Here’s another athlete evaluations and this is part three. We’re going over intermediate.

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we are Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis where your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breadth slayer and we’re the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma intermediate evaluations. Now, just like our last two, um, evaluations, we’re going to give you a little bit of a disclaimer letting you know that if you are currently in our intermediate class to get out of it, this is what you need. But if you’re in advanced, you’re kind of grandfathered in. Um, and, but we do expect you to get these skills if you do not happen

to work still following the curriculum. Um, if you’ve been in our Jenks tumbling lessons program, like you said, you’re going to be grandfathered in the class you already are in unless it’s a dramatic issue. There are going to be some that are dramatic issues to where you have to be in the correct class, but continue working following the curriculum that way. As you moved to advanced and Julie, you’ll be able to do all the drills, standing, running, no issues at all.

Now, just like our last two podcasts, we’re going to be going through each of the evaluation requirements and going through, uh, getting details on each one.

And you have to mark off each of these to move on to the next class if you have all but one where you would want you to hang back, do one more month of getting stronger and all the other skills, but then mastering that one skill that’s keeping you in that.

And the reason why we require every single one of these skills is because every single one of these skills are used in advanced class. And that goes for all of our Jenks tumbling lessons levels. Everything that is required will be used every day in every class for the next level. Um, that you’re trying to get into.

A perfect example of that is one of these, um, skills on the list that we’re going to be going over as a standing tech. And that’s an, you have to have that mastered to get into advanced class. That’s because, and the advanced costs, one of the stations I’ve been setting up is standing tuck up onto a surface, a higher surface. So if you don’t have a standing tech, like we said, then you feel uncomfortable. You’re not able to do that. Drill everybody else’s. So being in the correct classes always crucial. So crucial.

All right, so starting us off. The first thing on the list is a running round off series to tuck

series to tech. So we went over in our Jenks tumbling lessons novice class why series is important because when you get to the intermediate costs, now we’re expecting you to be able to tuck out of it.

And the reason that we have around off series to tech in this intermediate evaluation is because we want you to show strength in your backhand springs. If you have strengthened your backhand springs, then you’re going to be able to throw an easier layout whenever it comes to advanced skills or series or specialty or anything you’re doing. We want that strength. We want that power.

Yes. Always preparing for the next skill, always conditioning for the next go. Um, like novice class we said back classes designed all four backhand springs, intermediate is all Tux, all flipping skills with no hands. So if you’re doing, that’s why it’s a series to talk to evaluate out. You should have a mastered one to talk easy.

Rusty. Have you ever seen the athletes that come in and only throw round off texts but don’t ever want to work

backhand spring TX and I do see it or reversed like round off back handspring tech and then if they’re asked to do round off tech, it’s, it’s mind blowing for the right. Right. But like we mentioned in the novice, um, podcast, the novice evaluation, we want our Jenks tumbling lessons justice athletes to be well rounded to where if anything is thrown at them round off tech forward attack, they’ll do it. They’ll do it. Yeah. Walkover Ford attack like you’re able to do it or power hurdle, round off talk. That’s why we end our warm ups. Make everybody do power hurdle. You should be able to do all the same skills out of the power hurdle because you’re round off technique is so good

and, and your backhand spring technique, we no one does round off layouts. Um, no one does round off foals. It’s, it’s round off back handspring, full roundup. I can spring lay out. You should get power from your backhand spring. So even though this is the intermediate, we still are expecting to see, I’m not perfect backhand spring technique but near perfect where you’ve mastered it in you, you can throw it the same way every single time and it’s consistent.

Next on our Jenks tumbling lessons list is a specialty through to tech.

Now, depending on what kind of athlete you are, if you’re an all star athlete or a high school athlete, you’re, you know, you’re, you’re tumbling on hard floor. There’s some skills that we may not teach you unless you absolutely want to learn them. Like a punch front, a punch front on hard floor is uh, more of an elite skill. Then, uh, just an intermediate class. But my shins hurt. Just thinking about just thinking about it. There’s a few kids who can do it. But um, but with that being said, if you are only a high school athlete, then we won’t exactly expect a punch front for a specialty past. We might expect, um, a front walkover or backhand spring step out through and then round off through to tech. Um, but some type of specialty, it just depends on what kind of athlete you are. And if you go back to our, um, our progressions podcast, which was like our first one that we did and we talk about taking, um, tumbling and applying it to like building a house. And that specialty pass is what we considered the front door, which is like making it your own depending on what it is you do, um, or what it is you’re best at or what you like to throw. So it’s, it’s more of an individual based, um, requirement. But we do want some kind of specialty bass

and the importance of that is to test your body, control your technique or the tech. You’ll see a lot of times kids will have a really pretty round off talk, a round off back handspring tech, but the second they have to do a front walk over through or whip through or any kind of specialty, it’s a no longer technique tech. It’s kind of just filling your Jenks tumbling lessons head back and get over. Um, we’re looking for that technique to stay the same. Even when you are doing that specialty through the tech, that specialty passes there to push you in, condition you and strengthen you. And to mastering that talk even more

specialty passes are not just muscled over passes. They are very, uh, finessed and a and technique driven. So that’s why we want that bat, that body control. Now the next on the list is standing series to Tuck and our Jenks tumbling lessons novice evaluations, we just had standing series. So remember that’s two or more. We want you to have the same thing for uh, for intermediate. We want you to have two standing back hand springs to a tuck or more backhand springs if you can. This is going to give you a very, very strong standing, a set of standing skills, which is when, when we were in advanced, we’re going to be working to, to lay out. So wait,

you’re expecting me to be able to do a tech out of a standing back hand spring? Absolutely. What, isn’t the technique completely different for the tech? No. Are you kidding me? You have the same or are we going to get an argument about this? No. No. Okay. I was being an athlete, but yes, the set flip, is that going to be the exact same? The same thing. And that’s why we started in novice class working those standing back hand springs. We have too many kids. There are, there are kids,

um, in Tulsa somewhere at a gym who are working fools but don’t even have, um, standing to backhand springs or even one back in spring. And it’s crazy. That is a big problem. That’s what we’re looking to change with this justice culture around here.

Cause if you’re following the curriculum right, um, you’re going to be that well rounded athlete athlete who can do some crazy specialty passes. Yeah. Front walk over, whip through to full or double or just crazy, not just one skill or one specialty. We want our athletes to have multiple special, well, well rounded.

And, and here’s the thing is that all started kind of ends once you get out of high school. But college expects lots of standing, lots of power, um, showing power in your Jenks tumbling lessons skills. So remember that, that’s why we want you guys to have that. Now. Next is the tough one. And we know that, uh, we know that some kids spend months working this buyers years working this. Um, but when taught the right way, but taught properly and training properly with the justice curriculum, we can guarantee you that it will be much easier to throw a standing tuck. That’s the next on the book that’s next on the list. The dreaded stair treads, standing tech. Listen, some kids can throw it and get it in a matter of minutes. Mostly boys. Um, but in some girls too, but some kids, it takes years to master it. Now if you follow our curriculum, you follow it from the very beginning. That means even if you’re working standing tech now go back, work a little bit more on your Jenks tumbling lessons standing back, answering the Merck work more on all the stuff beforehand. Once you get to that standing Tuck, you will be there. You’ll be ready for it.

Yes. So he’s saying if you follow the curriculum, which means you’re, you’re following in the justice method handbook, you’re listening to the podcasts, you’re actually listening and trying to apply the technique and you’re doing the conditioning and the homework that standing tech should be really, really easy. Did you say? Listening to the podcast, listening to the podcasts and important one, it’s surprisingly helps listen to the podcast that actually applied to whatever skill you’re learning.

Listen, rusty and I listened to Pod, other people’s podcasts all the time. And it’s, it’s like on the ride here or there or from to or from you can get in a podcast, a 10 minute podcast. It’s super easy. Just do it. It’s and it’s free. You can’t beat it. So anyway, um, yes, remember coachability, fearlessness and determination, that is what is going to help you get to that tuck. Uh,

so let’s read off those, the skills that are required to evaluate and do the conditioning. So the skills are round off, serious to Tuck a specialty through to tech, a standing series to tech, the standing tech. And then last but not least, just like every level has some sort of conditioning to evaluate out. We have a one minute hollow hold. And what is that preparing us for?

Um, well layouts for sure. Because we want you to be in that hollow body position. Your Chin should be to your Jenks tumbling lessons chest. You should be seeing your toes, not throwing your head out like a whip because that’s completely different.

So intermediate is for flipping skills, tucking skills. That conditioning is going to prepare you for the advanced class, which is focusing on laying out those flipping skills. Yeah.

Do you notice, um, every level that you’re in pertains to a certain skill. A beginner is all on the ground, mostly back. Walkovers focusing on back. Walkovers novice focusing on backhand springs intermediate is focusing on those Tux. And of course advanced is on the layouts and then elite. Well that’s just kind of everything else. Spin it to win it. All right. So if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company, you can check out our website. It’s just as tumbling or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if you have a Google account, we would love it if you left us in objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing and we’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumbled. Talk with justice tumbling company.