Welcome to athlete evaluations part two and today we’re going to be going over novice

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. And so the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis where your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breadth slur and we’re the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right. How’d you guys like that new intro? We’ve been needing the update that for awhile now. 150 podcasts and an updated, that’s right, that’s right. So today we’re going over our Jenks tumbling lessons novice evaluations and we’re gonna make sure that we do a little reminder that if you are currently in the novice classes, these do not pertain to you. It’s only for the next class that you move up into.

No, that does not mean we don’t want you to still working those skills. You should absolutely, definitely still be trying to jump in and follow the curriculum because in the long run following are going through the justice program. It is going to make it easier when you get into the intermediate advanced elite, all those classes.

That’s exactly right. Now just like the beginner evaluations portion, um, everything that’s on here is not everything that you’ll learn in novice tumbling as a whole. These are just the things that are required to move out. So just remember that what you said required

to move out. That’s disclaimer number two. You have to have these skills to move into

[inaudible] single one of them. Um, because we use these same skills in intermediate, um, and you’re expected to know them and expected to progress on top of that. Not have to go back and reiterate those, those uh, novice skills

cause you would be shocked how many people that are working away outs or folds that if you ask them to do it to detect or three to Tuck, they would look at you like you’re crazy, you’re crazy. But we love our athletes to be well rounded and you can throw anything at them and they will overcome. Like that is what we are looking for. So that is what we are trying to train in our Jenks tumbling lessons curriculum. Yeah.

Another good thing, another good example is whenever we seen, I know I see it all the time and we correct it, um, but danced athletes or elite athletes or even novice athletes who slack on their warmups or slack on their stretching like their bridges, they don’t do a proper bridge. Um, and so it’s, it’s really important. Remember as you’re moving up, you’re not just forgetting those things that are so important. Um, in the other classes,

yes, because a little things we’ve talked about and tumbling inches are miles and slacking on little things like that. Over time doing that, every time you tumble it becomes the norm and then you, you creating issues you don’t need. Yeah. So we are going to do, just like we did with beginner, we are going to go through every skill, explain what they are, kind of why they’re important.

And like we said on our Jenks tumbling lessons beginner evaluation podcasts, um, the beginner podcast, um, the list that requirements to get out of beginner is the largest list there is. As you move up in level, their requirements or requirements are actually fewer and fewer and fewer. But, um, you should look at it like every time you get evaluation you get an evaluation, you’re getting evaluated on everything before that level. So even though you are evaluating out of novice, you’re still expected to have all of your beginner evaluations.

Absolutely. It’s rare that a novice athlete will lose all their skills and have to go all the way back to handstands. Right. But if it does happen, like we said, stepping back is not a bad thing. If it’s going to help you in the long run.

If there’s one thing that we’ve come to find owning our Jenks tumbling lessons own business is that there are rare occasions and things like that happen every now and then. It’s weird, but we, we are covered for it. So, um, anyway, without further to do the first, a novice evaluation requirement is a front walk over

front. Walk over. Yes. No. In the beginner, we have them having to do a front limber and the reason is is to prepare them for this skill. The front walkover which

um, all builds on other skills. So the front walkover is a perfect way to begin your Jenks tumbling lessons first specialty pass. Um, throwing like a front walk over into a round off back handspring or something like that. Um, which that’s on the list. It’s on the list a little further down, but front walkovers meaning that we want your arms locked out. It shouldn’t be a front handspring. It’s a front walkover so there’s feet stay apart. Um, and you should always stand up with your arms by your ears

knocked down by your side, stretching it out, starting with arms by years, finishing with arms by your ears, making it look pretty. It’s supposed to be a pretty transitional skill.

Absolutely. Um, now the next on the list is a standing back hand spring

standing back in the spring, not just running. We went running and standing. That’s exactly what we’re looking for. Both. You can’t just be an athlete who only works running skills because every team you’re on is gonna want running and standing. The CUC rusty. I hate standing. That can spring. Yeah, I hate traffic, but I have to deal with that. Like we said, we love our Jenks tumbling lessons athletes. We know what’s gonna work and what moving into the intermediate class, what we’re going to be looking for. Um, we don’t want them only working, running and having all the running to get into intermediate because we’ve had that. Then they get into that class. Then when we have drills set up involving anything standing related, they just can’t cut it. They can’t hit him with the other kids

and then they get embarrassed and then their, their confidence begins to deplete. Um,

they just try the drill over continuously face planning over and over and it just looks bad on us. But if you are following the curriculum that we were going over it, that won’t happen.

Yeah, that’s exactly right. So the next one is round off series to backhand springs. Now you will learn a back handspring. But in order to get out of the novice class for this evaluation, the requirement is a series. So that means round off to backhand springs or more. Um, that’s important because we like to do round off, back handspring Tux. And if you don’t have the power to do round off, back handspring back handspring, then you’re not going to have the power to do the Tuck. So if, if your Jenks tumbling lessons technique is lacking and you’re not able to push for that second back and spring or third, then it becomes a bit of an issue with technique and, uh, and your strength and your power, which will prevent you from growing in the, in the, in the intermediate intermediate class. No, we,

justice tumbling company are firm believers. If you can do a strong one backhand spring, if you can do a strong to backhand spring, you pretty much should be able to do as many as you want and it just becomes a conditioning.

Yeah. And it’s, it just makes you more tired. That’s, yes. The first back spring isn’t, should be no different than the 10th backhands. Yeah.

Right, you are mimicking your technique over and over and over again. Yeah, that’s it. So that’s where we train as many as you can. That way when we get into intermediate series Ditech it helps for standing series to attack, always preparing and moving forward. Always training for that next skill. And then you want to take the next one because I already spoiled and we kind of already brought it up. One of the hardest things to master to get out of that, now that you’ve have your Jenks tumbling lessons standing backhand springs, you have, you’re running a series now we’re doing a specialty through tobacco handspring and if you’ve mastered that front walkover it should be really easy to go front, walk over through to backhand springs. Yeah. And if you’re really talented, you should be able to go front walkover through two series of backhands. Absolutely. And and always finishing with a rebound. That’s super, super important. Or if you’re a real crazy, you could even go front, walk over, walk over. Oh, round off, back handspring back handspring. That’s pushing it. What? During extra going the extra mile. That’s I like

on the last one, we wanted to remind you guys that it’s, this is going to be like a track. I try out every month. You want to be able to push to that next level, that next class. Um, and so doing the best that you can. Don’t just do the minimal, don’t, don’t do the minimum. Please push all the way through and show us what you’re capable of. And that is what’s going to set apart from all of the other athletes. So make sure that you’re going above and beyond. And then the last one, which is a conditioning, um, is the one minute wall sit. Now, uh, we on the beginner, you’re expected to do a one minute handstand, um, after you evaluate out of beginner, do we stop doing handstands?

No. That’s all the way till the, yeah, to the, in the justice method handbook. Even the, like a work at home section. Even in elite, it still says damn handstands. Absolutely. Always something. If you want to get real tough out that level and want to do handstand pushups or stuff like that, yes. Push yourself. Try not not to use the wall. Yeah, yeah. We’ll try and holding without the wallet. He said always trying to go that extra mile. Yeah. But, and the beginner, we’re having him hold that minute hand stand preparing the upper body novices, all backhand springs. So for that, the last thing they have to be able to hold that minute Walson that’s preparing that lower body that they’re going to be using for those backhands

big jumps. Absolutely. Absolutely. We want all of our Jenks tumbling lessons athletes to strive to be the best that they can be. And so, um, continue to condition yourself. And even if you evaluate into that next level, uh, doesn’t mean that you’re done with these skills. So we’re going to go over them one more time. It’s front walkover standing back hand, spring series, round off series to backhand, Spring Rebounds of course, specialty through the backhand, springs, rebounds of course, and then the one minute wall set.

Absolutely, yes. And as we said, if you have to move back into novice for any reason, that is not a bad thing because novice focuses all backhand springs. You use a backhand spring and everything you’re going to do when you do a double, it’s going to be a round off back handspring, double knot around, off double. So if you have to go back to retrain, make a tweak in a technique or something that is not a bad thing cause you can have perfect technique on your Tucker layout. But if your back hand spring is struggling, are getting worse and worse moving forward on the harder skills, you are going to be hitting roadblocks like crazy.

You’re not going to trust yourself, you’re not going to have the confidence and um, golly I can’t stress that enough. It may even be for only a month and training in those backhand springs, getting very detailed back in those backhand springs could be the key to you getting your full, you never know if you have a little bit more power, it’s going to help you out a ton.

Absolutely. And I, I’ll say it, I, I don’t think a single advanced or elite athlete wouldn’t benefit from going back and working on their backhand spring for at least a week. Or like you said, a month cause it will strengthen them in the long run.

Yeah. We’re actually doing backhand spring camps and we have suggested for some of intermediate advanced and elite athletes to get into that camp. It’s not just for people learning. Backhand springs is people who are needing to clean up their backhand springs. Absolutely. So anyway, um, if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company or colon rusty, you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons website. It’s just as stumbling co.com or you can check out the old social media is on the Facebook and Instagram. And if you have a Google account and we’d like it if you left us in objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing, we would absolutely love it. Please, please do we need it and we’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice tumbling company.