Welcome back to another exciting edition of weekly update. And this is number 20.


Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We’re your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right. Now with this, uh, with this weekly update number 20, we are going to be going over some things, um, that kind of pertain to this week that this uh, this weather, you know, that we bear weather. So, uh, so that was going to bring us straight to our first point now, um, with this crazy weather that we’ve been having here in Tulsa and surrounding areas, we want to remind you that, uh, if there is like a chance of, of weather, bad weather, we want you to keep in touch with our Facebook.

Um, and uh, and we will let you know if we’re going to be closing down that night or not. Um, we also send out text messages and emails, but our Jenks tumbling lessons social media is our Facebook or Instagram. That’s the easiest way to keep up with us. Um, all our current stuff is on there. Yeah. And so, uh, we with school about to be out, um, we usually go off of Tulsa public schools, but over the summer, um, you know, I’ve, Tulsa public schools is closed and we’ll be closed. Um, but over the summer with, with school out of session, then it’s kind of just, um, having to follow up on our face, look in our instructions with those tornadoes, the rain, the flooding. We live in Bixby, which is terrible for flooding. Yeah. Yeah. Um, so yes, keeping keep updated on our Jenks tumbling lessons Facebook. Four closings. Yeah. Um, then second point, uh, we have installed fans.

He has, it’s been a little bit warm lately. It has a gym. Um, we have installed fans. We’re going to get a few more, get a lot of circulation going in there, but it has been better. It’s been so much better. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. And I can tell even the parents that are sitting down on the side, they even mentioned that it feels so much better. It keeps, it, keeps the humidity out and kind of just keeps the air flowing inside. But still wear tank tops, still drink a lot of water. Make sure you are eating before your Jenks tumbling lessons tumbling. Um, make good decisions there. Yeah, we can’t stress that enough that whenever you’re in our gym that uh, anytime you need to step off and get some water or you need to go sit in front of the fans, um, you can definitely do. So. We want to cake keep, make sure that you are safe and that, uh, that we’re not having any heat related injuries happening. Yes. No, especially with this weather. When we were open, those, those sick freaks who still came out, there were some other, yes, there are those, uh, the gym rats who will be here in no matter what weather.

Well, we did have to close down. I’m right in the middle of classes there, tornado sirens and stuff going off and, and so we decided to close down. Um, but there was tornado warnings like that whole afternoon and there were still some of those people who showed up because they’re just that, that uh, dedicated.

Is it okay that hard core, but have you ever been tumbling in the, the power go out mid paths? No. It’s never happened. Has It happened to you? No, it hasn’t. Who? They’ve always been lucky. I’ve already even spotting, I’ve always been lucky. So that’s why we have to close on situations like that. Yes, it can be very scary. Mid Pass and the lights just cut out on it. Okay.

I can’t imagine, uh, that could cause some endo blog is for sure. I bet. Um, and then our Jenks tumbling lessons third point for this weekly update is our Jenks tumbling lessons summer schedule. It’s a, it’s about to change. We’ve got schools that are going to be doing a tumbling during the day, um, at their school or at our Jenks tumbling lessons gym. Um, and with that we’ll be up here at other times, at new times that we’re not normally up here. So check your, uh, whoever you do privates with and make sure that your guys is scheduled. Time is staying the same.

Yes. The private schedules, we’ll probably change it a lot. The the are definitely our school tumbling is, we’ll change our rec schedule will be the same for the most part. Um, there might be some classes that are opening up since schools are changing, but same thing, keep an eye on our Jenks tumbling lessons Facebook for updates.

Absolutely. Um, I do know that, that we’re up here, um, a lot earlier in the day and so if you are, you have a scheduled time that’s on the weekend or late later in the evening or something and you want that as an earlier time check with, uh, either both of us or, or cadenas and, um, whoever is your Jenks tumbling lessons coach and I’m sure we can get you guys fit it in for sure. Um, speaking of which, um, Kadana this isn’t the only other person, uh, justice tumbling coach that does privates. Um, Hannah as well has been looking at starting privates and, and uh, it just, it’s really a good time to get in with her if you have like a younger kid, beginner, even novice, some, some novice kids. Um, she’s a really, really good coach and we love having her on our Jenks tumbling lessons team

or if you’re even looking forward jumps or Johnson stretching out body positions, all that fun stuff. Uh, that I’m definitely not interested in doing privates.

Well, I mean I, I’ve never flown before. No,

I formed once. Never again, but that’s why she is here. She can take on those stretching the gem private site. Madonna’s doesn’t droid John Privates. Um, but yes, there are options for if you’re looking for anything to really,

and if you can’t get in with us then they do have openings. So check that out for sure. Well we know this has been a short little podcasts of short weekly update, but um, they did give you guys a little insight on us and things are going great. Injustice, tumbling company. We’re so excited to see where we’ve, where we’ve been and where we’re going, where we’re headed. Um, we are hitting milestones left and right and we have you guys to think for that. So thank you so much for all of years. Love and support. Um, all those kids out there who love us. And then all the parents out there who support us as well. We sell them all the new athletes, all the new faces. Yeah, it’s been awesome getting to meet the new justice family. Absolutely. Absolutely. So if you’re interested in finding out more about us, you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons website. It’s just as tumbling co.com or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram, and if you have a Google account, we would love it if you’d left us and objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing and we’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice