This is part four of our athlete evaluation series and this is going over advanced

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Jenks tumbling lessons Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis where your Jenks tumbling lessons hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breadth slayer. And we’re the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yes, yes, yes and yes. We got another, we got four yeses there for our fourth podcasts of this series. This is advanced evaluation and man, I’m excited about this one came in hot. Oh, I know, I know. I if I, if I, if I blew your eardrums, I am so sorry. Sorry. Do you went from my monotone voice to, all right. This will be advanced evaluation me now one of my favorite classes. Yes. So if you’re listening to this advanced podcasts, you probably didn’t listen to the beginner, novice intermediate evaluation podcasts or you definitely should, unless you’re just going through their curriculum and you actually are coming up and you, you do have to listen to all of them.

But if you’re just jumping in an advanced class, go ahead and give them the same disclaimer just in case they didn’t listen to all the other ones. All right? Just like the last ones. We want to make sure that you guys understand that these are an actual requirement. You have to have every single one of these and for advanced, there’s only four. Now that does not mean that you’ll only learn for skills and advanced class, but, um, these are the requirements to move onto elite. Now, if you are already in elite, that doesn’t mean that you have to have these right now, you’re grandfathered in, but we will expect you to at least learn these in your Jenks tumbling lessons elite class now. Yes. Oh, you just push yourself like we’ve been saying all the podcasts, we want our justice athletes to be very, very well rounded. Top quality a people, Alpha’s, Alpha’s, Alpha’s kicking button.

Yes. We want them to be able to do multiple specialty passes through the risk skill. Um, anything power hurdle, anything you throw at them, they’re ready for it. We were standing or running by the way. Yes. Yeah, absolutely. And we want our, our justice athletes to whenever they’re wearing the justice shirt, like whether you’re at competition or you’re just around town, like people will see you and know, okay, now these, these athletes are hardcore, like these athletes know what they’re talking about. Now we don’t have an all star program Jenks tumbling lessons and since this is advanced, we want everybody in our program here at our rec program too. To think of these as tryouts every at the end of every month you’ll get one of these evaluations to see if you’re ready for that next level and everybody should be striving for that next level. Yes, or I mean there are those cases where kids get in their head and something happens and they take a back

and that’s okay. That’s okay. It happens that that is not a problem. We can work with that. But we work with that by going into the correct class. So if you do end up looking at the evaluations and you lose one of those skills, it is okay to go back and take a session of working on those other things.

And that means that you could possibly be back into that next level even stronger than you were the first time. So think of it that way. There’s a, there’s a lot to be gained by doing that. There’s nothing wrong with that. So, um, without further ado, we’re going to go ahead and start with our advanced evaluation. And the first requirement is standing specialty to Tuck. Now all of the, all of the requirements for Eh, uh, intermediate was a Tuck, but this one is standing specialty.

The social detox. Yeah. We’re tending, what does that mean? Like to, to wet, to attack things like that or toe back. Toe Back. Cargo back. Yes. Yes. Anything through 30 zero standing. Starting in a standing position. Ending an attack. Yeah. That’s what you’re going to be working on. And then adding once you’re getting strong on that, the next on the list is standing series to layout to a layout. No,

we, we know that advanced is all about those layouts and that is everybody’s favorite skill it seems like, right?

No, it’s everybody’s least favorite skill. But advanced is one of our busiest costs.

Oh yeah, absolutely. Our advanced classes are full, every single one of them. And um, the layout is something that athletes always look over. They like, they’re like, I’m doing the closest thing to a layout. So I want to start working fools and that’s not always the best thing to do. Um, so with Infosys on the layout, we’re going to go into detail for each and every single one of these. So standing series, we want standing to the, to the layout. Now that’s going to be a hollow body layout, which if you remember looking back at our, uh, intermediate evaluation, the very, very last thing you had to do was hold that hollow body position. That’s the same position that we want you in that layout. Um, the third requirement on the list is round off series to lay out why, why all these series? Why do we want somebody back handsprings rusty?

We want them to be able to do strong technique layouts out of specialty passes out of Ceres. We want them to be conditioned enough and strong enough physically and mentally to be able to do that.

So even in advanced we aren’t just for getting back hand springs.

No, that’s where it’s like you said, you will never do round off the layout if you do. It’s, I don’t know why for choreography, some weird reason. But yes, these are all based off lay out. So there’s a ton of drills you will be doing going over body shaping, body conditioning. Um, that’s gonna get you ready for that hollow body positioning because a lot of conditioning it is, it is a hard skill to get over in the cheer world layout. I don’t know, not probably 90% of layouts in the cheer world look like arch pikes and so and Whitney and be considered layouts if judged properly. Exactly. So we’re looking for more of an actual lift, hollow body layout, trying not to break our lines at all. Um, with our head end, like everything, Chin, Chin to chest, really, really clean layout.

And this all comes back to body control, which is something we talked about for the very beginner evaluation. I mean, if, if you do not gain these skills, each and every one of these skills, we spend a lot of time deciding. We, we, we made a lot of changes to these lists and what we want to require because, um, we want to have the best list possible. And if you’re not gaining the skills that are on the list and, and marking them off, then you’re not going to have the body control that’s needed to throw the next set of skills. So the, it’s all about the body control conditioning. It’s, it’s keeping your Jenks tumbling lessons body super tight. Um, and that’s where layouts or are, that’s what you need the most. And layouts.

Yes. And when, when they’re done correctly, they look beautiful. Beautiful. And I think you’ll agree an athlete will impress us more if they can come in and show us a specialty through a pretty layout than just, um, Jank round off back handspring double. Yeah,

I would. I’m, and that’s the same thing as I’ve seen kids do crazy layouts and or voles, I’m sorry. Crazy fools. And I make this like cringe face, but um, I don’t, I don’t care if you can land that full. Like if you can do a, a really clean layout, I will, that will catch my attention way long before a full dies because it’s an, it’s a, it’s a tough skill to that.

It is and, and massive goes the same way. There’s plenty of athletes with foals and doubles who, if you have them show you a layout, it’s not a layout. It’s almost laughable. So train yourself, even if you have a full on double, you should still be pushing yourself to master layout

and that, and you can do that in every time. Every time you warm up, like ask them, Hey, can I throw one more layout? That one wasn’t too good. I love it when, when athletes ask that question, all right.

Promise. The prettier the layout, the prettier, the full every time.

Yeah. Now the last skill on our list is specialty to lay out. So that requires even more body control, much more finesse. Instead of muscle, you’re um, doing things such as whips and or maybe punch friends. If you’re an a, uh, an all star athlete, maybe you’re just sticking with the front walk over, that’s okay too. Um, but we want you to push for more of a specialty type of skill.

No Colton from top to bottom to go over the list of skills and then we’re growing over the country.

Okay. So we’ve got standing specialty to tap. That’s number one. Number two standing series to layout. That’s number two. That’s number two. I just repeated myself a number three round off series to layout number four specialty to lay out. And then we have our conditioning that you must be able to do.

Yes. And what is elite class focused on Colton bowls. That’s twisting, really spinning. So when spinning, it is very, very important to build up knees. So that’s why an advanced class you should be doing squats, lunges, not just with your Jenks tumbling lessons own body weight. You should have some sort of weight, whether it’s five pounds, whether it’s 10 pounds, it’s for building up those ACL, those knee muscles that you’re going to be using a lot on the punch at for the [inaudible] and the landing of the full.

And we’ll be doing that in um, elite classes as well for the conditioning. Yeah.

But what we want you to have these special little bars that we got. Ah, just for that, those are amazing alone. Now these bars, they way we have a 10 pound barn and 20 pound bar more to come. We’re going to get more of this. Yeah. So younger athletes who are that awesome in that sick working falls, we ha we start them off with a 10 pound doing the squats, like preparing those knees and then eventually as they get older, their bodies mature. They should be moving up to the 20 pound bar.

Yeah. Yeah. And, and for the evaluation, we want you to hold a 45 degree forward lean. So, um, if, if you haven’t ever been in one of our classes before, what, what did it is, is we’re holding like the backs of your legs and you’re having to lean forward, um, while on your Jenks tumbling lessons knees. It’s a very uncomfortable position, but that’s what’s conditioning those needs that we have. You hold those for 20 seconds. Now you may be saying only 20 seconds, what the heck all the other conditioning was a minute. So why is this only 20 seconds? Well, it’s really, really difficult. And um, as you work up to it, 20 seconds, uh, is something that you should be able to do. But before, before your Jenks tumbling lessons start, you start working on it. It’s almost, yeah,

yeah. Push yourself to do more. Definitely. But you’ll feel it in the back of your Jenks tumbling lessons knees. It’s just building up those knee muscles. Um, and that’s preventing me injuries. Yes. We can’t, can’t stress it enough when it comes to spinning a spring or hard for you.

And then of course, even even not in the valley evaluation, we are expecting you to be doing your Jenks tumbling lessons homework, which is calf raises, um, toe raises, all that stuff that we give you guys to work to begin working on falls, which it will be in elite

and all these build on each other. We’ve said it in the beginner, novice, um, and advanced athletes should still be holding handstands, almost pushing themselves to do handstand, still be doing hollow hold, still be doing wall sits. They should still be conditioning those muscles as well.

And I mean, we had the other day, one of, uh, one of our most elite athletes come into the gym for stunt Class A and he is ripped like, and he doesn’t, he doesn’t work out. I don’t think maybe he does for the, for the look, but, um, he knows the, the requirements that it takes to tumble. So tumbling is part of his workout. And, uh, of course the girls were oohing and aahing over him. But, uh, we want all of our Alpha athletes to understand that, that that’s what it takes, especially to be advanced and elite level. So continue to work out, continue to, to, um, condition yourself. That’s self discipline that is required. So if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company or Colton Resi, you can check out our website. It’s just as tumbling

or, or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if you have a Google account where you’d love it, if you left us and objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing

or, uh, we will cry and we will see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice tumbling company.