates. Yes. And we’ll let you know when your tank top comes in, but well we want to do is, um, when, when those tank tops do come in, uh, the 4th of July week we’re going to be closed. So that’s a, just a reminder that whole week for 4th of July we’ll be closed during that week.

We’re going to have like a selfie competition. You get you Jenks tumbling lessons tank top, take it on vacation, take it wherever. Um, take a picture of, or it doesn’t have to be a Selfie, I guess. Um, but have a friend take a picture of you doing a toe touch or some kind of skill handstand, just as long as it’s not a handstand on the side, like of a top of a building because those, those people are stupid. Um, you know what I’m talking about? Let’s make good decisions. Yes, no, don’t do anything crazy that’s going to get you hurt. But, um, take a picture of you doing some kind of cool skill, uh, out in the world, um, with your Jenks tumbling lessons justice tank top on and there’s going to be rewards and, and it’ll be, it’ll be a fun thing posted on a social media and tag us in it.

Um, and anyway, we, uh, we love you guys. We would sometimes we have to give these, um, these little bitty uncomfortable conversations. Um, you know, but, but it’s for the best. It’s because we care and we love you guys. So yeah, that is what we deal with on a weekly basis. This is what we were silly, what we hear and we want it fixed in the long run. So we want to try to take care of it now. But get the information out there. Knowledges. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We work, we do, we work with, uh, uh, give or take about 450 athletes per week. So that’s lots of schools, lots of kids in our programs, lots of privates, lots of camps. Um, and so something that you’re going through may or may not, some of the kid right next to you, maybe going through the same thing or have gone through the same thing.

Uh, and that’s why we do these podcasts because we can kind of collect information and we put it out there. So if you, if you have a topic that you’re interested in, um, let us know and we’ll, we’ll do a topic just for you. Uh, but if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company, uh, you can check out our website. It’s just as tumbling or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if you have a Google account, would love it if you left us an objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing and we’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice tumbling company