Welcome to our last and final part of our athlete evaluation series. And this one’s all about elite

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Jenks tumbling lessons Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis where your Jenks tumbling lessons hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breadth slur. And we’re the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, now we’re on elite the man, this is the top this, these are, this is legendary here. Those are the top of the top out. Now. Now you guys literally did start from the bottom and now you’re here.

Yeah. So if you were one of the athletes that came through our program, started a novice and now you are an elite athlete, congratulations, you’re following the justice method. But there are some athletes that come in and try to just jump in at that elite level. If they do, we still expect them to be able to do all the other stuff that our athletes had to revalue evaluate out of. So we’re going to start, cause like we told our when they are advanced podcast, you may not have started through the program. So you may not have listened to all the other evaluation podcasts. You might not know all this skills you are supposed to have to evaluate out of those classes. So we are going to start from the bottom and read all the way up to the elite skills of what you need to have.

And here’s the thing is that we do it differently if you are in our class, um, then you know that we are different than any other gym out there and we have different requirements and we are a little bit more strict on who we let into each level. So with that being said, um, everything that we’re about to read off is a requirement, um, for you to stay in that elite class for these new LEDs, for new athletes. If you are already in elite, um, as of this date, which is June, May, May, may 28 as of May 28th. Um, if you are in elite, then you are grandfathered in. But we still want you pushing yes too

follow the same curriculum to have all the same skills. So don’t just, if you are one of those grandfathered in, don’t just sit back, push yourself to get new skills for all these specialty skills because we want those well-rounded athletes. We, we need those justice tumblers to be the top athletes.

And this is what we see happen with um, elite tumblers at all star gyms and on like Varsity at schools. Um, once you make the squad that your, that your Jenks tumbling lessons goal like once you set that goal and you make that goal, uh, so many athletes just get stagnant and that’s what we don’t want to happen at justice tumbling company. Um, which we’re going to be doing a podcast pretty soon about Varsity Eidos which, uh, can either work for varsity or like that level five team that everybody wants. Um, we don’t want you to get varsity itis in elite and just become stagnant. There’s a reason why you’re here and we’re going to keep pushing you for new skills.

And elite athletes have more skills they’ve, so they have more skills. They have to maintain. You have to be tumbling and throwing multiple skills. You can’t only focus on a fuller double and then have lost your Jenks tumbling lessons whip paths or your Jenks tumbling lessons specialty pass through to tech. You have to maintain every school you learn. So that requires a lot of mental toughness on that athlete that it’s a lot of accountability on them to put in those hours on their own of that’s what open gyms are, Greg for that working all your Jenks tumbling lessons skills. Yeah. Maintaining and mastering all yours

good people. People don’t take the time and warmups to, to think that, hey, this is the, this is a chance for me to work on something that I’m not normally working on. Use that, use that. So when we go over these, this big long list, it’s going to almost sound a lot like what we require for all of our warm ups. Um, but if, if there’s, if there’s ever a time where you’re in the gym and it’s open gym or you’re in elite class and you’re thinking, listen, I did a, I did a weird backhand spring the other day, I’d like to focus, you know, I don’t know if 10, 15, 20 minutes on just cleaning up back hand springs, tell me what’s going on. We would love that. Like that. That’s the stuff that makes us excited. Um, so, which is weird because we’re trying to get you fools and doubles and, uh, and we get excited about you wanting to clean up back hand springs. It’s just fantastic.

So Colton was going to read off this list and like you said, for an elite athlete, a lot of this will sound like warm ups, but it is, and you’ll hear us say it all the time. We expect our elite athletes to have near perfect warmups. Yeah. We shouldn’t have any crazy handstands, loose cartwheels, anything like that. So cold

then shouldn’t have to get onto you during, during warmups.

Please don’t let that. Please don’t. Please don’t make us be bad guys.

All right. Read. Um, so the first, the first one is straight from our beginner evaluation. And so if you haven’t done it already, go back and listen to those. We go into detail for exactly what we want, but I’ll give you a little bit of a clip here. A handstand, step down, handstand, snap down, backward roll, front limber, backbend, kick over, back, walkover running, round off obviously. And then one minute hand stand, hold on the wall. Um, even though this is what’s required to get out of beginner, you are still expected to have all of these skills hone all these skills, perfect these skills. By the time you become elite, you’ve done this over and over and over again. We should have handstands perfected. We should be able to hold the handstands at a perfect level with um, straight up and down with our head in nut.

Not starting in a Zombie mode, but arms by our ears. Those things are so very basic. Um, now rusty is going to go ahead and read off the novice. All right. Are Novice evaluation list, which is still what we require you to hold. An elite is front walkover standing back hand, spring round off series too. Backhand spring specialty through to backhand spring and standing series, backhand spring. That’s right. And then along with a one minute wall set, yes, as the conditioning portion. Yes. No, uh, so many kid even there are even those elite athletes who still have a hard time getting standing back hand springs. That’s why we want series. That’s why we went you to continue working these standing back hand springs. That’s not not something we just want to completely forget about. Um, next is the intermediate evaluation, which is still required for elite athletes.

Um, that’s round off series to tack a specialty to tech standing series to Tuck, standing tuck and one minute hollow hold. These are things that you should be doing in almost every class for at the end. We do our conditioning. You want to be, uh, we, we were, will require you to be able to hold these um, conditioning skills that long. Um, then you want to do the advanced one. Alright. Advanced is standing or it’ll be specialty standing to talk. That can be that cartwheel tuck toe back. There’s the standing series to layout, round off series to layout and specialty to layout with the conditioning of knees doing squats, wall sits, all that. We’re using weights, building up our knee muscles. So, um, there is no class, there’s no other level out, um, above elite. So why would we evaluate Colton? We would continue to evaluate to make sure that you can stay in the elite class.

Here’s the problem is that whenever kids become in that elite glass or what they’re striving, they become stagnant. Like I said, it’s Varsity Itus and they don’t push themselves as hard. It’s like they don’t have any more goals. So if we are evaluating you every single month and then seeing what you’re getting and seeing what your, um, the new skills that you’re, that you’re getting, then it kind of holds you accountable. Um, and we’re, we, we are very goal oriented, oriented at justice and so we’re going to hold you accountable to those goals as well. Um, I can’t, I can’t tell you how many times I have to get on to kids and it’s more, it’s elite in advanced kids than anybody else about their warmups just being lazy in their warmups and that’s what we want to avoid.

But as we said, if you do those lazy warmups, subconsciously you’re creating habits and your Jenks tumbling lessons basics, which working advanced skills, you have to have almost perfect basics to have those elite skills. So continue to push yourself. You should be doing more conditioning. You are elite athletes should be doing more tumbling cause you have more skills to maintain. Yeah. It, we cannot stress it enough how important it is important. It is to maintain your Jenks tumbling lessons skills.

It’s an to be an Alpha athlete, which we’ve talked about in our podcasts before. Means that you, you’re asking us, hey, can I step aside and do this drill or step aside and go do this conditioning or, um, hey, next time I go through instead of working fools, can I, can I try to clean up my, my layout because it’s not looking good for school or whatever it might be that that is almost requiring you to have more self discipline, um, then any other level before because you’re kind of held to that standard. It’s a very, very high standard to be at. And because elite is almost a select group of people because we choose who big, who goes up into elite, um, we can also tell you that, hey, listen, elites not for you. We want you to step back down and maybe work more in advanced for a couple months or one month or, or maybe just a couple of classes, um, that’s going to help you and make you a much better athlete and you’re going to be able to overcome a lot more because you’re overcoming that, uh, that stagnant type of no progression.

So just remember that it’s, it’s super important to stay on top of all of your Jenks tumbling lessons skills. Um, even the very, very basic ones. We can’t stress that enough. So with that, if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company, you can check out our website. It’s justice tumbling co.com

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